8 Best Public Relations Software to Use in 2024

Using public relations software, you can launch and manage PR campaigns together with your team with ease. Such programs will be especially suitable for those who want to optimize their workflow by automating time-consuming PR tasks. Using them, you can create online newsrooms, monitor mentions, pitch press contacts, and analyze the responses to your emails.

By automating daily tasks, public relations agencies can fully dedicate their time to other important tasks and develop new efficient outreach strategies.

Top 8 Public Relations Software

  1. Prowly - Advanced tools for outreach
  2. Brand24 - Media monitoring solutions
  3. Cision - Improves a media presence
  4. iMindMap - Tools for mind-mapping
  5. Determ - Track brand, competitors, trends
  6. Google Keep - For planning and taking notes
  7. Asana - Provides PR planning templates
  8. Freedom - PR tools for productivity

By using public relations software reviewed in this article, you can track the performance of your PR campaigns, monitor mentions, check which platforms published your press releases, and analyze the way your brand is perceived by your potential clients.

Besides monitoring media, you can use these programs for creating engaging content.

1. Prowly – Our Choice

Advanced tools for outreach
  • Streamlined press-release sending
  • 1M+ media discovery database
  • Advanced PR CRM and newsroom
  • Intuitive functionality
  • Initial setup takes up a lot of time

Verdict: Prowly is a professional tool for managing contacts, writing top-level press releases, and performing other tasks using a convenient dashboard. The program has an intuitive interface, which makes it suitable even for those who don’t have extensive experience.

What makes it the best public relations software is that it allows users to improve the outreach of their PR campaigns and manage all the tasks from a single dashboard. It allows you to quickly find contacts of your target clients and send emails.

You will be able to see who opened your messages and send follow-up emails automatically. The program doubles as a contact management software, which makes it suitable for a variety of tasks.

Besides, it has an extensive collection of tools that will come in handy to those who need to make their emails more attention-grabbing. For instance, you can customize fonts in your emails. You can either use a free version of this software or pay for a monthly subscription. It has various add-ons. The prices start at $418 per month.

prowly public relations software interface

2. Brand24

Media monitoring solutions
  • Easy-to-set-up alerts
  • Wide scope of tracking
  • Organized monitoring results
  • Top-level support
  • Doesn’t track some important brand mentions
  • A limited number of tools for sentiment analysis

Verdict: Brand24 makes it easier to track online mentions of specific keywords in different sources. You can use it to analyze how your brand was mentioned in blogs, press releases, news sources, etc. It will be also useful for those who want to track mentions on social media platforms. Due to this, many professionals utilize this tool for making their social media marketing companies more efficient.

Brand24 also allows users to keep track of recent press releases. You can utilize it to create PR clippings, analyze your target clients, and get invaluable insights aimed at creating an effective PR strategy. It will allow you to measure the results of your marketing efforts.

In addition, this PR management software has a collection of helpful analytical tools that allow users to analyze their outreach and learn how to improve the online presence of their brands. To use all the features of this PR software, you have to pay from $69 per month.

brand24 public relations software interface

3. Cision

Improves a media presence
  • Handy search tools
  • Daily updates
  • A huge collection of media files
  • Features for monitoring and analyzing media coverage
  • Some poorly-implemented tools
  • Difficult to use

Verdict: Cision stands out among other products for a huge database of contacts. It also doubles as a time management software, as it has editorial calendars and integrates with PR newswire services. Due to this, users can use this software to speed up press release distribution.

With the help of the available multimedia tools, you can quickly organize your materials. This software integrates with Shutterstock and other platforms, which allows you to make your press releases more engaging. Thanks to its interactive dashboards, you can see information about your campaigns updated in real time, including information about your audience and the outreach of your content.

In addition, Cision comes with handy tools for media monitoring. Using them, you can track news sources to see how your brand is mentioned in mass media. Besides, you can use these tools to analyze the performance of your competitors. To use this PR software, you have to pay $7.200 per year.

cision public relations software interface

4. iMindMap

Tools for mind-mapping
  • A variety of task organization tools
  • Automatic notifications
  • Cross-platform solution with apps
  • Intuitive UI
  • Doesn’t have many administrative tools
  • Difficult to get data
imindmap public relations software

Verdict: iMindMap is an advanced mind mapping software that comes with a set of handy tools for visualizing user ideas. You will be impressed with its project-planning and brainstorming tools as well.

Similarly to other PR software, it supports file attachments and lets users share information with their team members. You can also utilize it for creating presentations.

The key advantage of this public relations software is that it allows users to visualize mind maps in different ways depending on a user’s needs. It comes with an impressive choice of tools, which make it easier for users to come up with creative PR ideas and create elaborate campaign plans.

iMindMap was created for those who want to implement innovative ideas leveraging the power of visualization tools. It’s a part of Ayoa software. To use it, you have to pay from $9.50 per month.

imindmap public relations software interface

5. Determ

Track brand, competitors, trends
  • Free sign-up available
  • Top real-time monitoring
  • Wide brand tracking
  • Limited mentions capture
  • No data storage
determ logo

Verdict: Determ stands out as a premier choice in the realm of public relations software. With its AI-powered online media monitoring capabilities, Determ empowers businesses to make informed decisions by providing real-time insights into consumers, competitors, and market trends.

One of Determ's key strengths is its ability to track keywords and phrases across an extensive database of over 100 million sources, spanning various languages and locations. This comprehensive coverage ensures that relevant mentions are never missed, enabling users to stay on top of their online presence.

Users can conveniently view, filter, and analyze all mentions in a single feed. Determ takes it a step further with Synthia, its AI assistant, which swiftly summarizes monitored topics and offers actionable steps, enhancing the decision-making process.

determ public relations software

6. Google Keep

For planning and taking notes
  • Handy reporting tools for an optimized workflow
  • Modern UI
  • Request management tools
  • Easy to customize
  • Difficult to master
  • Only one assignee per task
google keep public relations software
Google Keep

Verdict: Google Keep is an invaluable tool for keeping track of the topics you are interested in. It also allows users to collect the best ideas for launching PR campaigns and developing efficient strategies. Using this intuitive note-taking app, you can quickly add pictures, audio recordings, and sticky notes to your observations.

This application comes with in-built OCR tools that allow users to convert clipped pictures into text. Besides, it supports speech recognition, which facilitates the task of taking notes. You can record your notes using a mic and let Google Keep do the rest. When using the available PR software tools, you can add bulleted lists and checklists to your notes.

This cross-platform solution has versions for iOS and Android. Besides, you can access its browser-based version. The main advantage of this PR software is that you can utilize it free of charge.

google keep public relations software interface

7. Asana

Customizable PR planning templates
  • Automatic backups
  • It is available for business and personal
  • Notifications if backups fail
  • Easy restore process
  • Weak functionality
  • Expensive subscription
asana public relations software

Verdict: Asana is a perfect tool for public relations teams who need to improve collaboration to manage tasks more efficiently. It allows users to see who is responsible for a specific task and access all the related information, such as due dates, the steps that should be taken, etc.

This project management software has a variety of planning tools that can be used for coordinating your efforts with other team members. It allows users to create multi-page groups. Using the Smart Box feature, you can track only the most important edits and updates when working on your project.

When using the PR planning templates available on Asana, you need to follow simple steps. It will make it easier for the members of your team to come up with the perfect PR plan. You can either use a free version or pay from $10.99 per month to access pro-level tools.

asana public relations software interface

8. Freedom

PR tools for productivity
  • Task scheduling tools
  • Helpful customer support team
  • Supported by all devices
  • Website blocking tools
  • Some features are browser-based only
  • The dashboard requires improvement
freedom public relations software

Verdict: Using Freedom, PR managers can increase their productivity and solve tasks more quickly without getting distracted. Thanks to this media relations software, you can use a convenient dashboard to access all the necessary tools in one place. It allows you to write materials for your campaigns, learn new information, and perform other tasks.

Freedom has tools for blocking browsers and apps. Besides, you can configure it for blocking websites as well. This productivity app also has a collection of ambient sounds that will make it easier for you to work without any distractions.

When using this public relations software, you can access a collection of lovely tunes that includes music, the sounds of ocean waves, etc. To utilize Freedom, you need to pay from $8.99 per month.

freedom public relations software interface