Animation Explainer Company Review 2023: Pros & Cons

Animation Explainer

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Verdict: The Animation Explainers Company offers a unique and reliable solution for satisfying the marketing needs of your business by providing minimalistic, visually-appealing explainer video content that is adapted to the specific needs of your target audience. The company offers a flexible approach and is ready to work with all possible industries.

What I particularly like about this company is that all video clips created by Animation Explainer are of the highest quality, innovational, and stylish, ensuring your target audience will be captivated by what they see and prompted to engage with your services/products. Additionally, the company provides terrific customer service and offers useful suggestions throughout the entire cooperation process.

  • Tutorial video creation
  • Creation of unique explainer videos for various industries
  • Efficient software explainer videos
  • Interactive video content presentation method
  • Pricing information is available only for reporting and hosting packages
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The Animation Explainer company guarantees a unique personalized approach for your business, as their experts will put together a rundown of your requirements and help pick a suitable style, format, and visual effects for your project.

Additionally, they utilize exceptional stylized narratives, daring illustrations, refined character designs, and captivating innovations to produce explainer videos that will revitalize your online presence, help you stand out from the competition, and, eventually, boost client conversion.

Animation Explainer Company – Main Features

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When creating tutorial videos, Animation Explainers relies on a simple and efficient approach that is based on clarity, ease of use, and efficient communication. By using the branded content of their client as a foundation, the company’s experts remix it and enhance it with animations, voiceovers, and high-quality music to deliver an animated video message that will resonate with the viewer.

Professional Animated Story Creation

Animation Explainer has put together a team of talented and experienced animation industry professionals who create animated stories that grab the viewer’s attention and break down complex subjects for the audience.

Your order is completed in clearly defined stages that start with you becoming acquainted with the Animated Explainer creative team by contacting them over the phone. During the call, their experts will clarify all the information necessary for bringing your story to life. Another key part of the process is putting together a script draft that is based on your message, audience, and values that were discussed during the phone conference.

The Animation Explainer team works in different animation styles while using the best animation software and offers an expansive portfolio, which you can use to pick a personalized style for your video, which can be further enhanced by using unique animations created by the company’s artists. As a result, you’ll receive a beautifully-produced clip created using the best video editing software that you will definitely be satisfied with.

Creation of Corporate Videos for Attracting a New Audience

animation explainer corporate video production

Animation Explainer creates explainer videos with the help of high-quality drawing software that can be used by companies of all sizes. Such animated videos excel at attracting the attention of clients and users from all around the world.

Well-produced, high-quality corporate video content can help elevate your organization’s marketing strategy to a new level. Corporate explainer videos created by this company serve to convey your idea to the audience in a simple, comprehensive, and tasteful manner.

The company relies exclusively on the best motion graphics software to implement any project idea you have including corporate profile videos, sales management, and marketing videos, tutorial videos, workplace safety videos, instructional videos for employees, product launch and event videos, charity/financing videos, and much more. The Animation Explainers Company meticulously ensures each video produced in their studio is of the highest quality achievable by modern technology.

The company creates unique, appealing, and efficient advertising and marketing materials that meet the highest industry standards and are created using the best 3D animation software. Their team of experienced professionals will help you create the ultimate corporate video while guaranteeing the final result will surpass all your expectations.

Successful Product Promotion with the Help of Animated Video Ads

animation explainer animated video ads

With the help of animated video ads created by Animation Explainers, you can successfully promote your products and services to reach a wider audience. A video ad can last anything from 30-60 seconds to 2 minutes. The faster you can catch the client’s attention, the better. Additionally, if you have any ideas regarding how you can present your brand or product in a better light, you can share them with the company’s creative team to work on them together and bring the best of them to life.

You can use video ads for promoting your business on YouTube, Instagram stories, emails, advertisement clips, etc., which is essential for engaging with your target audience and increasing brand recognition. There are different types of video ads you can use depending on your niche, brand category, or where you think your audience spends their time. Possible options include YouTube videos, Facebook video ads, Instagram stories, email video advertisements, even videos, TV ads, and so on.

Creation of Marketing Videos for Boosting Your Sales

animation explainer marketing videos

Animation Explainers are also known for producing marketing videos that are posted online to help clients learn more about your services and products. It's an extremely effective strategy for boosting your eCommerce sales and increasing overall brand engagement. You can greatly benefit from using such content for building a successful digital marketing strategy.

Marketing video content from this agency allows any business to stay ahead of the curve by using effective short animated clips that range between 30 seconds and 2-3 minutes in length. When creating such videos, their experts use visual effects, decorations, sound effects, voiceovers, animations, and animated graphics to create an efficient marketing campaign that will stimulate organic traffic growth and set your brand apart from the rest.

Another category of marketing clips offered by this company is represented by product demonstration videos that go over the main features of a product and its advantages. Such a video offers practical recommendations, explains how to use a product, etc. Video reviews are particularly effective at gathering traffic on eCommerce websites, as they provide visitors information about the experience of other clients regarding the quality and functionality of your product.

Video comparisons are useful because they don’t solely focus on the product’s main features but its pros and cons as well. Such a marketing video puts the decision-making process entirely into the hands of a client, as they’ll have a clear idea of what makes your product stand out from the rest and whether it suits their needs. Related videos can also be used as a part of your marketing strategy since they help clients find other products or videos with relevant information that they might find interesting or useful.

Social Media Animations for Successful Brand Promotion

animation explainer social media animation

Animation Explainers can create animations for social media while relying on effective stop motion animation ideas that will help you tell your story in a cohesive, comprehensive manner and hype up your brand and its values. Nowadays, such a tool is a must-have for any marketer, as it allows you to significantly boost incoming traffic and user engagement.

Such videos are popular on all social networks including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. This agency believes that consumer preferences will cause a video boom in the content marketing industry during the next decade. The language of animation is universal, which is why Animation Explainers incorporate storyboard software to help you convey your message to the target audience.


Animation Explainers don’t provide a price list that covers all offered video types. That said, the website does feature pricing information about their reporting and hosting packages. The Standard plan costs $99/month and offers monthly video tracking, analytics, superfast video hosting, miniature management, and 1 review held by the project manager.

The Pro plan for $249/month includes all the benefits of the standard plan as well as additional monthly lead-generation platforms, call-to-actions, customizable video player, etc. The Advanced plan for $349/month includes all the advantages of the Standard and Pro plans as well as extra monthly: password protection, interactive video links, accessibility checklist, and much more.

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