We are OSM Company Review 2023: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 22 days ago, Apps and Software

We Are OSM Company

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Verdict: We Are OSM Company is a reliable custom software developer that provides software development outsourcing services. The advantage of this company is that it uses advanced technologies, the most recent trends, and tools to provide clients with bespoke solutions for business.

The team consists of skilled IT experts and talented marketers, who work together create an efficient business product, optimize conversion, user retention, and improve the overall application experience.

  • Individual approach
  • Design responsive websites
  • Original branding
  • Trouble-free outsourcing process
  • Professional domain registration
  • No fixed prices
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We Are OSM company is a reliable and well-known agency that has served many reputable clients. I like how they interact with customers, responding to their queries and keeping them in the loop of the web development process.

We Are OSM Company: Main Benefits

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Software development is quite a complicated process. The market offers a variety of software solutions that seem to be stunning at the first glance, have a cool design, and often astound clients. But are these programs really effective?

We Are OSM has been studying this topic for a long time and has united experienced and skillful specialists from the development, design, and marketing fields that work persistently to provide clients with cutting-edge products. OSM was created twelve years ago by two aspiring friends. Nowadays, their team consists of over 30 members passionate about their jobs and constantly honing their skills.

Responsive and Search Ranking Optimized Web Development

we are osm company web development

This professional web-development company offers advanced solutions for web application development. They do their best to satisfy customers’ requirements and always report on the steps taken.

We Are OSM experts always discuss all the processes with clients to make sure all their demands will be met. They create pixel-perfect static HTML and CSS pages, whereas the back-end group makes these pages dynamic. They can provide you with detailed recommendations on how to choose the proper CMS based on your specific website.

They will make sure that your project is ready on time and has all the features that have been discussed before. This is probably one of the greatest app development companies, which creates a fully responsive website that can be accessed from all modern devices. Besides, all their web pages load quickly and are ranked high.

Simple and Transparent 5-Step Development Process

I like that the process of web design is fully overt. They divide it into phases, meaning that the result is quite predictable without any surprises along the way.

During the first phase, the developers gather info and start the process. They ask you about your requirements and convert them into technical documentation.

In the second stage, the company gathers a team of specialists. They make sure that professionals have the appropriate skills to work on your project.

The third phase is the creation itself. Experts work at full tilt to create top-grade software solutions. Of course, they also provide Quality Assessment, as there must be no bugs in the finished product.

The fourth phase is support. The company offers top-notch customer service, providing you with timely, polite, and helpful consultations.

The fifth phase is on-going updates. Customer requirements constantly change; therefore, the software calls for regular upgrades. For this purpose, they scale down the initial team by organizing a special support unit for the required updates.

Professional Domain Hosting and IT Support Services

we are osm company domain hosting

Entrepreneurs always strive to ascertain that their business is viable regardless of the market conditions. We Are OSM IT support specialists can take care of this aspect and make quick adjustments based on the slightest global changes.

They offer speedy and reliable domain & hosting services for your web platforms and apps through PaukHost (their sister agency). You can also order IT and telecommunication services if you need software licenses and equipment and related stuff.

Unique Brand Development and Functional UI/UX Design

we are osm company branding

The agency aims at helping businesses develop and flourish. For this purpose, they meticulously analyze the current market state and use strategic and ROI approaches when designing a website. Being one of the top branding agencies, We Are OSM offers unique branding methods to make your company stand out among the competitors. Whether your customers are researching your business online or offline, they will easily recognize it because of well-thought-out branding.

Experts also generate intuitive UX/UI design for efficient business growth. Moreover, they create modern interfaces, ensuring they are functional and convenient to use on any device. Besides, such interfaces tell your brand story in a memorable way.

Smooth Development Team Outsourcing Process

we are osm company outsourcing

Software development outsourcing is one of the greatest ways to realize all your ideas without exhausting your budget or hiring in-house professionals. The advantage of OSM is that it looks for IT specialists for their internal projects, as well as for outsourcing clients.

This special status allows identifying all outsourcing challenges from various perspectives and analyzing the situation from different points of view. Their team of in-house developers consists of 50 professionals who work on various projects and receive assistance from an entire support group.

The agency can find experienced, knowledgeable, and talented specialists for developing your project. So, you do not need to spend time recruiting staff, managing, and organizing workflow, as We Are OSM has you covered.

The process of hiring a team is completely clear and you can partake in it. Your degree of involvement depends on such aspects as your availability, interests, and needs.

Impressive Portfolio and Detailed Case Studies

Another strong side of this company is its extensive portfolio. The website features numerous examples of diverse projects. OSM publishes very detailed case studies of their previous works. You can easily find the service you are interested in, and choose one that is similar to your project to get a rough idea of what results you can get in the end.

Helpful Blog with Currents Trends and Effective Tips

we are osm company blog

There is also a helpful blog on the site, which is a treasure trove of information, recommendations on design and development, etc. All info is available for free.

All posts are divided into the following categories: Latest, Trends, Design, Tips & Tricks. Visiting the blog, you will also see the featured post this month on the left. The articles are written in simple language, and even the most complex topics are presented in a simple way and are well illustrated.

We Are OSM Company Price

Like its competitors, We Are OSM doesn’t offer a list with fixed prices. The cost of services depends directly on your requirements, the amount of work, the speed of execution, and other factors. Therefore, to find out how much you should pay for the promotion, contact the company's representatives using the form on the site.

They will listen to your requirements and select an individual set of services that will suit your business and meet your marketing goals. I recommend you to decide on the budget that you are ready to spend, and tell employees what they should focus on.