SVGator Ecommerce Icon Pack Review 2024: Pros & Cons

SVGator eCommerce icon pack

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Verdict: SVGator eCommerce icon pack is a versatile set of icons, which would be great for both website and mobile applications. I like that you can stretch the icons to the desired size without quality loss.

One of the main benefits of the service is that it allows you to use free icons. They are available in various styles and suitable for any field.

  • Straightforward interface
  • No coding skills are required
  • Interactive export options
  • Universal icons
  • A range of customization options
  • Rare updates of icon packs
svgator ecommerce icon pack interface

The key advantage of the company is that it allows customizing icons to help users create a unique and individual style.

When it comes to usability, SVGator comes out on top of the competitors that demand special animation skills to create eye-grabbing motion icon sets. Due to its very intuitive functioning and step-by-step tutorials, this is probably the best solution for novices.

SVGator Ecommerce Icon Pack – Main Benefits

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SVGator eCommerce icon pack can speed up the performance of your website or mobile application. With this multi-purpose set, you can create a web store using an eCommerce website builder. Besides, you can use it to create communication apps, a business card site and any other web product.

Another benefit of the service is that all files downloaded from the website are absolutely safe. So, there is no need to install any extra anti-virus software. The service’s security system defends all data from cyber attacks thereby protecting its customers from spyware and trojans.

Ready-Made eCommerce Icon Packs

library svgator ecommerce icon pack review

SVGator offers two sets of free icons that are compatible with Windows and macOS. Both static and animated options are available. Delivered in three styles, the static pack includes more than 30 icons. The archive contains colorful duotone, solid duotone, outline and SVG icons like payment card, search, home, shopping cart, and others. By default, outline and solid duotone icons are presented in a deep blue color, whereas colorful options are available in pink, blue, and orange shades.

Animated SVGator eCommerce icon pack is also compatible with Windows and macOS. Besides, all icons are grouped by style and folders. Thanks to it, it will be easier for you to select icons for your code editor or eCommerce platforms. Animated icons have an optimized speed: it is not too low and not too high, which enables a person to see every detail.

The download process does not take much time. The icons are exported in an archive, which occupies little space on your PC even after unpacking. Besides, the archive contains instructions and includes all the necessary links to the site.

Creation of Unique Icon Sets for Your Website

If a free pre-made pack does not contain the designs in the desired style or you want to customize colors, you can create a new animated icon directly on your website. An intuitive interface and numerous tips let you draw a design from scratch, as well as edit an icon and animate it. SVGator animated SVG icons creator has a range of top-notch options like morphing, clipping masks, filter, and path animation, etc.

To create an animated project, you need to select an animator and configure keyframes on your timeline. If you like any pre-made assets, you can apply them instead of designing new ones. SVGator’s collection contains free eCommerce icon sets, animated shopping carts, discount tags, animated credit cards, and more. Furthermore, each design can be customized with ease.

Extensive Range of Icons

export svgator ecommerce icon pack review

SVGator icons are designed according to the principles of responsive web design, so you can make certain that they look great when viewed on various devices. SVG files from this pack are easy to use which makes them similar to free stock icons. SVG animations are interactive, scalable, and more compact, if you compare them with GIF and other formats.

This is another considerable advantage that we noticed when writing our SVGator eCommerce icon pack review. I like that I can create scalable animations for web resources or mobile applications and download a file in just several clicks. Besides, here you can configure when your animation will start as well as select the type of animation: JavaScript or CSS.

Therefore, even novices can create and adjust all the elements without writing a single line of code. The result is a ready-to-use SVG animation optimized for React Native and Flutter frameworks. If you need to play more than one animation, you can use SVGator’s player.

Informative Website with Many Tutorials

help center svgator ecommerce icon pack review

The website has a straightforward and clear interface. Novices will appreciate the useful info it contains. Articles are categorized by trends and technical parameters of data. The section with tutorials contains a vast variety of free step-by-step lessons describing how to create animations. These guides will tell you the basics of how to work with animation and graphics.

I also like that all the info in the Help center is conveniently grouped into sections. Here you will find detailed instructions on how to integrate animations into React Native, WordPress, Webflow, Squarespace, or Vue.js correctly. The developers have created a simple and very useful web resource, which will appeal to animators and programmers.

Ongoing Advice and Support Team

In case you have some questions about the SVGator eCommerce icon pack, you can always contact the support specialists via the webchat during working hours. This chat is multilingual, so regardless of the country, you will receive a response in your language quickly. You can also send your inquiry via email.

One of the speediest and most effective ways to get in touch with developers is to address them on social media networks. For your convenience, the website contains buttons with direct links to their YouTube channel, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


A considerable advantage is that the service lets users download both static and dynamic icons for free. What is more, more than 30 universal icons are available even without registration. You can get all these assets with one click.

People with more experience will appreciate more advanced features. To access them, you need to pay for a subscription. A Free Plan includes three animation outputs per month. You will also get unlimited export of static icons and a 10-sec-long timeline.

There is also the Light Plan, which costs $14 per month. By purchasing it, you can export 10 animations per month, create 1-minute projects and get unlimited statistics.

SVGator Pro Plan includes an extensive range of tools, which you would never find in a free icon maker software. By paying $25, you will get a timeline of up to 5 minutes, basic and advanced animation tools, assets collection, and an API player.

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