Paint the Moon Actions

Paint the Moon Actions

Paint the Moon Actions are photography actions designed by Annie Manning that work great with photos of newborns, children and adults taken outdoors as well as with wedding shots. The photography actions will make the pictures more vivid, contrasting and saturated with a light matte effect.

paint the moon actions

Download the following free alternatives which are inspired by the Paint the Moon Actions.

Paint the Moon Actions Review

PainttheMoon actions are suitable for different types of photographs. Use them if you want to receive awesome results fast and easy. Annie doesn’t forget about beginning photo retouchers. She tries to create simple but effective sets with instructions and tips on how to use them.

The Reverie Collection of Photoshop Actions

paint the moon reverie Download Photoshop Actions

The Reverie Collection consists of photography actions and textures that are designed to add saturation and give an elegant look to any photo. You will have the opportunity to transform the picture into a soft and dreamy photo or a dynamic shot with bright and contrasting colors. The photography actions significantly improve white balance, exposure and saturation. Also, they allow performing skin enhancement. It is worth noting that this collection includes a large set of overlays. This package is suitable for editing portrait, wedding or landscape photos. At the same time, Paint the Moon Reverie can be used for pictures taken in any location – the beach, mountains, different cities with beautiful architecture and others.

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The Grace Collection of Photoshop Actions

paint the moon photoshop actions

Price - $169

The Grace Collection is specifically designed to create bright, colorful and artistic images. It is possible to receive professional-looking photos just in several clicks, which significantly saves time. The collection includes more than 145 actions to be used in any combination. Moreover, this Paint the Moon Photoshop actions pack includes an “Awaken” set, which allows you to change the color and temperature, saturation and contrast of images easily.

The “Bloom” set is useful for adding various stylish and modern artistic effects to your photos, a matte effect and color toning. As a bonus, Annie also gives you a “Blooming Light” set designed to fill your images with beautiful lighting effects. The Grace Collection is ideal for pictures of newborns and toddlers as well as for wedding photography.

The Luminosity Collection

best photoshop actions for portraits Download Matte Photoshop Actions

Price - $149

The Luminosity Collection is designed to give your photos clear and vibrant colors as well as improve the contrast of images. In addition, Luminosity adds toning and matte effect to your pictures. The collection contains 56 actions, which allow enhancing pictures, and 57 artistic actions for creating a unique image.

In addition, the package includes special tools to convert your shots into black and white masterpieces. It is worth mentioning that all the tools harmoniously go together and can be used in any combination. These Paint the Moon Actions are perfect for portraits, landscapes and engagement photos.

Picture Perfect Set

professional photoshop actions Download Portrait Photoshop Actions

Price - $99

Picture Perfect collection is one of the best Photoshop actions for portraits. You will be able to receive smooth creamy skin without any visible blemishes. The set includes more than 70 actions for professional skin tone retouching. These actions will help you enhance the skin preserving the natural look. The universal set is perfect for pictures of special events, such as a wedding or family walk. It is also great for newborn and children shots or portraits taken indoors.

Essentials and Miracle Makeover

paint the moon actions

Price - $79

This is a perfect set for beginners, which combines the basic and sought-after tools for portrait enhancement. The collection of Paint the Moon actions includes a huge set of tools, such as color pop action, exposure correction, temperature adjustments as well as sharpness and clarity enhancement. Furthermore, Essentials and Miracle Makeover contains tools for skin whitening, color correction, changing the size and style of the finished photo and vignetting. Also, it is possible to add a watermark to the picture.

Paint the Moon Texture Packs

PainttheMoon specializes not only in designing useful actions for photo editing but also allows you to create original artistic images with the help of special textures that fit almost all photography genres.

Collection 1 of Photoshop Textures

photoshop elements actions Download Photoshop Textures

Price - $39

This set includes more than 45 various textures of high quality. They work great with portrait, flora and fine art photography. These textures will allow you to add hand-painted and stunning vintage effects to the pictures. You will be impressed by 30 artistic and 15 black and white textures. They will help you receive the proper look for your photos, from gentle and smooth to bright and dramatic.

The collection also contains Textures Rock – unique Photoshop Elements actions package which is designed to customize the process of applying the textures to your images. The set works with both Photoshop and Elements.

Collection 2 of Photoshop Textures

paint the moon photoshop actions

Price - $39

With Collection 2, you have an opportunity to turn ordinary everyday photos into masterpieces. The set includes 30 high-quality artistic textures as well as 27 textures with different color shades, including black and white. They give your pictures a hand-painted and film-inspired look.

All the tools are easy to use and will help you get the right look for your photos. This collection comprises Apply Texture action, which allows you to correct temperature, intensity, etc., and the Remove Texture/Keep Color action, which can be used to enhance skin tone. Collection 2 perfectly works with Vintage, Floral and Distressed photography.

Dancing Lights

photoshop textures

Price - $49

If you want to learn how to take bokeh photos, this set will be in handy. This collection is specifically designed to make any bokeh unique and colorful as well as to add more artistry to your photos. Dancing Lights includes more than 50 universal textures. They are divided into two categories. The first one is bokehlicious – exclusive overlays which allow you to give a realistic bokeh effect.

Compared to digitally created bokeh overlays, bokehlicious creates hand-painted and slightly distressed texture giving the perfect look to the picture. The second category is Dreamy Color set which comprises overlays allowing you to add color and depth to your pictures. They create a unique atmosphere in the photo and slightly distressed texture. The package also includes a light fantastic overlay which enhances outdoor pictures and adds natural sunlight. The set is suitable for fine art, outdoor and whimsical looks.

Emily Soto vs Paint the Moon Actions

emily soto fashion actionsemily soto fashion actions

If you compare these two Photoshop actions for photographers, you can see that they both perform perfect skin tone enhancement preserving natural texture. The skin tone becomes brighter without visible blemishes. Thus, Emily Soto's Fashion skin set can be compared with Paint the Moon's Picture Perfect Set due to a large number of tools for simpler and better-quality skin improvement.

The main difference between these sets is their color palettes. By applying Paint the Moon actions, the photos become light, bright and very colorful. If you apply Emily Soto actions, there will be more dark colors in the picture. So, these actions are more suitable for fashion photoshoots.

Paint the Moon Blog

paintthemoon blog

The Paint the Moon blog is divided into subcategories with different topics. There you can find a large number of useful tips which are easy to understand. In her posts, Annie talks about how to edit photos of different genres, explains how to take bokeh photos and even shares interesting ideas for photoshoots with homemade accessories that look very creative and elegant.

Free Paint the Moon Actions

These image editing freebies can improve your pictures by adding more brightness and contrast and perform color correction similar to Paint the Moon actions.

Free PS Action “Fashion Colors POP”

free paint the moon actions fashion colors popfree paint the moon actions fashion colors pop

The “Fashion Colors POP” action is the perfect tool for editing summer photos and pictures with lots of bright color elements. Use it if you want to add more saturation. It is also one of the best photography actions to improve contrast.

Free PS Action “Toning”

free paint the moon actions toningfree paint the moon actions toning

This free and easy to use tool is very similar to Paint the Moon Photoshop actions. It will add delicate pastel shades to your photos and improve the contrast. The image will become more saturated and clear. I advise you to use this action for autumn pictures taken in the city or in nature.

Free PS Action “Wedding Soft Contrast”

free paint the moon actions wedding soft contrastfree paint the moon actions wedding soft contrast

I want to present you an indispensable tool for wedding photography post-processing, which will add more brightness, as well as improve the color palette. “Wedding Soft Contrast” is one of the best Photoshop actions for portraits, because it can create a light and natural look of the skin.

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