15 Best Storyboard Software in 2024

Animators, designers, filmmakers, game designers, teachers, and many other specialists are looking for tools to work with original sketches. A storyboard software is a great option if you need to edit, import, move around, add text, script, sound, and perform many other manipulations for your future videos.

You can find software created specifically for smartphones, tablets, computers, or compatible with all devices. Thus, you can work with your projects anywhere you want.

Top 15 Storyboard Software

  1. Adobe Photoshop - The best storyboard templates
  2. PowerProduction Software - For all devices
  3. FrameForge - Great for artists or filmmakers
  4. Toon Boom Storyboard Pro - Built-in camera
  5. Studiobinder - Drag-and-drop interface
  6. The Plot - Storyboard from any device
  7. Design Wizard - Real-time updates
  8. Moviestorm - End-to-end video production
  9. Storyboarder - Ability to edit in Photoshop
  10. Canva - Ability to use on the cloud
  11. Boords - One-click animatics
  12. Clip Studio Paint - Ready-to-use materials
  13. StoryboardThat - Mobile interface
  14. OpenToonz - Great for a small story
  15. Make Storyboard - Share online

1. Adobe Photoshop – Our Choice

Best storyboard templates
  • Great library of more than 60 storyboard templates
  • A wide choice of drawing and typography features
  • Unparalleled video editing tools
  • None

Verdict: This software includes an Artboards option which can be used for creating storyboards. There are smart objects, layers, text elements, and other tools supported by Photoshop. This storyboard software allows you to edit layers, customize their hierarchy, arrange elements, etc.

This is one of the best storyboard software for professional use with a huge selection of preset artboard sizes. Thanks to this, you can create a perfect storyboard for any screen. An artboard can be created from scratch, you can add it to documents or transform a document into an artboard.

adobe photoshop storyboard software interface

2. PowerProduction Software

For all devices
  • Fantastic collection of artworks
  • Motion animatics can be created using a timeline
  • Impressive import and export capabilities
  • Expensive

Verdict: If you need a storyboarding program that provides a quick and easy way to demonstrate your ideas without drawing, then PowerProduction is a great option for you. It doesn’t include cartoony stick figures or complex 3D elements. You can find mobile versions of this software for Android and iPhone devices.

PowerProduction has two modules you can use for a variety of purposes. The StoryBoard Quick is designed for creating storyboards. It contains an excellent collection of locations, characters, and artworks. The second module is the StoryBoard Artist.

It has more advanced tools including frame transitions, 3D characters, and other design elements. This feature set makes this option the best storyboard software for comprehensive video productions.

powerproduction storyboard software interface

3. FrameForge

Great for artists or filmmakers
  • Allows importing files from the most popular programs
  • You can easily switch between scenes
  • Suitable for long and full-fledged videos
  • The full version costs much

Verdict: FrameForge allows you to download a script from any screenwriting software. It provides a convenient approach to storyboarding since all the tools you need are arranged on one page. Here you will find framing notations, movement arrows, focal length, angle of view options, etc.

The finished project is saved and exported as a PowerPoint presentation. FrameForge has all the necessary tools to create long and professional entertainment videos. This storyboarder software is compatible with any mobile device.

frameforge storyboard software interface

4. Toon Boom Storyboard Pro

Built-in camera
  • You can create elements for your project in one environment
  • Nice drawing and sketching instruments
  • Stunning visuals
  • Expensive
toon boom storyboard pro software logo
Toon Boom Storyboard Pro

Verdict: This software includes options for creating animations and sketches. You can draw sketches and then turn them into animations. It is one of the best storyboarding software if you need to make short films and skits. You can customize the functionality of the software for more convenient creation of scenes.

The software boasts a special function, namely dynamic camera movements. You can add them to a 3D animation to achieve a comprehensive dynamic view. Toon Boom Storyboard Pro lets you download scripts from most classic scriptwriting software. Moreover, you can upload finished projects to PowerPoint or other presentation programs.

toon boom storyboard pro software interface

5. StudioBinder

Drag-and-drop interface
  • You can make and customize call sheets
  • Includes tag props, equipment, wardrobe
  • Excellent presentation mode
  • Poor management
studiobinder storyboard software logo

Verdict: This is the best free storyboard software for those looking for a very simple but effective tool for producing and sharing pro-level storyboards. Using StudioBinder, you can view and import over 60 templates for free. They are suitable for preparing visuals for your future animation, TV, movies, or stories. You can work with templates in PDF, PSD, Word, or PPT formats.

The software has powerful customization capabilities. You can set filter columns, change the scene order, upload images, modify aspect ratios, insert notes, color code shots, and the like. This free storyboard creator is great for teamwork.

It allows commenting on the project and assigning tasks. Moreover, you can use a powerful presentation mode to preview your final work within the platform and demonstrate it to other members of the team.

studiobinder storyboard software interface

6. The Plot

Storyboard from any device
  • Works on any device
  • Simple storyboarding process
  • Allows adding new scenes
  • You can share your work with the team for edits
  • Helpful guide
  • Free version has time limitations
the plot logo
The Plot

Verdict: The Plot is an intuitive program for storyboarding and creating visual outlines to quickly release an entire media project. It is optimized for all modern devices, so you don't need to sit in front of your desktop to fulfill the task. You can add new scenes from your script, create simple illustrations using the included brushes and shapes, or simply include ready-made drawings.

Using the software, you can share your work with an unlimited number of people, add comments, and make edits. Beginners can make good use of multiple tutorials to figure out how the software works.

the plot storyboard software interface

7. Design Wizard

Real-time updates
  • Template variety
  • Customization options
  • Collaboration features
  • Brand-friendly planning
  • Offline access
  • Subscription cost
design wizard tools storyboard creator logo
Design Wizard

Verdict: Being an enthusiastic video lover, I was pretty inquisitive to test in the real sense of the term Storyboard Creator in Design Wizard with a notion of changing all my creative ideas into reality. The platform itself is pretty user-friendly as well having a simple interface making the navigation very easy especially for users like me having no or little design skills.

Of the wide range of templates, from plain to more fancy, available provided a strong basis for my storyboards. I found even customization of such elements as font styles and layouts, and ability to add your own images to make visual narrative more personalized very enjoyable.

Focus on collaboration was amazing especially with other people in the group. The ability to share and edit concurrently storyboards enabled both the warner and viewer instantaneously ensure everybody could view their work, as well as foster friendship and creative synergy from divergent locations. The samples of examples were perfect especially the storyboard for game day.

The tool's versatility across different kinds of projects and industries - that makes it valuable as an addition to your arsenal as a video producer this year. The acid test would surely be repeated usage for more intricate projects and visuals, but well, my debut experience with Design Wizard's storyboard creator was more than impressive.

design wizard tools storyboard creator image

8. Moviestorm

End-to-end video production
  • Fast and top-quality storyboard
  • You can test screenplays
  • Friendly film-makers and creatives community
  • A bit complicated UI
moviestorm storyboard software logo

Verdict: Moviestorm can be considered the best storyboard software as it allows you to create detailed storyboards for corporate presentations, commercials, or promotional videos. The process takes two steps. First, you prepare the animatic, and then you produce a storyboard using the available images.

If you find it more convenient to take notes on paper, you can print out the created storyboard. This free storyboard software lets you work out the smallest details of your future project. It contains an incredible collection of building instruments, tons of wardrobe and character elements, and many other useful items. This allows filmmakers to be perfectly prepared for shooting and consider all the nuances of the scenes beforehand.

moviestorm storyboard software interface

9. Storyboarder

Ability to edit in Photoshop
  • A simple set of 6 drawing tools
  • Instant board adding
  • Insert dialogue and action
  • Limited functionality in a trial version
storyboarder software logo

Verdict: You can get this storyboard software free and take advantage of many useful features besides adding text and pictures. You can customize the image duration, add dialogs, notes, and actions. Moreover, you can send images to Photoshop and edit them there.

To achieve the desired result, you can also add scripts, dialogs, and other tools. Using a play option, you can showcase your work as a slideshow. This storyboard artist software has an option for entering metadata. Here you can specify the shot type and timing info. Storyboarder is a great choice for story artists, writers, directors, advertisers, and other creatives.

storyboarder software interface

10. Canva

Ability to use on the cloud
  • Huge library of various templates
  • Clean and professional-looking designs
  • Intuitive UI
  • Poor graphics library
сanva storyboard software logo

Verdict: Canva is an incredibly simple tool for producing storyboards. It has a fantastic collection of pictures, illustrations and top-notch stock photos. Plus, you can upload your own images. The software contains frames and grids to organize your scenes more conveniently.

The tools for adding subheadings, headers, body text, choosing the right color and font type are very simple to use. Just one click and everything is done! This story boarding software is suitable for teamwork. Simply provide access to the project and work together on a scene. You can send the finished work to your clients or colleagues as a PDF file via email.

сanva storyboard software interface

11. Boords

One-click animatics
  • Co-op features
  • Versions and frames are numbered automatically
  • The final board is exported as a PDF file
  • Watermarking in a free version
boords storyboard software logo

Verdict: This industry standard storyboard software has all the necessary features for successful scene production, including customizable frames and drag-and-drop tools. Furthermore, it boasts a special Animatic Tool required from regular animation software. After creating your animatic, you can get feedback by publishing it online or uploading it to Boords' After Effects plug-in.

You can also share your storyboard with colleagues to get their opinion on the project. Boords lets you customize frame sizes, use a huge storyboard template collection, and provides a powerful animatic tool. Using the notes field, you can modify your storyboards by inserting directional notes, labels, sound, and change the order of the images. When the project is ready, you can send it as a PDF file or share the link with your colleagues.

boords storyboard software interface

12. Clip Studio Paint

Ready-to-use materials
  • Simple and modular interface
  • Wide selection of materials
  • Works with all popular file formats
  • Unpleasant difference between the cost of EX and Pro
clip studio paint storyboard software logo
Clip Studio Paint

Verdict: Clip Studio Paint can also be used as a storyboarding program to speed up the storyboard creation by making your own CSP template page and using it for your projects. If you don't want to design a template yourself, you can download it into the software from third-party sources.

This is the best storyboard software in terms of color options. It contains six color palettes allowing you to test, select, and manipulate colors to your liking. Here you will find not only the classic sliders and circles, but also color history, midrange colors, and palettes for similar colors.

You can add the repeating textures (flowers, textile patterns, chains, etc.) in one simple step. Thanks to a wide selection of ready-made tools such as patterns, brushes, 3D models, creating storyboards is very quick and easy.

clip studio paint storyboard software interface

13. StoryboardThat

Mobile interface
  • Very simple interface
  • Contains more than 200 templates and business resources
  • High-end file encryption
  • Possible bugs
storyboardthat software logo

Verdict: This is one of the simplest web-based storyboard programs thanks to its easy-to-use drag-and-drop UI. It also contains an impressive library of custom artwork. Besides the classic linear storyboard layout, you can use timelines and maps to create your scenes. As a result, you have more options for customizing your storyboards and producing effective content.

Storyboard That is the best storyboarding software for marketers with any technical skills and knowledge. It has many useful features for creating a high-end marketing storyboard including pre-existing, inherent, and graphics. You can modify the cell and storyboard layouts if you need it.

storyboardthat software interface

14. OpenToonz

Great for small story
  • Complies with the TWAIN standards
  • Can work with raster and vector images
  • Supports plug-ins
  • The design and layout should be updated
opentoonz storyboard software logo

Verdict: OpenToonz is open-source story boarding software. It features a visual story mapping option to join different scenes together and present your storyline as a flow chart. The "GTS" scanning tool and some other unique features were added to the software taking into account the recommendations of production staff.

The developers applied interconversion between the OpenToonz format and the sequence image of the colored binarized TGA to support your current workflow. The program can be used for both non-commercial and commercial projects.

opentoonz storyboard software interface

15. Make Storyboard

Share online
  • Allows communicating with colleagues and clients
  • A finished storyboard is saved as a PDF
  • Shared storyboard is protected with the password
  • Only a beta version is now available
make storyboard software logo
Make Storyboard

Verdict: You can use this free storyboard software on all devices, including tablets and smartphones. Make Storyboard allows you to draw new sketches, work with existing projects, and create visual feedback. Moreover, you can share your opinion within the digital storyboard of other users.

You can use the Basic and Pro versions of the software absolutely for free. The finished storyboard is saved as a PDF file and can be published online. You can specify permissions for comments and reviews, as well as use a password to protect the shared project.

make storyboard software interface