Sana Khalid Graphic Designer Services Review: Pros & Cons

Sana Khalid is an experienced designer who primarily works on creating brand identity elements for various businesses. This review covers all the services offered by Sana Khalid, giving you a clear idea of what you can expect from working with her.

Sana Khalid Graphic Designer: Biography

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Sana Khalid is a freelance graphic designer and art director who cooperates with photographers, videographers, artists, picture editing professionals, and other creatives. Her main area of expertise is logo design, brand identity creation, and web design.

She has specialized training in graphic design as well as a Master’s degree in Arts. In addition to her impressive educational background, Sana Khalid has over 10 years of work experience. Moreover, considering she has professionally developed brand strategies, Sana knows everything there is to know about visual design and how branding can be used for efficient marketing.

The designer works with individual entrepreneurs, startups, and large companies. Sana Khalid prefers to kick off the cooperation process by learning more about the client’s business, pairing with them to shape the main idea, and only then, she starts working on implementing it. Such a personalized approach is highly valued by her clients, which is why they choose to approach her rather than one of the bigger digital marketing agencies.

Main Genres

Sana works with various types of graphic design. She can handle a broad range of genres including beauty, food and restaurants, sports and healthcare, photography, etc.

Logo Design

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Sana Khalid designs creative and memorable logos for various companies. Her experience and the use of cutting-edge logo makers allow her to implement any graphic design ideas put forth by her clients.

If you look at her portfolio, you’ll notice how eye-catching and uniquely most of her works look. She always strives to design a logo that will fully reflect the brand’s ideals and values. Such an approach allows her clients to set themselves apart from similar-looking competitors by having a unique brand identity.

Website Design

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Sana Khalid is also an expert in creating HTML- and CSS-based websites. Photographers often approach her to receive a website that will be properly displayed on any screen and device. She designs fully-functional websites, eCommerce platforms, landing pages, single-page websites, etc.

Despite working as a freelancer, Sana Khalid never uses popular website builders for photographers since it’s impossible to create a high-performance website that matches all Google ranking criteria using premade templates. That’s why she relies exclusively on professional web design software, thus setting herself apart from competing designers.

WordPress Site Development

Sana Khalid’s list of services includes WordPress-based user website development. She employs various WordPress themes for photographers to create thematic websites for her clients that give them an edge over the competitors.

Another reason why the designer loves using open source design software for website development is that it allows enriching the site’s functionality with various plugins. This also allows building websites with maximum speed so if you need a website but don’t have the time to build it from scratch, ordering a WordPress site from Sana Khalid is a fantastic idea.

Brand Identity Design

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If you’re starting a new business or need rebranding, you can reach out to Sana Khalid to receive a new brand identity. She creates both individual designs and integrated brand kits, which include all required elements (logo, print materials, ad banners, etc.). When working on such orders, the expert uses professional graphic design software that allows receiving top-tier results.

After scheduling a consultation and diving into your brand’s ideas and values, this graphic designer will offer an optimal branding solution that will perfectly describe your brand. You can familiarize yourself with Sana’s portfolio on her website to get a better understanding of her work style.

Newsletter Design

Email newsletter marketing remains relevant for most businesses and the more eye-catching the email design, the higher its chance of success. Sana Khalid offers newsletter design services for different purposes and email marketing campaigns.

The designer understands how an email should look, what elements are mandatory, and how to arrange everything to draw the attention of potential clients and encourage them to act. She also dedicates a lot of time to the visual aspect of the design, creating it in a way that reflects the brand’s content. Additionally, you can order the design of premade photographer email templates that you can use for your own marketing efforts.

Work Features

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Before you can start working with Sana Khalid, you first have to schedule a free consultation. During the meeting, you can voice all your requirements and ideas while the designer receives all the relevant information about your brand.

It takes Sana about 24-30 hours to create a logo. In that time, she creates 3-5 options for you to choose from. If you have any concerns or suggestions, she will make as many revisions as necessary. The turnaround of other graphic design services is calculated individually based on how complex your order is.

Sana Khalid offers tech support and any necessary updates for 30 days after launching the website she developed. This way, you can rest assured that you’ve received a quality platform, and don’t need to deal with minor bugs and issues yourself.

Other Projects

You can not only order graphic design services for your business but also receive a large amount of relevant and useful information by visiting the official Sana Khalid graphic designer website or subscribing to her newsletter.

Latest Trends

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Sana has an active blog that she uses for sharing recent trends in the graphic design industry, giving advice on how to use design tools, and how to become a successful graphic designer.

By reading her blog posts, you can learn how to make a photography logo yourself, browse through a rundown of the best graphic design books, and discover a bunch of handy information about graphic design and branding.

Design-Oriented Email Newsletter

Sana Khalid also creates design-oriented email newsletters for her subscribers and followers. She shares information on graphic and web design, her cases, and other unique information. Additionally, she uses her newsletter to popularize her projects and offer special deals to clients (for instance, discounts and extra services).