Paint the Moon Actions Review 2023

By Tati Taylor 21 days ago, Photoshop Tips

Paint the Moon actions are created by Annie Manning and are best suited for newborn, child, and outdoor portraits as well as wedding pictures. These tools are designed to make the colors in your photos more popping, boost contrast, and increase saturation while applying a subtle matte effect.

Manning strives to create simple and efficient action collections that also contain instructions and suggestions on how to apply them properly. All her actions can be used with Photoshop versions CS2-CS6, CC, and Elements.

The Reverie Collection

paint the moon actions reverie collection

Whether you’re looking for a vibrant, jewel-hued color explosion or a tender and dreamlike look, the Reverie Collection of actions for Photoshop will help you get the exact result you want. Created primarily for outdoor and landscape photography, these tools allow you to deal with typical problems like lighting flaws and color casts while also enhancing the backdrop and making the subject more popping. These actions also add a stylish finishing while offering a convenient, customizable workflow.

This collection is perfectly suited for portraiture and landscape photography while applying stunning effects that will help you produce fantastic tone combinations and rich colors.

You can use the provided actions for all possible outdoor locations including the countryside, city streets, forests, beaches, mountain ranges, and everything else you can think of. All you need to do is know how to install Photoshop actions, and you can start applying them the moment they were added to your Photoshop toolset.

The Grace Collection

paint the moon actions grace collection

Price: $169

The widely-praised Grace collection of Paint the Moon actions comes with more than 145 tools that you can combine in an infinite number of ways. The actions were made to complement each other while allowing you to cut down the time you spend editing photos to make them look beautiful and professional. The state-of-the-art Blender actions let you apply all tools in a category so that you can instantly evaluate the result of each effect or combine multiple options to create a unique look.

Other than that, the collection includes the Awaken action pack that lets you change the color in Photoshop, temperature, saturation, and contrast of your photos in a matter of seconds.

The Bloom pack can be used for applying different trendy and modern artistic effects to an image, as well as a matte tint. Manning also included the Blooming Light pack that is meant to fill your photos with stunning lighting. The Grace collection is best suited for newborn and child photography but it also provides terrific results when used on wedding pictures.

The Luminosity Collection

paint the moon actions luminosity collection

Price: $149

This bundle of Paint the Moon actions includes 56 advanced workflow effects and 57 creative toning effects, providing all the tools you need to ensure your photos look clean and have popping colors while allowing you to customize the results to your liking. The collection is comprised of two sets, Essence, and Artisan, offering actions that perform basic color correction, dramatic color shifts, tasteful toning, and heavy matte finishing.

Additionally, this package comes with special actions that let you transform your images into B&W artworks. Most of the included effects are complementary, meaning you can apply multiple actions to a single photo without them clashing with each other. The collection offers the best results when used for portraiture, landscape, and engagement photography.

If you still have trouble receiving the results you’ve envisioned and lack the time to master all the secrets of professional editing, consider contacting retouching experts, explain what kind of results you expect, and get professionally-edited images with a fast turnaround.

Picture Perfect Set

paint the moon actions picture perfect set

This is the optimal action collection if you want to make sure the skin of your models is creamy, smooth, and has perfect tones. It comes with stunning All-in-One makeover effects as well as general workflow tools that allow you to create clean, detailed photos. Regardless of whether you’re involved in a newborn, family, portrait, or wedding genre, this collection will help ensure your images look as professional as possible while requiring almost no effort on your part.

The provided actions were tailored for all genres of portrait photography and give you more than 70 options to pick from. Here you’ll also find retouching effects for different skin tones and tools that allow you to enhance the most attractive facial features of a model while maintaining their natural appeal.

Picture Perfect is a universal action pack for portraiture photography. The included tools adjust the colors, smoothen the skin, add depth and vibrance to key tones, and can also enhance the photo with various artistic effects. The collection also has a separate set that was made for batch processing that will help you further improve your workflow.

Essentials and Miracle Makeover

paint the moon actions essential and miracle makeover

Price: $79

As evident from its name, this collection of Paint the Moon Photoshop actions offers everything you need to get started on your editing journey. It contains color pop effects, exposure adjustments, highlight, and shadow manipulations, color temperature alterations, whitening effects, noise reduction, and vignetting tools, as well as actions that increase the sharpness and clarity among many others. Regardless of what kind of basic editing technique you need doing, you'll find a suitable option here.

Meanwhile, the Miracle Makeover set allows you to rid the model’s skin of all flaws, emphasize the eyes, whiten their teeth, and deal with all existing color issues. You can freely customize the applied effect and choose between more airy and dramatic looks. Creating a professional portrait photo has never been easier.

Textures Collection 1

paint the moon actions first texture collection

Price: $39

Other than creating handy actions for improving your editing workflow, Annie also makes tools that let you produce unique artistic images by enhancing them with special textures that are tailored to fit various genres.

This collection includes an array of fine art and distressed textures. Inside you’ll find 30 hand-painted vintage textures and 15 B&W textures that range from nuanced and soft to intense and dramatic, giving you the freedom required to achieve the exact look you’re going for.

The bundle also comes with the Textures Rock action that was created to simplify the task of applying and customizing your textures while saving a lot of time in the process.

Textures Collection 2

paint the moon actions second texture collection

Price: $39

The second texture collection shares a similar goal with the first one in helping you transform regular photos into works of art. This bundle comes with 30 professional artistic textures along with 27 textures of various shades as well as black and white. Once applied, the actions enhance your images with a hand-painted or film-like look.

All offered effects require minimum skill while their customizable nature allows more experienced retouchers to further fine-tune the result. In addition to all other tools, the collection includes an Apply Texture action that lets you adjust the color temperature and intensity as well as a Remove Texture/Keep color action that is designed for improving the skin tone. This bundle is perfectly suited for vintage, floral, and distressed images.

Dancing Lights

paint the moon actions dancing lights

Price: $49

If you want to take bokeh photos that will wow the viewer with how magical they look, this collection should be right up your alley. The included Paint the Moon actions serve to add color and artistry to your bokeh images, as you have over 50 textures to pick from that were divided into 2 groups.

The first set is called Bokehlicious and it contains overlays that let you add a natural bokeh to photos that don’t have one. In contrast to digitally made bokeh overlays, these actions add hand-painted light with a subtly distressed texture.

The second set, Dreamy Color, includes overlays designed to infuse your photos with color and depth. They also add a somewhat distressed texture that helps establish a unique mood that will set your work apart from similar images.

There’s also an action that adds natural lighting to the image, which is perfect for outdoor photos with subpar lighting. You can use this collection for fine art and landscape photography as well as images that can benefit from a bit of whimsy.

Paint the Moon Actions on Instagram

paint the moon instagram

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Free Alternatives

paint the moon actions alternatives

If Paint the Moon actions are too expensive for you, you should get this collection of free alternatives by FixThePhoto instead. These expertly-crafted tools will apply a refined matte finish to your photos to ensure they look professional and immediately grab the viewer’s attention. If you want to fill your photography portfolio with breathtaking images, this Ps tools bundle will help you achieve that goal with ease.

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