Reasons to Use Animation in Marketing for Business in 2024

By Tata Rossi 13 days ago, Apps and Software

Animation in marketing helps company owners to make their brand more recognizable and attract clients. This versatile tool of photography marketing will come in handy when you need to present the value of the product, brand, or service to people of any age.

If you want to rise up price list for photographers and bring your business to the next level, animation promos are one of the greatest ways of doing so.

cartoon style animation in marketing

Nowadays, companies do everything possible to attract new clients but new businesses appear on the market on a regular basis so the competition grows every day.

Reasons to Use Animation in Marketing

As most of us already know what cartoons are and adore this kind of art, experienced marketers know well that it comes in handy when developing projects using motion graphic software. They predominantly create stunning explainer videos, animated GIFs, amusing doodles, infographics with animated components, animated pics, and more.

Here are more reasons to use animation in marketing:

Animation Makes the Explanation Easier to Retain

storytelling animation in marketing

Animation makes each storytelling more engaging and easy to understand. Besides, the adorable characters also add charm and attract viewers’ attention.

There are no limits when you need to create 3D model from photo and use real characters.

In fact, such visuals help viewers to retain the most important info and remember it for a longer time. This technique is crucial when you want to present your brand to the audience in a comprehensive way and make your business more recognizable.

Animation Appeals to Audiences of All Ages

As I’ve already mentioned, versatility is one of the strong points of the animation genre, so it is no wonder that it appeals to people of different ages.

So, including animation in your marketing campaign is a sure way to engage more clients.

Animation Increases Loyalty and Trust to Your Brand

animation on website

It's one of the tools that can help you create to brand's personality, make it more recognizable, and build a strong association. A brand that is attractive to the audience, wins it over and gets a high level of trust.

Moreover, the animation embedded in the site increases the clickability of buttons by 40%.

It Is Budget-Friendly

Affordability is another reason why animation is more popular than real-life images or live-action videos. This means that pro-level content can be easily produced without expensive equipment.

For example, you won’t need to schedule interviews or prepare scenarios in more complicated settings. Moreover, having created the style and characters once, you are free to use them in further projects without problems.

There Are a Lot of Tools for Creating Animation

software to create animation in marketing

There is a wealth of free animation software and instruments designed for creating amazing animated content for your marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, there are many tutorials explaining how to work with Adobe Animate and more complicated programs like After Effects.

You Have Complete Control Over Everything

Marketing animation provides you with a great level of flexibility for building a perfect world that meets all your standards and strategies. To put it in other words, you get overall control over the look, moves, and works of every element.

Regardless of the complexity of your ideas, 3D digital artists will implement all your ideas the way you like and in whatever setting you want.

It Will Explain Your Idea Quicker

explainer animation in marketing

Unlike text, image, or live-action video, animation can explain your story in a speedier and more efficient manner. Conveniently, it is possible to tell everything you need in a matter of seconds using animation video.

The audience is fond of visual content as visuals are processed by a human brain 60,000 times faster than text. This especially concerns the moving images. The time needed to grab the viewers’ attention is less than 1/10th of a second.

Animation Avoids Hard-Selling

Boring ads usually irritate viewers, but marketing animation videos engage the audience and appeal to everyone. For instance, with animation, telling the stories of wedding photographers without the feeling that this is actually an advertisement is an easy task.

There won’t be any marketing jargon and the story will be presented in a compelling manner eliminating the hard-selling that annoys most viewers.

Animation Creates ANY Scenes

fantasy motion animation in marketing

The genre of animation offers a limitless number of possibilities. First of all, a real camera cannot capture such scenes or environments featured in animated videos. In this way, you can recreate the desired reality, and show the client the possibilities and benefits of cooperation in the future.

How to Use Animation in Marketing Effectively

Call for nostalgia. Nostalgia marketing animation videos provide an effective way to catch the audience’s attention in a jiffy by making them think of the past. In this situation, cartoons and animation induce people to recollect those warm days when they were kids and used to sit on a sofa watching animated TV series in pajamas every Saturday and Sunday.

different styles of animation in marketing

Use different styles. There are different animation options that suit various tasks. For example, flat style or whiteboard are better options for creating instructions, whereas 2D cartoons are quite a versatile format for designing various types of projects. But if you are into creating sophisticated and eye-grabbing effects, 3D video elements are what you need.

Combine animation with voiceover. People prefer animation videos because of their ability to convey even the most complex ideas in a simplified manner. To make the storytelling clearer, combine animated content with a voiceover and the audience will get the gist without trouble.

Keep track of time. The animation should be no longer than 30 seconds, as the viewers do not have enough patience to watch longer videos to the end. The exception is a full-length presentation for YouTube. So, 15-30 seconds is the perfect length for your marketing animations.

text of animation in marketing

Be careful with text. Including too much text in the frame is not a good idea. It is better to use icons, infographics, and diagrams and add voice acting. Remember that a consumer will read no more than 8 lines.

Bonus Tools

after effects effect for animation

If you want to get cool effects for your animation without paying much effort, then use ready-made solutions. Here you will find the best options for transitions, intros, logo animations, and stylistic effects to make your animation more professional and engaging.