Calculate Aspect Ratio Review 2022: Determine the Image Proportions

Calculate Aspect Ratio

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Verdict: I frequently have to adjust the dimensions of my photos in accordance with the requirements of social networks, blogs, and other websites. Using Calculate Aspect Ratio, I can cope with the task in a jiffy. I like that the program comes with preset values for different screens. To get the proper photo size, you only need to enter one dimension and it will calculate the other automatically.

Photographers, designers, bloggers, and content managers often have a hard time trying to precisely adjust the aspect ratio of images before sharing them on different platforms. With this tool at hand, the process becomes quick and efficient.

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Calculate Aspect Ratio lets you forget about the hassle of customizing the dimensions of photos and videos manually. Using it, you can effortlessly move designs & images, as well as compress digital video content/files from one medium to another without making calculation mistakes. The program accurately defines the number of pixels in horizontal and vertical plains whether it is scanning photos, videos, or designs.

Calculate Aspect Ratio — Main Features

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Calculate Aspect Ratio is a free online instrument that can perfectly define the aspect ratio of various digital content. Though there are preset values, which are determined with the most popular social networks and sites in mind, you can also enter the numbers manually to learn the aspect ratio for a specific project. Besides, the service displays the number of pixels in different resolutions.

Easy to Use Tool to Change the Image Aspect Ratio

To learn the proportional relations between the height and width of any photo, you have to open the website and enter the parameters of your image in pixels or set the ratio in the working area. Calculate Aspect Ratio will automatically define the values, eliminating the need to perform measurements manually. If you change the first number, the second is updated automatically.

In fact, such a program is indispensable if you frequently edit pictures with subsequent posting on various platforms that have stringent requirements concerning the dimensions. What’s more, you can use the tool to reduce the size of photos and videos without altering the initial aspect ratio and screwing proportions. Once the proper size is detected, you can make other adjustments, using your favorite app to make pictures smaller or bigger.

Photo Size Counting without Long Calculations

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I faced the necessity to turn a photo with 2400 x 3000 resolution into the one with only 400px in width so that my client can review it and ask for revisions if any. Previously, I used a common formula, namely, (org. height / org. width) x new width = new height, to learn the proper size. However, after I found Calculate Aspect Ratio, things become so much easier. I just entered the needed width in the corresponding window and see the height in a matter of seconds.

Quickly Calculates the Size of a Photo for a Specific Platform

Photos may have different aspect ratios, which are primarily dependent on the device you’re using while taking them. The majority of digital cameras allow photographers to adjust one of the standard photo sizes, choosing the values in the menu. However, it is a common practice to change the aspect ratio before posting pictures on various platforms.

With the help of aspect ratio calculators, it is a no-brainer task to alter this parameter to comply with certain standards set by blogs, social networks, etc. For example, studying Instagram profile photo requirements, you’ll see that the service accepts only photos with one to one (1:1) aspect ratio. In other words, you can import only square photos there. So, if you frequently share images online, you can’t do without a proper calculator.

Offers Presets Values

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Calculate Aspect Ratio has preset values, so the whole calculation process can boil down to several seconds. The list of common presets includes - Custom, HD Video 16:9, Standard Monitor 4:3, Classic Film 3:2, and Cinemascope 21:9.

Currently, the most widely-used values are 21:9, 16:9, and 4:3. The latter is attributed to old TVs, while the latest counterparts gave the 16:9 aspect ratio. So, chances are high that films and shows you’re watching in the evening have a 16:9 width and height correlation. Cinemas use a 21:9 aspect ratio.

Getting that fantastic full-screen 4:3 aspect ratio is actually very easy. Open the program and enter the desired width for an image or video. The rest is done automatically by this 4:3 ratio calculator. The best part is that the second value is instantly updated right after you change the first one. Below the calculator, there are more details about this format and common resolutions.

Besides, there is a similar calculator for defining the dimensions of the HD 16:9 aspect ratio.

Suitable for Calculating Video Aspect Ratio

Besides generating sizes for photos, the program can do the same with video content. If you are interested in such operations, you need to consider the shape and size of the medium to get accurate results. However, in most cases, 16:9 is the golden mean. With this value, you can easily move your videos from one project to another without experiencing trouble.

Useful Tips for Beginners

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In addition to the calculator, the developers have prepared useful tips about the aspect ratio on the site. There you can find a clear definition of the term, learn why it is important to correctly determine the aspect ratio, which screens are most often used today, etc.

Calculate Aspect Ratio Prices

You can use the tool without paying a cent. The only condition for smooth operation is a stable Internet connection.

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