How to Install Photoshop for Chromebook for Free

How to Install Photoshop for Chromebook for Free

Since you can’t use Photoshop for Chromebook in a traditional way, there are a few tricks that you can do to edit images on your Chrome OS as efficiently as possible.

First of all, I should clarify that there is NO standard version of Adobe Photoshop for Chrome. Back in 2014, there was Project Photoshop Streaming available especially for the Chromebook through an Adobe Education Exchange subscription but, unfortunately, the project was closed after a beta test. The web version of Photoshop is also no longer available.

9 Ways to Install Photoshop on Chromebook

As expected, Chrome OS is fully compatible with Android applications and Google Play Store, where you can download mobile versions of Photoshop. At the moment there are several versions and each of them is aimed at separate tasks and different purposes.

1. Photoshop Express for Chromebook

  • Free
  • Supports RAW and other formats
  • Has a simple and intuitive interface
  • Paid features are available only to those having an Adobe ID account
  • Week functionality

Adobe Photoshop Express Editor Review is a mobile version of popular Photoshop for desktop systems. It has been on the market for several years and is a universal app available (similar to Photoshop). With this application, any Chromebook owner can upload, edit personal photos and pictures, save edited files in popular formats and share them with friends on social networks in several clicks.

It has many filters, effects, and tools for automatic correction of graphics. Downloading this app is a great way to use Adobe Photoshop on Chromebook.

2. Photoshop Mix for Chromebook

  • Stylish UI
  • You can create two-layer collages with a great cut-out tool
  • Easily integrates with other Creative Cloud tools
  • "Premium" functions aren’t really worth paying for
  • Beginner-oriented

Photoshop Mix can be treated as another way to use Photoshop on Chromebook. It is a picture editing and design app that is focused on the creation of composite photos. With this app, you can layer parts of images on each other, select and edit those parts, foreground or background, add text, etc.

Then you can merge all that into one composite picture. It’s quite easy-to-master for beginners thanks to in-app help and tutorials. However, you need to spend some time to learn the vocabulary of Adobe-style design tools such as layering, blending, and masks.

3. Photoshop Fix for Chromebook

  • Plenty of tools from Photoshop
  • For advanced users
  • Requires permanent Internet connection
  • Some users complain about quality loss of photos

The app includes tools for color correction, changing the shape of objects, defocusing, blurring details, increasing image contrast and more.

You can send photos directly to Photoshop CC on a computer for further editing. Photoshop Fix can convert all edits into layers and save the image in a PSD format. If Adobe combined “Fix” and “Mix” in one app, we would get a powerful graphical editor.

4. Photoshop Sketch for Chromebook

Photoshop Sketch has taken the painting engine of Photoshop for Chrome and brought it to Chrome OS. If you know how to work with brushes in Photoshop, you will easily master Sketch. There, you can use various brushes to digitally paint new artwork or improve existing pictures.

You can control brush effects, color, opacity, etc. In addition to that, you can also work with shapes, which are meant to simplify the process of painting.

5. Chrome Remote Desktop Website

You need to have a PC with Photoshop and the Chrome Remote Desktop app installed. Then you can quickly connect to your PC from any place via the Internet, fully interact with programs and edit pictures that you can later save to the cloud.

The interesting part is that the Chrome browser and the Remote Desktop application don’t even have to be opened on a PC in order to connect from a smartphone. Chrome Remote Desktop provides a secure remote connection between devices using the special Chromoting protocol, which is very similar to RDP from Microsoft and the VNC system.

6. Lightroom Web

When a user searches for Photoshop, he/she wants to get the full functionality of this program. But if Lightroom capabilities are enough for you and you don't mind paying for an Adobe subscription, then you can try Lightroom Web.

The majority of tools from Lightroom mobile version are also available in the Lightroom web version. There, you can use the histogram, crop photos, boost Clarity, adjust exposure and white balance, convert images to black and white and apply a split tone. Besides, there are also 25 built-in Lightroom presets. But remember about some limitations – you can’t use the HSL/Color/B&W tools and make local adjustments.

You can’t get a full-fledged Photoshop for Chromebook as it simply doesn’t exist. But due to the great demand, third-party developers have created a large number of really high-quality alternatives to Chromebook Photoshop.

7. Gimp

  • Very customizable and flexible
  • Motivated user community managed by volunteers
  • High usability
  • Very few training lessons
  • Slowly operation

This is a great alternative to Adobe Photoshop for Chromebook. It’s the best free raster editor that is fully available in the RollUp app store for Chrome. The photo editor supports more than 30 image formats, works with layers, masks, filters, and blending modes. It has a huge range of tools for color correction and photo editing.

8. Pixlr

  • A lot of photo editing tools
  • Interactive and easy-to-use interface
  • PSD support
  • Crashes when loading heavy images
  • Few tutorials

Pixlr Editor is another high-quality replacement for Photoshop for Chromebook. This program resembles most complex desktop program, fulfilling all the work in your browser. Pixlr is notable for having many functions similar to Photoshop. Therefore, even professional photographers can edit images at a decent level. A huge set of filters helps you not only to correct colors but also reduce the amount of noise.

9. Ribbet

  • You can easily resize or crop your photos
  • Comes with a special set of seasonal filters
  • Offers a lot of professional features, touchup, frames, stickers, and amazing effects
  • Lacks in-built library
  • No possibility to add new fonts and brushes

This is another good alternative to Photoshop for Chromebook, suitable both for beginners and professionals. It has an intuitive interface that has been designed to give users the most pleasant photo editing experience. Like other free photo editors, Ribbet offers the collage function and many other useful tools. It has more than 70 fonts, interesting stickers, and many more.


You can add flame effects to fire photography at the picture post-processing stage. I have selected the best free overlays that will allow you to diversify your images with fire effects.

Food Action

food photoshop actions food photoshop actions

Food photography is very popular, especially on social networks like Instagram. To make your dish look even more attractive in the picture, you need to use special effects and perform color correction. This action will help you with that.

Cartoon Action

photoshop cartoon action photoshop cartoon action

I think everyone has ever wanted to create a cartoon photo but it seemed to be a very complicated process. In order to fulfill the task, you can use this action and get a result in a couple of minutes.

Sandstorm Action

sandstorm photoshop action sandstorm photoshop action

Recreating such an epic photo with real sand is not an easy task and few people dare to do this in the studio. The best choice is to take a photo in motion and apply this action to it. It will look like you snapped it with the real sand.

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