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Would like to use Photoshop CS3 Crack? Are you sure that getting a crack you will access program’s full potential? Read about the legal ways of getting this software for free and learn about all the consequences of illegal crack use.

What Is Photoshop CS3 Crack?

This particular software is under the highest demand from users, who want to do some image editing. The main reasons are advanced tools that it features and its ability to process layers, RAW files, etc.

Considering that PhotoshopCS3 is paid software, there circulate various cracked versions on the net, distributed for free. But what is a crack?

A crack is how they call a file created by pirates that makes it possible to use commercial software disregarding any restrictions. It literally cracks the techniques used for protecting the program and makes it available, which should make it obvious that such use becomes illegal.

Windows Photoshop CS3

Filename: Adobe Photoshop CS3 (download)
Filesize: 651.32 MB

Mac Photoshop CS3

Filename: Adobe Photoshop CS3 10.0.1.dmg (download)
Filesize: 932.5 MB

Top Photoshop Actions Part 1

Filename: Top Free Photoshop Actions (download)
Filesize: 1 KB

Top Photoshop Overlays Part 2

Filename: Top Free Photoshop Overlays (download)
Filesize: 112 KB

Top Photoshop Brushes Part 3

Filename: Top Free Photoshop Brushes (download)
Filesize: 478 KB

Why Using Photoshop CS3 Crack Is Bad?

photoshop cs3 crack disadvantages

Using pirated software, a person exposes himself/herself to various risks of a technical, legal and moral nature. Here are some of the most serious and common ones that almost always follow downloading PhotoshopCS3 cracks.

Download Part 4 Photoshop Actions (2 KB)
Download Part 5 Photoshop Overlays (329 KB)
Download Part 6 Photoshop Brushes (2.57 MB)

1. No Updates

Those using unlicensed copies of products cannot quickly update existing programs to a new version, which is much cheaper than buying a new version of the program. Whatever version of cracked software you have downloaded, forget about updates for it.

2. Violation of the Law

This is quite a powerful downside of using unlicensed software. Even in the press, there are regular situations described when criminal proceedings are instituted because of the use of unlicensed software. Indeed, using pirated copies of Photoshop CS3 or any other software, you violate the copyrights of the manufacturer and inflict material damage on it, which in fact can be interpreted as the use of a stolen product rather than an unlicensed one.

3. Virus Infection

Any crack Photoshop installer may have a hidden virus inside, which is imported on the user's computer during installation and leads to malfunctions in the system. In addition, some programs have built-in protection against hacker attacks and some viruses. When rewriting code, these functions can be disabled, which makes the program itself vulnerable and sensitive to computer worms, trojans, etc.

4. Lack of Technical Support

Users of unlicensed copies of programs cannot rely on the technical support, which can lead to long software downtime and undesirable consequences, up to financial losses.

5. Lags and Bugs

When using pirated software, you must understand that no one can ever guarantee the correct operation of one or another component of it. A pirated program or an app might not work properly since it has been cracked. That’s why when you work with such software, you can’t achieve the desired results, having to wait through lagging and recover after system crashes.

What Are the Legal Alternatives to PhotoshopCS3 Crack?

You have decided not to take the risk and want to legally purchase Photoshop CS3? I'll tell you about the ways to do it.

1. Single App Plan

  • Platforms: Mac OS, Windows
  • Price: Free Trial or $20.99/month
  • FixThePhoto's Rating

This plan gives you access to a computer version and a portable one for a mobile device. You will receive all latest developments in the software and get 100GB of cloud storage plus such interesting Adobe programs as Fresco, Portfolio, Fonts, and Spark.

2. Photography Plan

  • Platforms: Mac OS, Windows
  • Price: Free trial or $9.99/month
  • FixThePhoto's Rating

Professionals in photography, image editing, or design all give preference to this option that gives them conceivable tools of the trade. You can use Photoshop and Lightroom software on a computer and on portable devices and receive all the developed updates, plus you get 20GB or 1TB of cloud storage and access to all those Adobe features.

3. All Apps Plan

  • Platforms: Mac OS, Windows
  • Price: Free trial or $52.99/month
  • FixThePhoto's Rating

This plan is suitable for large companies and professional retouchers/designers/photographers, who need other products apart from just Photoshop. This is a universal package and several specialists can use it to work on a variety of projects concerning photography, videography, 3D graphics, modeling, and anything else. In addition to all Creative Cloud software, you get 10GB of cloud storage and all-popular Adobe features like Portfolio and the rest.

4. Mobile Version

  • Platforms: iOS, Android
  • Price: Free
  • FixThePhoto's Rating
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Mac App Store

download for windows


Photoshop Express is a mobile version of Photoshop available for iOS and Android. The program has an intuitive interface and doesn’t require special skills, so it will interest beginners in the fields of graphic design and photography. The platform is free, which is especially relevant for individuals, students, novices, startup employees, and small companies.

Photoshop CS3 Crack Alternatives

Why using a replacement instead of the most popular and advanced software or an illegal Adobe PhotoshopCS3 crack? Not everyone can or want to bear the expense of a subscription, which is believed to be rather high.

Consider these free Photoshop alternatives, which are ideal for beginners and those, who don’t want to spend money on paid programs.


  • Completely free
  • Cross-platform program
  • Most Photoshop tools available in GIMP
  • Convenient work with contours
  • No red-eye removal tool
  • Lags

If you truly want a product that is close to Adobe in terms of performance but not in expense, then you won’t find a better option than this. Running on open source code, it is easily adjustable which allows many artists or developers to introduce relevant improvements.

The program has an extended supply of various plug-ins and scripts but those of PhotoshopCS3 are also supported. Having been on the market for over two decades, the software now has many tutorials and other instructional materials available online.

2. Krita

  • Resembles Photoshop
  • Customizable interface
  • Operating on Linux, Mac, and Windows
  • Works with most PSD files
  • No RAW filter
  • No history toolbar
  • Not fast enough

This stunning free software leaves artists a lot of freedom for creativity while laying out many of the cherished Photoshop tools. The reason why this program is so awesome is because it has been developed by practicing artists, who know what painters, illustrators, and comic creators need.

Instead of regular color correction, you can make use of an unmatched pop-up color palette. The provided tagging system makes it easy to sort and use your brushes, which will be crucial when you start expanding your collection with those created and shared by other artists. If some colors and settings are more relevant for your art, you can make them more easily accessible. For more tools or professional advice, you can surf the pages of the Krita forum where many tips and inspiration are shared already and the amount only keeps growing.

3. Pixlr

  • Uploads images from desktop or URLs
  • Online app
  • Can process layers and masks
  • Customizable interface
  • Obtrusive ads
  • Operates on Flash Player

Sometimes you need to edit images on a compute where you can’t install the necessary program. Instead of using Adobe Photoshop CS3 portable, choose this handy alternative. All that’s required is a browser that has access to the internet, fairly easy to find now. In addition, Pixlr Editor can boast a kinship with the renowned company Autodesk, which also develops programs for 3D design.

The program is not much different in capabilities from similar free software that you would normally have installed. You could only complain about the lack of automatized features that do save effort. At the same time, there is a batch editing feature, which is not something all programs provide.

4. PaintNET

  • Neat and logically organized interface
  • Numerous plug-ins
  • Online assistance and explanatory tutorials
  • A selection of formats for exporting the results
  • No Burn and Dodge
  • Restricted brushwork

Paint.NET was born as an educational project from Washington State University undergraduates and was originally distributed with open source. The program was meant to mimic Microsoft’s like-named product but with further developing, it was turned in a powerful and yet simple photo editor that caters to the needs of beginner and medium level digital artists.

Out of the box, the program can already process layers beautifully but for masks, you need to find an appropriate plug-in. You will find a fairly well-stocked toolkit and a satisfactory library of filters. However, the capabilities don’t reach those of the first alternative on this list. On the upside, this program is simpler and also less demanding, so weaker computers will show no lagging.

5. SumoPaint

  • Interface resembles that of Photoshop
  • Helpful symmetry tools with points, gravity, and modes
  • Brought up to date with every new edition
  • Gradient editor with a selection of presets
  • Requires Flash and exposes you to ads
  • No pen tool, Camera RAW filter, and auto-snapping

This software is a great alternative to the powerful but expensive Photoshop. From amateurs to professionals, users with mid-range requirements will be delighted with the capabilities of the image editing tools, layer support, and availability of brushes, all at no cost.

SumoPaint is a great replacement for Photoshop for Chromebook and you just need a Flash-based browser and a separate Web App to use it.

This is a cloud-based alternative, so you are freed from the need of installing or updating anything. You can open or save any files as GIF, JPEG, and PNG, plus in the special format of the program named SUMO.


If you downloaded Adobe Photoshop from an official source, I recommend getting these free plugins. They can save the time you spend on editing your photos.


portrait freebie for photoshop cs3 crack portrait freebie for photoshop cs3 crack

This action is applicable to portraits where the model poses still or in motion and the viewer should concentrate on the face the most. It is set to tone down unnecessary shades and thus put the emphasis on the essential colors, lowering the level of noise at the same time.

Night Sky

night sky freebie for photoshop cs3 crack night sky freebie for photoshop cs3 crack

This is an overlay that will sparkle up night sky images. With it, you can enhance the relevant details and atmosphere of a magnificent night.


cloud freebie for photoshop cs3 crack cloud freebie for photoshop cs3 crack

With this brush, you can add some clouds to the background. Your sky will get more attractive with this free plug-in.

Photoshop CS3 Crack Download

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Getting Photoshop CS3 Crack from an unreliable source will almost surely harm the device you’re installing it on. Go to the official website and start a free download that will protect your PC from any risks.