7 Best Online Newsroom Software to Use in 2024

Online newsroom software allows companies that have official websites to host and publish news using a single dashboard. Such programs make it easier to manage digital content and provide comprehensive information about a company.

Public relations agencies utilize such solutions to streamline the process of publishing press releases.

Besides, you can use them to create and manage news announcements, media kits, and other professional content. Due to this, you can establish a strong presence of your brand, bring your message across, and improve engagement.

Top 7 Online Newsroom Software

  1. Prezly - Full HTML press releases
  2. Prowly - Advanced press release creator
  3. PressPage - Enterprise-level security
  4. PR.co - Provides journalist’s feedback
  5. Accesswire - Press release templates
  6. ePressPack - Provides blockchain features
  7. PRgloo - For media communications

In this article, we have rounded up the best online newsroom software for creating, publishing, and distributing engaging news content using a centralized newsroom. Using it, you can customize a white-label newsroom to your liking by adding branded elements.

Such programs also have analytics and reporting tools that can be accessed from a convenient dashboard. You can use them to analyze traffic and engagement to expand your outreach.

1. Prezly – Our Choice

Full HTML press releases
  • Tags for managing contacts
  • Press release distribution tools
  • An extensive collection of visual assets
  • Engagement tracking tools
  • A limited number of collaboration tools
  • Newsrooms might be difficult to use

Verdict: Prezly is a pro-level tool for those who specialize in public relations. Using this newsroom software, you can manage the list of your contacts with ease, send personalized pitches, launch campaigns, and use the in-built analytics tools to keep track of your communications.

You can customize your newsroom by changing its domain name and other parameters. In addition, Prezly doubles as a newsletter software. You can use it to add newsletter sign-up forms, categorize your content to make it easier to find, and add image galleries and videos to your site.

In addition, Prezly lets you add embargo to your articles. It integrates with Google Analytics, which allows you to get invaluable insights about the performance of your content. The prices start at $40 per month.

prezly online newsroom software interface

2. Prowly

Advanced press release creator
  • Streamlined newsletter sending
  • Top-level CRM and newsroom
  • 1M+ media discovery database
  • Intuitive UI
  • It might be difficult to configure it
  • Costs a bit too much

Verdict: Using Prowly, you can create a custom online press room for managing your articles, press releases, and other types of content. While it might be more difficult to customize it than your own site, it makes it easier for your contacts to find all the information about your brand.

Prowly allows you to create nice-looking online newsrooms with handy integrates features. You can use it as an SEO software to increase the visibility of your platform. Besides, you can create a custom domain name.

Another advantage of Prowly is that it allows you to organize your content using tabs and categories. You can change the design of your newsroom so that it matches your brand.

Start by using a free trial and then pay for a monthly subscription. It also has paid add-ons, which you can purchase separately. The prices start at $239 per month.

prowly online newsroom software interface

3. PressPage

Enterprise-level security
  • Easy-to-customize newsroom
  • Professional writing tools
  • Top-quality support
  • Attention-grabbing stories, photos, and videos
  • Not for targeting WordPress platforms
  • Modules leave a lot of space

Verdict: PressPage lets users speed up the communication process as well as publish and distribute content easily. This online newsroom software enables communication teams to prioritize their impact by improving storytelling and personal relationships. As a result, they will become more efficient.

PressPage allows you to access tech and industry resources. You will be able to use a wide choice of tools, a database with 1 million contacts, handy distribution options, and a media hub. Using this public relations software, you can improve the performance of your corporate communications team.

In addition, it has plenty of customization options and a streamlined UI, which makes it an invaluable tool for those who want to improve the efficiency of their PR campaigns. You can select between 3 subscription plans. To learn the exact price, make sure to reach out to the team.

presspage online newsroom software interface

4. PR.co

Provides journalist’s feedback
  • Newsroom analytics and tracking tools
  • Preview and share drafts
  • Professional workflow management
  • Convenient categories
  • Doesn’t support many customization options
  • It might take you a while to upload pics
pr.co online newsroom software

Verdict: PR.co allows you to set up and use modern online newsrooms. Using this software, you can improve your media coverage. With its AI-driven tools, you can leverage the power of OpenAI technology, which will enable you to save a lot of time and money.

It can also be used as a contact management software. With it, you can create a database of contacts and turn journalists into loyal subscribers. This software will make it easier for you to send memorable emails.

Another advantage of this solution is that it enables you to create versions of your website in other languages, which will make it easier for you to reach out to a global audience. This software integrates with YouTube and other similar social media platforms, which makes it perfect for building an online newsroom. The prices start at $108 per month.

pr.co online newsroom software interface

5. Accesswire

Press release templates
  • Streamlined editing
  • Handy organization tools
  • Multi-user support
  • Eye-pleasing layout and design
  • Pricey plans
  • It might be difficult to access it
accesswire online newsroom software

Verdict: Accesswire is a top-level newswire company known for its global coverage, fixed fees, and impressive level of customer support. As it provides advanced press release distribution services, you can use it to set up your online newsroom and get access to a media database. This is why this software is often used by content marketing agencies.

Using Accesswire, you will get invaluable insights that will help you understand which content drives more traffic and better engage your visitors. Using smart contact management tools, you can save time. Besides, you can customize this newsroom software to your liking.

Accesswire is based on edgy technology. It allows you to reach out to journalists and media outlets, which makes it stand out among other tools. Due to this, it will be easier for you to engage your target audience. There is no price list on the website, which is why you will need to contact the company directly to get a price quote.

accesswire online newsroom software interface

6. ePressPack

Provides blockchain features
  • Automatic backups
  • It is available for business and personal
  • Notifications if backups fail
  • Easy restore process
  • Weak functionality
  • Expensive subscription
epresspack online newsroom software

Verdict: ePressPack created a professional program with handy content management tools that can be used as an online newsroom. It makes it easier for companies and PR agencies to manage and distribute information about brands to help them establish a strong presence.

What makes it the best online newsroom software is that you can customize its interface to your liking. For instance, you can remove some tools to make it more streamlined. ePressPack has some blockchain-based tools, which makes it quite secure and ensures the confidentiality of your data.

This software also doubles as a bulk email sender, which allows you to communicate with contacts by sending emails using lists. The prices for subscription plans start from $850 per month.

epresspack online newsroom software interface

7. PRgloo

For media communications
  • Media and influencer targeting
  • Intuitive publishing and monitoring tools
  • An extensive choice of press release tools
  • Pro-level PR planning tools
  • Newsletters templates require an upgrade
  • Some technical issues
prgloo online newsroom software

Verdict: PRgloo is a cloud-based service for managing newsrooms and PR campaigns that doubles as an online collaboration software. It comes with an extensive collection of contact management tools and makes it easier for users to work with press releases, track responses, streamline distribution, cooperate with influencers, monitor media, send newsletters, provide coverage, as well as use reporting and analytics tools.

Using PRgloo you can optimize the process of managing content, contact info, and responses to your campaigns. Using a convenient dashboard, you can track and manage statements, inquiries, and requests. Besides, it has handy tools for sharing your ideas with your team.

Using this tool, you can also create and manage content as well as schedule publications. You will have full control over content distribution thanks to customizable lists of contacts and stakeholders. To use PRgloo, you need to pay from $4.150 per year.

prgloo online newsroom software interface