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lightroom portable

Adobe has never developed a program called Lightroom Portable. This company has never created any version of Lightroom for Windows 7 or Mac OS labeled Portable. I suggest you find out what Lr Portable is and whether it is legal. What are the consequences of using it?

What Is Lightroom Portable?

Portable Lightroom is not a special Lightroom version which is, by the way, free. Most often, the software available for downloading and labeled Portable is an illegal pirate program which was hacked.

Thus people got a chance to use Lightroom without the necessity to install it even from the flash-drive. It sounds convenient but, in fact, this software is full of failures, bugs and viruses.


Lightroom Portable or License Version?

lightroom portable or lightroom license

If you think that the only problem related to pirated software is violating the law, it is not so. In reality, there are many other unpleasant issues that may greatly complicate your life. So, if you deliberately use illegal programs or Lightroom torrents, be prepared to experience all the consequences.

Lightroom Portable Disadvantages:

  • Malware and viruses. Downloading licensed apps and programs you may be sure that they weren’t hacked, so they feature necessary functions. Pirated programs like Adobe Lightroom Portable are frequently used by hackers to distribute various viruses and malware. According to the Digital Citizens Alliance, one-third of pirated programs have viruses and they are 28 times more likely to be infected with malware than legal ones.
  • You can’t rely on this program. Imagine your work in the program which may shut down or crash any moment while your work is not saved. Imagine that all the tools don’t work to the fullest extent. It may seem crazy but when you consider pirated software in this context, risks may include huge financial and time loses. Hacked software is often an illegal version and contains errors.
  • Loss of personal data. If a virus infects your PC, hackers and cybercriminals can use your passwords and other important information. They have also access to all your data and may turn your webcam or microphone on. Moreover, criminals steal banking info or encrypt the whole system. It happens, that they ask for a ransom to give your data back. Mind that viruses and malware may infect the whole network of computers. In such a way, people that have nothing to do with pirated software will have their PCs infected.
  • No updates. As a rule, hacked programs are not official releases and they are full of lags and bags. Of course, pirated apps aren’t regularly updated that’s why you miss a lot of useful improvements in the program and can’t use it to the fullest.

Lightroom License Advantages:

  • Reliability. While cracking Lightroom, hackers change the distributive, throwing away driver libraries and other things that they think are needless. They don’t care what consequences it will bring to the user and what torment he/she will experience. Official developers are interested in creating reliable and steady working software to satisfy any user.
  • Regular updates. Licensed software almost always guarantees free updates during a particular period. Almost all programs contain some defects that should be removed. And it is essential to correct all the errors to use the software fully. Buying Lightroom subscription on the Adobe site, you get the latest Classic or CC version and receive all the updates.
  • Support. Adobe actively helps and supports its users. The support team is always ready to help if any issues regarding their software arise. Mind that if you use Portable Lightroom version you will be face to face with the problem.

What Lightroom Version Should I Use?

If you decided to install a licensed Lr version but are not sure where you can legally download it, I have described several official ways to use Lightroom CC vs Lightroom Classic.

1. Lr CC

Lightroom CC 3.0

  • Platforms: Mac OS, Windows
  • Price: trial or $9.99/month
  • FixThePhoto Editors’ Rating

Lightroom CC features the same functionality as original Lightroom does. However, a new simplified UI that allows performing complicated image editing is quicker to master. Changes made in Lightroom CC on one gadget are automatically synced with all other gadgets.

Photo organization in Lightroom CC is simplified thanks to smart functions such as auto-tagging with a search by keyword using a machine learning technology ‒ Adobe Sensei.

Cloud storage for images including RAW-files is scalable. It can satisfy the needs of shooters of various levels. After you upload the images to the Lightroom CC cloud, photo editing and creation of user galleries become an easy task to perform.

2. Lr Classic CC

Lightroom Classic CC 9.0

  • Platforms: Mac OS, Windows
  • Price: trial or $9.99/month
  • FixThePhoto Editors’ Rating

However, if Adobe Lightroom Classic is more convenient for you, developers have taken care of your needs as well. The application formerly known as Lightroom was improved and optimized in the recently updated version.

According to Adobe, the main difference between the original and new Lr version is that Classic is developed for desktop computers, while CC ‒ for mobile gadgets. Adobe tried to unite these two worlds but now decided to step back to make them more distinct.

An original “classic” Lr version will be improved in terms of performance. Adobe claims that they are working to boost the application loading. Moreover, they want to speed preview creation, switching between the library and image editing module and to improve performance while shifting between the photos in the image editing module.

3. Lr CC Mobile

Lightroom CC Mobile 5.1.0

  • Platforms: iOS, Android
  • Price: no charge
  • FixThePhoto Editors’ Rating

lightroom cc mobile logo


mac app store

download per windows


It is a free app to edit photos on Android and iOS that allows editing and sharing images. Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile offers the same image editing options as a desktop version does including photo editing of RAW-files, color correction, etc. as well as portability and affordability. By the way, this version enables users to take photographs using the app on the tablet or smartphone.

Lightroom Portable Alternatives

If you need decent software for image editing and qualitative color correction featuring some image editing tools but still don’t want to pay Lightroom subscription, you may use free Lightroom alternatives described below.

1. Picktorial

picktorial photo editor USE PICKTORIAL
  • Decent color correction tools
  • Non-destructive method of storing edits
  • RAW files support
  • No pixel layers support
  • RAW editing is available only in a paid version

If the Lr app installed on your Mac is not enough to satisfy your needs, you may choose from a wide range of other image editing alternatives. For example, Picktorial.

It is a solely Mac app featuring advanced photo editing and organizational options. It is very convenient to edit images using this app since it directly works with your file system. The library and image editing mode are in one window so you don’t have to switch between modules.

2. LightZone

lightzone photo editor USE LIGHTZONE
  • Free of charge
  • Great RAW Converter
  • Basic image editing
  • Only for amateurish use
  • Photo retouching panel is not the best one

LightZone offers a wide toolset for image editing and retouching of RAW files. Using this photo editor you may easily improve images removing all the defects. Moreover, you may perform color correction, enhance white balance, blur some areas or sharpen them, remove the dust traces on the lens, etc.

Instead of using the layers like other photo editors do, LightZone offers a user to create a stack of necessary tools. In the process of image editing, a created tool stack may be arranged, re-set, and switched on; or you may delete specific tools from the stack.

This software works in a 16-bit linear color space with a wide ProPhoto RGB gamut.

3. Polarr

polarr photo editor USE POLARR
  • Many tools
  • Accessibility via all platforms
  • Convenient before/after mode
  • JPEG support
  • Expensive in comparison with alternative apps
  • No RAW files support

Featuring a great diversity of tools, Polarr interface is not overloaded with control elements and menus. Apart from standard functions offered by the majority of photo editors, the program has several built-in filters divided into categories. You may also create your own filters.

A set of corrective masks, filters, and curves offered by Polarr allows users to access various tools that enable to change shade, brightness, clarity, sharpness, balance the hue, blur some areas, etc.


If you want to get professional results in Lightroom but don’t have time to master all program’s tools ‒ try to use free presets prepared by our skillful image retouchers.


wedding freebies wedding freebies

Photo post-processing in Lightroom plays a key role in the process of creating an ideal wedding image. These free wedding tools will easily turn any photo into a masterpiece.


landscape freebies landscape freebies

Even if the shooting conditions are ideal and the landscape is amazing, the picture may turn out not the way you imagined it. In such cases, free filters will become your first helpers. Having applied these Lr effects, you don’t have to adjust hundreds of settings to make water, mountains or forest look organic.


fashion freebies fashion freebies

If we don’t speak about special reportage photoshoot during fashion shows but imply studio shootings, apart from sophisticated image editing, you need to correct colors.

If image editing is a long process and we can’t reduce the time spent on it, the color correction may become an easy task if you apply freebies by FixThePhoto.

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