WPSocket Review 2024: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 9 days ago, Apps and Software


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Verdict: WPSocket is a company that develops award-winning WordPress themes and plugins for virtually any aim. A wealth of additional services are what surprised me the most about this agency.

No matter what task I am going to ask them to fulfill (website optimization, WordPress migration, etc.), these WordPress developers will handle it with ease.

  • Themes optimized for mobile devices
  • Highly-functional components and plugins
  • Deliver WooCommerce solutions
  • Recover and fix websites
  • Excellent website optimization
  • Prices are not transparent
  • The website should be upgraded
wpsocket interface

When collaborating with WPSocket, I did not face any difficulties at all. They guided me through the whole process providing me with detailed explanations at every stage I was going to take.

WPSocket: Main Features

wpsocket logo

I was also impressed by the fact that the WPSocket team consists of experts from different niches. They hire writers, designers, developers, and specialists in CDN, DNS, security, protection, system administration, and more.

Responsive and Customizable Themes for WordPress

For WPSocket team of experts, the creation of a new WordPress photography theme from scratch was a really intuitive procedure. But if your theme is ready but needs to be upgraded, the company’s specialists will help you with this task as well.

wpsocket themes

The specialists of WPSocket managed to upgrade the PSD design turning it into a responsive and fast-loading theme in compliance with W3C standards. They worked diligently on the design, developing a product compatible with all browsers.

Safety and security are the main aspects the agency’s specialists focus on. Therefore they leverage only save scripts and excellent coding standards, making sure that my website loads in a blink of an eye. I also appreciated the fact that these guys fulfilled all the tasks in compliance with my schedule.

Plugins Development that Adds Unique Functionality

It's to my taste that WPSocket specialists leverage neat coding to build WordPress plugins that improved my website functionality considerably. No matter whether I need to customize WordPress plugin for blog or create a fully new plugin, the company's team of experts can cope with all these tasks worry-free.

wpsocket plugins

Their experts are result-oriented, so they do their best to deliver functional, secure, and scalable solutions to their clients. Whether you are looking for a professional who can upgrade your plugin or handle complex integrations, there are no tasks WPSsocket could not handle.

Besides, the company’s specialists do not only customize plugins but also optimize them and work on their security to achieve top-level results. Providing ongoing support and maintenance, the team of experts ensures that your plugin is always updated and operates accurately.

WooCommerce Designs that Transform Your Store

wpsocket woocommerce

If you are planning to start a photography business with WooCommerce, the services provided by WPSocket will come in handy. They not only installed my WooCommerce plugin but also monitored it checking for potential risks.

An extensive collection of templates and designs developed by experienced WooCommerce designers was great for accelerating my workflow. Moreover, there are custom menus, categories, and catalogs in their store design services.

Repair and Recovery Processes of Damaged Website

I asked the company’s team to fix my website therefore they examined all my website files like themes, plugins, contents, and digital assets, as well as the database for issues. Leveraging their own data recovery software, WPSocket fixed all the damages.

wpsocket repair

The excellent quality of their work is a major benefit of the service. They managed to keep the main files intact while restoring the previous fully-functional state of my website. Moreover, they were always in touch during our cooperation sending me screenshots of every step of the recovery and repair process.

WPSocket does not only solve the existing issues but also takes measures to prevent other technical problems. Moreover, they are ready to fix the issue again for free if it counterattacks within 30 days.

Removing Malware from Compromised WordPress Website

WPSocket also takes care of your website security, getting rid of malware and making your website less vulnerable to viral attacks. Regularly checking the website for malware, they detect all infected files in a jiffy and isolate them.

wpsocket malware removing

Thanks to a highly effective malware removal software, erasing unwanted scripts, content, malware, backdoors and spammy links from a WordPress site are not a problem for the company’s team.

The reports telling about the actions these guys fulfilled to clean up and repair my website were a big advantage for me. Securing my page from any type of virus, they ensured my website's flawless functioning round-the-clock.

High Performance Speed Optimization Solutions

When it comes to WordPress website optimization, WPSocket delivers the results in the shortest possible time to provide seamless UX. They keep browsers, proxy servers, and web servers cache for more convenience.

Plus, the specialists combined my CSS and JS static asset files to make the number of round-trips between the user’s browser and my server as small as possible.

wpsocket optimization

During our cooperation, WPSocket provided the optimized compression settings for both static and dynamic content. Moreover, they removed undesired content and optimized the database to keep my website highly operational.

Providing award-winning eCommerce image optimization services, WPSocket ensures lossy image compression, which is really beneficial. They also did their best to speed up my website loading into visitor’s browsers.

Fast and Secure WordPress Migration Process

wpsocket migration

The team of WPSocket consists of seasoned server administrators, managers, and WordPress developers. With their service, the migration of my WordPress site was performed in virtually no time, so even visitors and search engines did not notice it.

With the help of cutting-edge data migration software, WPSocket professionals managed to transfer my website to a new location without any safety risk. Furthermore, they pointed my domain name to a new hosting provider by refreshing my DNS configurations.

WPSocket Prices

Unfortunately, the WPSocket website does not contain the list of prices for services, so I had to contact the company’s representatives to find out how much my order would cost. This is because each project is unique and the price depends on many aspects that should be discussed with a customer.


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