Photoshop Portable CS4

Photoshop Portable CS4

Photoshop Portable CS4 doesn’t belong to the list of official software from Adobe. What does this program offer and how does it differ from the licensed version? In the article, I will tell you about the benefits the user gets and what risks may arise when downloading this software.

Photoshop Portable CS4 isn’t a special type or version of this program. Most often, behind this name is unlicensed software that was downloaded in an illegal way. In addition, this software is distributed free of charge.

Despite the fact that the official program is also free, and you can find a new version with a free trial period on the site, Photoshop Portable CS4 is in high demand. But are all the risks really justified?

Photoshop Portable CS4 or License Version?

photoshop portable cs4 vs license version

Only the latest version of this program is available for licensed download. You can do it only from official Adobe servers for a set fee.

Photoshop Portable CS4 is often positioned as a portable software that can be used without installation, directly from a flash drive. In fact, the user who has decided to download this version should consider all the pros and cons.

Photoshop Portable CS4 Disadvantages

  • The program will crash. Bugs and crashes are an integral part of working with any unlicensed software. It happens because the program’s code has been edited. Hackers could have deleted some important parts, which is the reason why bugs appear.
  • No developer support. If there are any problems, users of the licensed version can always count on the help of developers. In case you decide to download Adobe Photoshop CS4 Portable, you may forget about developer support. You will have to deal with all the problems on your own.
  • High chance of catching the virus. Since Photoshop CS4 Portable is downloaded only from pirated sites and torrents, the risk of catching the virus increases immensely. This threat refers not only to the interruption of the normal functioning of a personal computer.
  • Violation of legislation. By downloading Photoshop CS4 Portable, the user directly violates the copyright of the developers of the original version. If you were caught in the act once, you can get off with a simple warning. For repeated attempts, you may be fined or even called to court proceedings.

Photoshop License Advantages

  • User support. If a user has any problems with the licensed program, they can always approach customer support. Representatives of the development company will always be ready to help with any question.
  • The absence of bugs. The licensed program works appropriately, fully performing its functions. Thus, the user is insured against all sorts of bugs, program crashes, etc. In addition, the user downloads a licensed version from verified sites, which gives a kind of reinsurance against viruses.
  • Full functioning. Photoshop license has a complete feature-set available for this program. Pirated versions are often incomplete, and some of the tools indispensable for proper operation of the program may be removed. By downloading licensed software, you can be confident in its full functioning.

What Photoshop Version Should I Use?

Many users are wondering whether to focus on Photoshop Portable CS4, or it is better to give preference to the latest version. Therefore, I suggest you taking a closer look at the latest version, consider its advantages and possible disadvantages.

Photoshop 2020

  • Platforms: Windows, Mac OSX
  • FREE Trial or $9.99/month
  • FixThePhoto's Rating

Adobe Photoshop 2020 is the newest version of this picture editor. It is designed for professional photo retouching, working with vector graphics and web design.

The program offers practically limitless possibilities for high-quality picture editing and improvement of drawings. In particular, this version is a perfect fit for three-dimensional modeling, which I can’t say about previous versions.

Photoshop CS4 Portable Alternatives

Photoshop CS4 isn’t the only program capable of performing picture editing manipulations well. Here is a list of remarkable software that can fully replace Ps C4 and its unlicensed versions.

1. Adobe Illustrator

  • Qualitative editing
  • Convenient work with printing
  • None found

Adobe Illustrator is often referred to as the main competitor of Photoshop CS4 in the field of printing. Users can’t retouch or edit pictures in this program, but it is more convenient when it comes to designing booklets, business cards, postcards and even books.

The program pleases users with extensive functionality that fully justifies its cost. Besides, developers give the opportunity to try working with Illustrator for free during the trial period.


  • User-friendly
  • Works with various filetypes
  • Open-source
  • Functionality could be improved
  • Freezes occur

GIMP is one of the best image editing programs and a decent alternative to Adobe Photoshop CS4 Portable. It is often used to improve the quality of shots, make a collage and create printing products.

One of the major advantages of GIMP is the support for Photoshop plugins. In addition, the developers left the program code open, which gives users the opportunity to improve it to their liking.

3. PicMonkey

  • Cloud storage for pictures
  • Convenient picture sorting
  • Unsuitable for picture retouching
  • Limited free functionality

PicMonkey is a web-based program that is equally suitable for editing pre-made images and creating drawings from scratch. All uploaded files will be stored in cloud storage. The program is meant mainly for photographers and designers. But since it isn’t intended for picture retouching, it is pointless for professional retouchers to work with it.


Photoshop satisfies users with a variety of handy features that make the work in this software more automated, fast and convenient. Below, I would like to present you with overlays, brushes and actions that will turn picture post-production into a more enjoyable process.

Elegant Wedding

freebie for photoshop cs4 freebie for photoshop cs4

An ideal action for those who work with wedding photography. It will let you adjust colors and retouch shots in such a way that they become real works of art.

Night Sky

freebie for photoshop cs4 freebie for photoshop cs4

This overlay is intended to enhance night sky shots. It adds vivid details and creates the impression of a charming night. For instance, the user can apply bright stars or a shining moon, making the shots more fairytale-like and livelier.

Magic Flowers

freebie for photoshop cs4

With the brushes from this collection, it is possible to add flowers and plants to the shots. The user is given a huge selection of a vast selection of drawings that can enliven any logo or branded products.

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