Webstores Inc Review 2022: Pros & Cons

Webstores Inc

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Verdict: Webstores Inc is a team of experts engaged in developing high-quality websites for commerce, UX and UI designs on WordPress platform, and optimizing your website so it gets to the top position on Google.

I was amazed that, unlike alternative services, these experts offer a unique virtual events feature, so you can run online exhibitions, remote presentations, virtual showrooms, etc., to promote your platform.

  • Website development for wholesale and retail trade
  • Create a unique design
  • Effective promotion methods
  • Viral events to increase reach
  • Professional portfolio for photographers
  • Hidden pricing policy
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Webstores Inc experts can provide photographers with top-notch portfolios, containing all the must-have pages, a shopping cart, and plug-ins, in order to occupy a higher position on Google search and attract more clients.

Webstores Inc Review: Main Features

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Webstores Inc offers a complete set of tools, which you can use to develop a trading website or a portfolio from the ground up, promote it using special keys, and set up and host virtual events to reach more people and increase sales.

Development of High-Quality Websites for Wholesale and Retail Trade

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When developing websites for sales, Webstores Inc experts don’t use templates, because they believe that every business is unique, and the site must fully coincide with this idea. First of all, they analyze your website, study your competitors, and then get down to building a model of a commerce platform. Thus, you get a finished product with a working cart and semi-automatic features that allows attracting buyers and encouraging them to make a purchase.

Another significant advantage of the agency is that you get free integrated hosting, further maintenance and tech support, which will save you money on expensive website hosting for photographers.

Optimized Design for WordPress

webstores inc optimized design for wordpress

When it comes to design, UX and UI experts don’t use a pre-made template, but fully study competitors, listen to your wishes and consider the trends of 2021. In the end, you get a website optimized for various devices. It contains web stores, informative blogs, a portfolio, news and scientific web pages.

Besides, since WordPress is open source, experts can add any plug-ins you like, including AI keywords optimization, Google Analytics, traffic tracking, “Like” buttons, and more. Currently, the WordPress catalog of plug-ins includes over 18 000 options.

Portfolio for Photographers that Raises Reach

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A great thing is that Webtores Inc is not limited to one style (sales), when it comes to website design and creation. You can order the development of a unique photography portfolio to meet your approach and style. For instance, if you are a wedding photographer, you can opt for light tones, while photojournalists can choose more interesting color mixes.

You will get not just one web page, but a full-fledged website, with sections called "About You", "Contacts", "Gallery", etc. You can also ask experts to add a shopping cart to your site so you can sell your Lightroom presets in the future.

7 Effective Promotion Methods

Experts can set up targeted ads on Facebook and LinkedIn, optimize keywords, create re-targeted advertisements/animated clips and video content for YouTube, launch smart mailing lists and even prepare online reviews for you.

In addition, based on the principles of "Amazon secrets", WebStores Ltd. creates customer-centric websites: sets up the necessary custom landing pages, creates the right content with keys, and even provides proper digital images.

Unique System of Virtual Events

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The highlight of the company is virtual events. Depending on your budget and site, you can hold online exhibitions, remote product presentations, online demonstrations of your skills, e.g., trading, create virtual showrooms, workshops and videoconferences to answer different questions.

Virtual events are often used to have a one-way flow of information from a seller to a consumer. This way, you can increase your website traffic in a quick way.

Consultation to Improve Your Business

Webstores Inc also offers consulting services, so you can talk directly with experts in the field of promotion or website building. Thus, you can determine the cost of your project in advance, and talk over all nuances. You can also order consulting services if you already have a website but want to bring it higher on Google.

Blog to Promote Your Site for Free

If you can afford additional expenses, you can ask professionals to add a blog to your website. There you can share photography marketing tips, dwell on your experiences, review different gear, etc.

Webstores Inc Prices

Unlike other ecommerce website builders, a team of experts from Webstores Inc selects an individual strategy for every client, so you can expect the best results. However, such a client-focused approach makes it impossible to create a one-size-fits-all price list.

To find out the exact cost of website development from scratch, design upgrade or promotion, you just need to fill out a form and briefly describe a technical task. Then, a manager will contact you and answer all your questions. If necessary, he/she will redirect you to an employee in charge.

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