MASV Large File Transfer Service Review 2024: Pros & Cons


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  • Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, and Web
  • Price: $0.25/GB

Verdict: MASV large file transfer service stands out from similar platforms with its secure and quick methods of sending bulky files. There is hardly any other service that can stay on par with MASV when it comes to sharing really massive files (up to 5TB large). In most cases, other services just founder when dealing with such volumes.

In addition to fantastic transferring capabilities, I also like that the process is straightforward, resembling simple email exchanging.

  • Pay-as-you go structure
  • Lightning-fast transfer of large files
  • Custom portals creation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Responsive tech support
  • No mobile apps
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The bragging point of this service is a global accelerated network of 160 servers, using which, you can send massive files at a high speed. Besides, the company combined several handy functions for data transfer and allowed users to manage not only files, but also groups of files with ease.

MASV Large File Transfer Review – Main Benefits

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MASV entices users with smooth integration with other applications and direct access to popular platforms, e.g., Slack. You can hop from the service to Adobe Premiere Pro or look through files stored in cloud storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Backblaze. What’s more, it offers an API if you want to create bespoke software around it.

If you have lots of files to manage, you can arrange them into a folder and upload a full pack to MASV. The service keeps the structure of folders unchanged and creates a .ZIP folder that your clients can download. This is a great way to share wedding photos, organizing them into thematic folders right on the service. There are no limitations concerning the size of files. Besides, the transfer process is quick and simple.

Fully Customizable UI

This photo transfer app is very user-friendly, allowing people, whom you share files with, to customize the interface they see. Thus, you can organize your work in a very professional manner. Besides, creating individual portals for different clients, you can add unique branding to each of them and keep tabs on the activities from the administrative web interface.

Unlimited File Transfer with Huge File Size

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Most transfer services have one thing in come – they impose limitations on the number and size of files users can send. That’s a really disappointing practice considering that many people nowadays send a plethora of sensitive data and they want to experience no hindrances doing so.

MASV gets a competitive edge over its rivals in this regard. The service allows users to send as many files as they want. Besides, you can transfer huge files (up to 5TB) without suffering from speed drops.

This possibility is much appreciated by film festival organizers as they receive thousands of entries in various formats and sizes from all over the globe.

Another highlight of the service is lossless compression. In other words, all files you send, reach recipients in the original quality.

Detailed Tracking of File Exchange

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Using MASV large file transfer service, you can monitor the status of your client deliveries for every recipient. When the download is initiated, you get an email, informing you about a person downloading files. So, you always know what files, when, and where have been downloaded. This approach deserves many flattering words considering that you pay money for the service when the downloading happens.

File Handling Features for Teams

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This is one of the few file sharing services that provide users with teamwork features. Here you can create several teams to separate billing credentials, specify what groups of users can access certain data, denote user roles, which means clarifying what people can just see files or send them, and take advantage of basic user management to organize joint work in the most efficient manner.

Every user who initiates transfer is tagged as an administrator. You can immediately see what different team members did in the package history.

Completely Secure Process

MASV desktop app employs different technologies to provide the utmost protection for all files transferred. The service relies on top-tier encryption and randomly generated URLs for download pages that are impossible to guess. Besides, all download pages are password protected and an administrator can change the password if he/she wants. Moreover, MASV runs on the Amazon cloud, which uses cutting-edge cloud security measures. The service is GDPR compliant and Amazon is an MPAA Certified cloud vendor.

Speed plays a significant role when it comes to data transfer. MASV not only guarantees high delivery rates but also perfectly copes with connection crashes and fluctuations. Since the service has a worldwide accelerated network, your files are never lost even if your clients are temporarily out of a high-performance network. Besides, if a delivery is delayed or screwed up because of the service’s fault, you will immediately get the refund (full cost) for the spoilt file transfer.

MASV Price

MASV is a pay-as-you-go service. You need to pay $0.25 for every gigabyte of data downloaded through the platform. This means you are charged only if your file is delivered to another person. Thus, you can accurately keep track of your expenses, which makes billing clients a straightforward process.

You can also use MASV as cloud storage for photos or videos. But you need to pay extra for such services – 10 cents/month. Your files are stored for 10+ days. Keeping the same 1TB of data in the cloud for half a year costs $816.67. This is surely a great option for people with bigger budgets.

Similar Products

Though there are lots of similar services, none of them can fully compete with MASV. This platform allows sharing as many files as you want without size limitations. Besides, the speed and reliability of the transfer are on point. Of course, you can use high-priced subscription services with many bells and whistles, but they all disappoint with storage limits and, sometimes, degraded quality of downloaded files. Another argument in favor of MASV is its payment system.