11 Email Capture Tools to Generate Leads in 2024

If you are looking for a reliable tool to attract potential customers and subscribers to your brand, then my selection of the best email capture tools is your way out.

These options will help you embed in-line forms, popups, and specific email capture landing pages into your site without overloading it, and will also allow you to perform A/B testing of email marketing strategy for photographers.

Top 11 Email Capture Tools

  1. Optimonk - Offers a lot of forms and widgets
  2. Sumo - Newbie-friendly tool requiring no coding skills
  3. Popupsmart - Features visitor segmentation options
  4. CallPage - Convert site traffic to sales calls
  5. Nextsale - E-mail capturing through gamification
  6. Salesflare - Email and web tracking
  7. OptiMonstr - Comes with behavior automation capabilities
  8. Hello Bar - Convert visitors to subscribers & buyers
  9. Clearout - Real-time data enrichment
  10. Convert box - Smart targeting
  11. Bloom - Extended display options

Using traffic more efficiently and converting clicks into leads are just some of the tasks you can accomplish with these platforms. If you don’t know how to capture email addresses from website visitors, then in a nutshell, these tools collect users’ contact details by asking them to fill out a form and subscribe to a newsletter.

Most of them are free or have a trial version, but there are also paid options with favorable terms starting at $39 monthly.

1. Optimonk — Our Choice

Offers a lot of forms and widgets
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Protection according to GDPR
  • Offers over 300 pre-made templates
  • Has over 30,000 clients
  • Limited free plan

Verdict: OptiMonk is one of the most advanced email collection tools that will come in handy for photography marketing professionals. As a top-notch personalization tool, it makes it easy to create high-converting pop-ups and other messages on your site, attracting more leads and, as a result, increasing the profits of your business.

It boasts over 30 smart targeting options and triggering options, including URL targeting, cart value, product targeting, etc.

The best thing about OptiMont is that it’s secure and compatible with Google, AdBlock, and GDPR, so you and your visitors don’t have to worry about security and blocking threats.

With this service, you can seamlessly test your campaigns and learn your marketing techniques and strategies in depth. OptiMont offers a free version with limited functionality and paid versions starting at $39 with advanced ones.

optimonk email capture tool interface

2. Sumo

Newbie-friendly tool requiring no coding skills
  • A lot of lead forms to customize
  • Pre-made templates
  • Requires no programming experience
  • Doesn’t slow down the site
  • There could be more information on the website
  • Outdated interface

Verdict: Sumo is a full-featured email capture that boasts ease of use and a clean interface. If you’re looking for a handy service to quickly and easily expand your email capture capabilities and thereby generate more leads, then this is the one for you. It offers a wide range of options for grabbing email addresses, from list builders and share buttons to welcome mats and smart panels, and more.

Sumo is compatible with any website thanks to plugins for ecommerce platforms including WordPress, Shopify, and Google Tag Manager. The service offers a free plan with a basic set of features that allows you to collect up to 10,000 emails. To expand that number, buy the Pro plan for $49/month.

sumo email capture tool interface

3. Popupsmart

Comes with behavior automation capabilities
  • Requires no coding skills
  • Pre-made templates available to customize
  • Strong analytical options
  • Offers split testing
  • Limitations in the free version
  • Templates lack versatility

Verdict: Popupsmart is one of the best email capture tools as it effectively creates email lists using popups. The service comes with 35 ready-made customizable templates available for free to suit your needs.

The tool does not have built-in email capabilities, so integrating with third-party email marketing software will come in handy to boost your productivity.

Popupsmart comes with a lot of widgets to get you started, like free shipping, webinar invitations, free eBooks, etc. What’s more, it allows you to deeply analyze the work of each applied widget to track its effectiveness. I like that split testing of different versions of widgets is available here to establish which one is more productive for your brand.

You can use the free plan that allows you to view 5,000 pages per month and create one popup. For a more advanced feature set, buy a plan that starts at $39.

popusmart email capture tool interface

4. CallPage

Convert site traffic to sales calls
  • Helpful documentation and support
  • Customization for tailored experience
  • Seamless Google Analytics integration
  • Overwhelming initial setup
  • Premium package price may be lower
callpage logo

Verdict: CallPage shines as one of the premier email capture tools in the digital marketing landscape. Its widget, seamlessly integrated into your website, offers a powerful avenue for instant customer engagement. With an impressive promise of connecting website visitors with your business via a free call within 28 seconds, CallPage is a game-changer in lead generation.

This widget is more than just a communication tool; it's an invaluable resource for businesses looking to increase the number of high-quality leads, reduce customer acquisition costs, and enhance conversion rates.

Moreover, CallPage offers customization with pop-ups and scoring rules, effectively transforming your website into a lead-generation powerhouse. The attractive and user-friendly pop-ups encourage site visitors to engage, and personalized designs enhance their experience. Scoring rules further boost the likelihood of potential customers sharing their contact details.

callpage interface

5. Nextsale

Features visitor segmentation options
  • Highly customizable
  • Eye-catching pop-ups
  • Smooth integration with the control system
  • Simple and clear dashboard
  • Lacks templates
  • Free plan doesn’t offer integration options
nextsale email capture tool logo

Verdict: If you don’t know how to capture email addresses from website visitors, then try the easy-to-use Nextsale, which effectively captures leads and expands your e-mail and SMS lists. It works via widgets for capturing emails which you can create in widget builder just by dragging and dropping. I like that the builder has a high level of customization and allows you to change the color, text, button layout, and more. Alternatively, you can opt for ready-made options.

Another feature of Nextsale is targeting popups according to visitor behavior, taking into account their IP address, device language, and geolocation. The tool also has contact management software features to collect phone numbers and then use them for SMS messaging. In terms of integrations, in addition to Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and WordPress, custom-coded websites are also available to you.

Nextsale offers users 5 plans, including a free one with free popups of up to 1000 page views a month. Paid options range from $39/month to $249/month, but all come with a 10-day free trial.

nextsale email capture tool interface

6. Salesflare

Email and web tracking
  • Email sequences available
  • Live notifications
  • Shared email templates
  • Challenging data import
  • No phone support
salesflare logo

Verdict: Salesflare excels as a premier email capture tool with seamless integration capabilities, offering a holistic solution for businesses. By integrating your CRM with emails and calendars, Salesflare automates timelines and address books simultaneously, streamlining your workflow. The platform provides robust email and web tracking features, allowing you to monitor interactions, track email opens, link clicks, and website engagement. Engaging leads and customers is made efficient with email sequences, ensuring personalized and scalable communication.

Salesflare's email, meeting, and call sync feature captures interactions, creating reliable timelines for organized follow-ups. The tool goes beyond by integrating call history, synchronizing calls made on Android phones, and providing a LinkedIn sidebar with an email finder.

email capture tool salesflare

7. OptiMonster

E-mail capturing through gamification
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • A/B testing capabilities
  • Visitors segmentation options
  • Strong tracking features
  • Expensive
  • Focuses only on medium and large companies
optimonster email capture tool logo

Verdict: OptinMonster is one of the market leaders in email collection tools that makes it easy to develop, target, and test, as well as offers integrations with ecommerce website builders. Using pop-ups and slides on your site, it collects email addresses. With advanced personalization and behavioral automation tools, OptinMonster knows when to show a visitor a message, ensuring the highest conversions.

The highlight of this tool, which excels it from its competitors, is the gamification, i.e. Spin to Win lead forms and the addition of multi-stage Yes/No options. Creating full-screen welcome mats, adding countdown timers to increase urgency, using smart tags to personalize a website, blocking premium content to get visitors to sign up, and more becomes a breeze with OptinMonster.

It’s available for just $9/month (billed annually) with a basic feature set, and $29/month (billed annually) with an advanced feature set including Exit Intent®, countdown timers, and yes/no options.

optimonster email capture tool interface

8. Hello Bar

Convert visitors to subscribers & buyers
  • Simple A/B test creation
  • Templates and customization variety
  • No programming skills required
  • Mid-tier view limit
  • Less intuitive UX
hello bar logo
Hello Bar

Verdict: Hello Bar stands as a powerhouse among email capture tools, with a primary goal: to help you turn website visitors into loyal customers. In just five minutes, you can have custom pop-ups ready to roll on your site.

What sets Hello Bar apart is its exceptional ease of integration with thousands of apps, streamlining email list management without a hitch. Alternatively, you can store your email list within Hello Bar's platform for free, simplifying your lead generation process.

This versatile tool not only helps you grow your email list and generate fresh leads but also combats cart abandonment and reduces your website's bounce rate. With its dynamic capabilities, Hello Bar ensures that you can display the right message to your visitors at precisely the right moment, encouraging them to linger on your website longer.

hello bar email capture tool

9. Clearout

Real-time data enrichment
  • Intent-based prospecting
  • Hyper-personalized prospecting
  • Clean and accurate B2B prospect records
  • Efficient lead generation
  • Data volume limits
  • Integration unclear
clearout logo

Verdict: Clearout is the best solution for capturing pre-verified email addresses along with phone numbers from LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

The extraordinary benefit is that you can prospect intent-based contact information of the leads that aligns with your Ideal Customer Profile. With its auto-scrape feature, you can automatically extract the email addresses of any number of leads from LinkedIn without any interruptions.

Clearout offers the in-app search feature with an advanced search option where you can acquire the information of both people and companies including finding the targeted leads. The pricing starts with $21 onwards for 3,000 credits. The credits have a lifetime validity for subscription or Pay-As-You-Go credits.

clearout services image

10. Convert box

Smart targeting
  • Automatic backups
  • It is available for business and personal
  • Notifications if backups fail
  • Easy restore process
  • Weak functionality
  • Expensive subscription
convert box capture tool logo
Convert box

Verdict: ConvertBox is a powerful email capture and lead generation service packed with a fully functional and straightforward online form builder. It boasts a variety of form types, from pop-ups to embedded and full-page forms, and more to suit your lead generation needs to the max.

You’ll love its simple builder, where you can achieve a stunning look and feel that matches your site’s design and branding by simply dragging and dropping elements and customizing forms.

With WordPress integration, you can cover all your lead generation needs, and with smart targeting, targeting your videos through personalized messages based on data from your email service provider and your own customer relationship management data is a breeze. What’s more, segmentation and real-time tracking functions are also available here to boost your efficiency.

ConvertBox is available for a one-time fee of $495 for life. Pay an extra $90 to get a Pro account.

convert box email capture tool interface

11. Bloom

Extended display options
  • Integrates over 20 services
  • Offers 6 types of forms
  • Pre-designed templates
  • Tips for creating forms
  • You can’t purchase it separately
  • Lacks drag-and-drop functionality
bloom email capture tool logo

Verdict: Bloom is an email capture plugin from Elegant Themes that is incredibly effective at creating pretty popups. It comes with a simple and clean drag-and-drop builder, a large selection of popups, and inline forms available to be placed both inside and below the content. Thus, you can experiment with where to put the contact collection form to ensure maximum efficiency.

In terms of customization, you can change colors, fonts, and a few basic layout and border elements. With 19 different integrations, including Constant Contact, Active Campaign, AWeber, Get Response, etc. you can capture leads even more effectively.

Bloom is part of the Elegant Themes package, which also offers a Divi theme and a page builder. To use it, you need to subscribe to Elegant Themes for $89 per year and higher.

bloom email capture tool interface