SVGator Animated SVG Icons Creator Review 2023


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Verdict: SVGator is an online service for the fast creation of animated logos, icons, and illustrations. Most of all, I like its user-friendly interface and a set of tools. All features are very simple and you don’t have to be a coding expert to use them.

In addition to animation tools, this service has options to create shapes, logos, and characters. I was very impressed by the number of ready-made elements available in the library. Moreover, you can easily export your projects in different formats.

  • Reliable product from pro designers
  • Lightweight and sleek SVG animations
  • User-friendly export options
  • Agile workflow
  • Lots of tutorials
  • The free version lacks some tools
svgator animated svg icons creator interface

SVGator is a popular online tool used by many designers to create SVG projects. This SVG animation generator contains a huge selection of features to bring your most creative design ideas to life. One of the main advantages is a simple and intuitive interface with easy access to all functions.

With this platform, you can animate backgrounds, icons, logos, and other design elements. You can apply various morph, path, filter, or color animations depending on the purpose. The program contains top-notch clipping masks allowing you to create clearly-defined shapes with a visible animated internal part.

SVGator Review: Main Features

svgator animated svg icons creator logo

Using this SVGator animated SVG icons creator, you can start an animation by scrolling, clicking, and making other operations. This is one of the simplest animation tools providing a stunning user experience. You can easily make awesome designs while taking control over everything that happens in the process.

You can also achieve a better outcome with Stroke Dash and the Stroke Offset animators. These useful functions are designed to add self-drawing, handwriting, or self-erasing effects.

Easily Accessible SVG Animation Tool and Editor

svgator animated svg icons creator tool and editor

This service has one of the most powerful toolsets in its class. At the same time, this animation software remains very easy to use and even beginners can animate SVG and download it for further use.

You can take advantage of the wide selection of animation features and create projects of varying complexity levels. Thanks to a convenient and clear UI, it is possible to handle all the tasks quite quickly. SVGator comes in handy both for those who work on simple projects (for example, animating icons or characters) and for more advanced ones (compound line animations or complex illustrations).

Thanks to its wide functionality, you can turn your static and uninteresting pictures into eye-catching animations. If you need to make any changes to the design, you can edit your animation and track all modifications live. What's more, interactive export options allow you to improve your workflow and get results faster.

Intuitively SVG Drawing Tools for Your Project

svgator animated svg icons creator drawing tools

SVGator perfectly copes with web and graphic design tasks. With this advanced tool, you can create real digital masterpieces based on simple lines and shapes. The possibility to create and export an unlimited number of static SVG files for free is another strong point of the program.

You will surely enjoy making self-drawing vector icons in a few simple actions. Speaking of vector animation features, you have Morph, Color, Path, Filter animations, and other options at your disposal. What's more, you can work with your files whenever you want thanks to powerful export and access features. The library contains over a hundred different vector elements for your needs.

Flexible shape creation is another reason why many designers choose SVGator for their work. Building proportional rectangles, polygons, straight lines and other elements is very easy. You can also work with complex shapes and custom paths. Select the Pen tool and let your imagination run wild. The program also allows you to adjust Bezier curves and elect and move node points at any time.

This vector graphic software has been created and tested by true graphic design gurus. It has a lot of advantages over other similar programs. High-end graphic tools, lightning-fast node workflow, smart guides, a pro grid system, snapping options, and a clear interface allow you to handle the most complex challenges and enjoy your design experience.

Advanced Online Morph Animation Creator

svgator animated svg icons creator morph

Morphing is one of the most powerful SVG animations. It will come in handy for creating stories on your website, descriptions of services or products, and similar tasks. If you combine it with other advanced animators, you can achieve your goals without GIFs or video.

Since SVGator animated SVG icons creator has a clear interface, animating shapes is a no-brainer task. Put the Morph animator on the timeline and activate the Node tool. Next, you need to adjust the timing with keyframes by changing the points’ position on a path. If you don't find your element on the path, you can convert it to a path in SVGator.

The developers have greatly simplified and automated some processes that previously took tons of time. Now, you can save a single file with JavaScript as the animation type. At this point, you can set a click to start the animation. You can take advantage of interactive morph animations to make your logos, illustrations, or icons eye-catching.

Motion Path with Position Keyframes

svgator animated svg icons creator export

You can customize the path of elements on the screen by setting the position of keyframes. To make the element move in a straight line, you need two keyframes to mark the start and end of the path.

If you need to build a curved path, then drag this line in the desired direction. You can also customize the cubic Bezier curve. Use two handles for the desired result. Set animation to start on hover or on click to keep your visitors engaged on your website. You can choose this option before exporting a file.

SVGator lets you focus on the animation itself, without worrying about other things. When everything is ready, the service will generate a single animated SVG file for export. Thanks to the capabilities of this program, you can build incredible animations with ultimate motion paths.

Animated Icons, Logos and Illustrations on Click

svgator animated svg icons creator logo

You can set the animation to start only on click. This means the image will remain static until a user decides to activate it. This way, your audience will feel more involved and have more control over the process. Your SVG will be more interactive if you set scale, morph, self-drawn, and similar elements to fire on click. The second click can also define certain actions. For example, it could be a pause, reverse, restart, etc.

With SVGator icon animator, you can create impressive and eye-catching SVG icons for your mobile app or website. You need to draw a static graphic element with the appropriate tool and then animate it. You don't need to waste time writing codes.

SVGator developers have built outstanding online logo animation software with simple tools to create an animated SVG logo. You don’t need to be a tech-savvy user to take advantage of this program. You can upload a picture or create a new one in the editor and then animate it in a matter of seconds.

You can experiment with the features of this software to get incredible animations. Apply clipping masks, filter, morphing and path animation. In the end, you can set one of the animation start options: scroll, hover or click.

SVGator Prices

There are several packages to choose from. If you are a beginner, then you should opt for the Free Plan to test the program and hone your skills. You gain access to 3 animation exports per month, unlimited static exports, and a timeline of up to 10 seconds.

The Light Plan is a good variant for those who work on planned projects. You can export full projects for as little as $14 per month. This package allows you to save unlimited statics, build a timeline of up to 1 minute, use basic and advanced animators, and export 10 animations per month.

The Pro Plan provides a full range of features and is ideal for professional needs. It costs $25 per month. In addition to unlimited export options, you can use basic and advanced animators, player API, interactive animations, assets library, and a timeline of up to 5 minutes.

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