Mindbowser Software Development Review: Pros & Cons

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Verdict: Mindbowser is a custom software product development company. In the ten years of the company's presence, Mindbowser has enjoyed about 80% customer retention rate. This means 8 out of 10 customers have chosen Mindbowser as their technology partner over the years.

Mindbowser follows the values like- "LEAP," i.e., leadership, excellence, agility and passion. Such values add meaning to the employment and their functioning in the company. They have a global presence in New York, Los Angeles, Boston and India.

  • Using the right architecture right from day 1
  • AWS Programme, Google credits, Event Tickets, etc.
  • The design language and focus on user experience
  • Code Quality Audits
  • Post-launch marketing support
  • Market research
  • Do not work on simple websites or quick fixes
  • The minimum project size is 50K USD
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Mindbowser has achieved several rewards and recognitions like being listed among the "Top 10 US based agencies by AppFutura", recognized as the "Top writers medium in IoT and Chatbots space," also recognized as the "Top Developers by Clutch in 2019," and were awarded the title "Most Humble Bragged Startup Grind Chapter and Lifetime Achievement" by StartupGrind.

One of the top reasons why customers choose Mindbowser is communication and technical expertise. They are particular about the delivery of developed solutions at the scheduled timeline. The experts immediately respond to your queries and solve any bottlenecks in the processes.

Mindbowser – Main Features

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This web development company follows its trademark services- design sprints, MB LaunchPad, and Quality Warroom deliver quality solutions to businesses. The design sprints work as a 5-day design exercise before any project development. Whereas MB LaunchPad enables the business projects to be showcased immediately in front of the end user.

Its clients have been featured on ProductHunt, TechCrunch, Discovery Channel and Cosmopolitan Magazine. Another indicator of the company's professionalism is major investors achieved by its customers from the likes of Chan Zukerberg initiative, Simons Foundation and The Carson family, charitable foundation supporters with considerable sums.

The Development Process

mindbowser development process

Development sprints:

The experts develop time-boxed iterations of development cycles. A development sprint usually lasts for 2-4 weeks.

Demo Days

The experts at Mindbowser conduct demo days to show the progress and get the features reviewed by the clients. The demo days are held at the end of the development sprints.

Daily Scrum Meeting

The daily scrum meetings are the brief meetings of the developer team. Various strategies and plans for the next 24 hrs are discussed during the scrum meetings.

Sprint Review

The sprint review is an informal meeting between the development team, the scrum team, the product owner and other stakeholders. The meeting is arranged to identify any bottlenecks in the project.

Backlog Management

Once the bottlenecks are identified, whatever lagging is then taken into priority. The tasks late on deployment are considered for completion on the expected timeline.

SaaS App Development for Different Industries

Mindbowser, a custom software development company, creates effective web development solutions for different industries. The experts build web portals, e-commerce web applications, and enterprise systems that boost the performance of your business and generate more revenues.

When I first turned to this app development company, I contacted the manager. She informed me more about the services, and I ordered SaaS app development. I wanted to get a web-based application instead of software. Such apps can function on multiple platforms, which eventually gets more visitors.

The experts of this SaaS development company have experience in engineering SaaS products. They develop safe and reliable software and applications. The company has many specialists to guide you and work effectively on the projects. It includes a project manager, UI/UX designers, backend and frontend developers, a QA tester, and a cloud engineer. I like that the specialists thoroughly researched my business before starting to work on the project. We discussed SaaS requirements and selected a suitable pricing model for the project.

During the final stage of the project, the team tested the product and asked me to provide feedback regarding user specifications, functionality, and design. I corrected a few things as the overall results satisfied all my needs. Ultimately, I got an app that delivers an excellent user experience.

The experts at Mindbowser considered all requirements and comments to ensure that I would be provided the best results. They used top-notch tools, app builders and advanced technologies to establish a connection with my end user. Besides, I received instructions on selecting the right technology and improving the product's performance.

UX Design Sprints For Your Product

mindbowser design example

UX design sprints is an innovative service to solve design problems. It is a good way to discover your product roadmap and decide on the feature list.

According to the information provided by the company's manager, an average design sprint takes around 5 days. During this timeline, the company experts work with the customer to create broad strokes of the idea, discuss it together and eventually prototype and test.

When we worked, the company presented a road map of ideas and defined the goals of our long-term cooperation. At the end of the first day, the team knew what aspects they needed to work on and determine the areas where the developed product would be more effective. The second day included an analysis of all the possible solutions. This is the 'Diverge' phase of Design Sprint.

mindbowser ux design sprints

On the third day, the experts presented the application's main features and described it as per their performance. Prototypes were developed and presented the next day. The last phase included getting feedback about the product from the end user. A day after, I had a complete picture of what was accomplished and what was the next development process.

Effective Data Science

If you want, you can have a data science consultation that helps in getting guidance on business ideas and data. The experts apply various technologies to gather all the analytical data. Mindbowser can help you determine the data and transform it into effective solutions. The team member educates you on algorithms to select the right platform that meets your needs.

Each stage of the project allows the customers to gain data, transform and implement various data science solutions to obtain useful insights. This service can help identify action points to boost sales, identify potential customers and build compelling products for the customers.

mindbowser data science consultation

Data science provides meaningful insights to discover and reduce possible risks. It also delivers insights and circumvents all the possible losses by assessing the ongoing processes.

Informative Blog From Experts

mindbowser blog

I liked the informative and useful blogs on Mindbowser's official website. The articles are divided into best practices, design sprints, marketing, technology, SaaS, etc. Mindbowser is a good source of information about wide topics such as product development, technology, technology and so on. These blogs are regularly updated and answer all your questions informatively.

Mindbowser Prices

When writing this Mindbowser review, I paid attention to the pricing policy of the company as well. The company has given prices for some services. For instance, the monthly cost of building a SaaS project that involves frontend and backend development, a QA team, DevOps and a project manager is $15,000.

If you want the company's experts to develop a web application for you, the project's price will depend on the complexity and number of features you require. Besides, they consider the time spent to complete the project, the number of experts involved and the range of features.

The price of the product also depends on the specializations. Projects involving UI/UX designs, QA analysis, and backend development can be a little expensive. The average investment for such projects ranges from $80,000 to $150,000.

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