23 Luminar Tutorials for Beginners to Get Started

Although Luminar has a user-friendly UI and many automated functions, novices may still experience some difficulties while using this program. This article lists the most popular and useful Luminar tutorials for beginners who want to master different software versions in the shortest time possible. These guides may also interest pros, who want to learn new techniques for portrait and landscape retouching.

1. Luminar Neo: Everything You Need to Know

This 30-min Luminar Neo tutorial explains the program’s UI and how to use Essentials Tools, Creative Tools, Relight AI, Sky Replacement, Remove Powerlines, Dust AI, Portrait AI, Portrait Bokeh AI, and other features. Watch it to learn how to cope with various image editing tasks and share retouched pictures quickly.

2. Luminar NEO - Tutorial for Beginners

This Luminar tutorial is aimed at newcomers. Spending only 11 minutes, you can find out a lot about catalog and edit workspaces, learn how to apply presets, and use crop, creative, portrait, and other tools. Besides, this guide contains descriptions of some pro features and dwells on how to edit pictures by applying masks and layers.

3. Luminar Neo: Beginner's Quick Start Guide

This is an informative and comprehensible tutorial for beginners. Watch it to find out where all frequently used options are located and how to use them to edit photos in Luminar Neo.

4. Skylum Luminar Neo Layers Tutorial

Check out this Luminar tutorial to learn the intricacies of image editing with layers. A professional photographer shows how to enhance images, namely landscape shots.

5. Luminar Neo Portraits Tutorial

A professional photographer created this handy 17-minute guide to show how to improve portrait photos by applying various presets & masks, refining faces, etc. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, these tips will definitely come in handy.

6. Luminar Neo: A Portrait Masterclass

Watch this video to find out how to retouch portraits in different styles. Viewers will grasp the mechanism of turning photos into fine art compositions by adding sunbeams. The author also explains the nuances of retouching newborn and beauty pictures. Besides, here you will discover how to apply Bokeh AI to achieve amazing results.

7. A New Way of Relighting Your Portraits

This Luminar tutorial focuses on Relight AI and how to use it to lighten a photo background or image area around the subject.

8. Luminar Neo Portrait Background Removal Tutorial

Have no idea how to use the background removal tool in Luminar Neo? Then watch this guide. You will discern how to use refinement brushes to tweak a subject, outline objects, and create a gradual transition between elements and the background.

9. Luminar Neo AI Editing Tools

This in-depth tutorial covers AI editing features available in Luminar Neo. Watch it to learn how to refine a picture using Mask AI tool in combination with RelightAI.

10. Luminar Neo: 6 Features You Should Be Using

Watch this tutorial to learn the most interesting Luminar Neo features. The author also describes Portrait Bokeh, Enhance AI, AI Mask, Relight AI, Objects Removal, Sky AI and other great options.

11. Luminar NEO: Complete Mask AI Guide

In this Luminar tutorial, the author demonstrates where to find the Mask AI tool and how to use it. You will also grasp how to apply brush masking tools, linear gradient masking instruments, radial-gradient masking tools, Mask AI Sky, and Mask AI Transportation. The video lasts 20 minutes and is divided into fragments with timestamps for more convenience.

12. How to Edit an HDR Photo in Luminar Neo

Watch this video to learn how to use Luminar Neo to edit your HDR images. With HDR Merge plugin, blending multiple pics into an HDR photo is an easy and fast procedure. In the Catalog grid view, you need to choose the required images (up to 10 items) and drag them to the HDR Merge extension in the right panel, and choose the Merge option.

13. Luminar NEO: How to Use the Catalog Module

With the Catalog module, the import and organization of images is a breeze. It is possible to categorize photos by folders and albums, and use filters and flags for intuitive sorting. Interested? Check out this video tutorial to learn all the details.

14. Important Luminar Neo Keyboard Shortcuts

When it comes to image editing, shortcuts are a real timesaver. Luminar Neo allows you to accelerate your picture retouching workflow by applying quick commands. This tutorial describes twelve Luminar Neo keyboard shortcuts that will definitely come in handy during the image editing process.

15. Luminar NEO: How to Use Curves

In this Luminar tutorial, the author demonstrates how to use the Curves in the software. Here you can find all the necessary info to master the Curves tool and get the most out of it in your picture editing workflow.

16. Luminar Neo HDR Merge and Dodge & Burn

The author shows the latest updates. You will learn where to find HDR Merge and Dodge & Burn tools and whether it is worth using them for performing daily image editing processes.

17. Luminar AI - Tutorial for Beginners

Although this video lasts only 10 minutes, its covers all image editing features offered by Luminar AI. You will find out how to import media, and catalogs, choose a template, and learn more about the edit section, Essentials, Portrait effects, and other options.

18. Portrait Enhancing Tutorial Using Luminar AI

You will understand how to edit portraits in Luminar and how to use this tool as a Photoshop plugin. Therefore, you’ll be able to cope with portrait retouching quickly and effortlessly. Besides, the guide touches upon Luminar presets.

19. Portrait Enhancing in Luminar AI

A talented portrait photographer created this tutorial to show how to edit images in Luminar AI. The guide covers all smart tools available in the software.

20. Edit Pictures in One Click: Luminar AI

In this Luminar tutorial, the author dwells on AI features for 1-click image editing. You will learn more about Enhance AI tool, Sunrays tool, Atmosphere AI, and other options.

21. Luminar Neo: Essential Editing Advice For Beginners

This tutorial contains picture editing tips for beginners. Spending only 11 minutes, you will learn handy tips for quick editing.

22. Skylum Luminar Neo. Tips on Using Enhance AI tool

This tutorial includes basic recommendations on how to use Enhance AI tool. The author used the instrument for several different pictures to demonstrate how it works.

23. 8 Color Grade Tricks

The author talks about several color-grading tricks to make any portrait “pop” and create 3D-like artwork. You only need to use 'Subject Separation' color grading filters to achieve an amazing result. If you want to create your own preset, you will learn how to do it too.