Hand Poses

Hand Poses

Finding the perfect hand pose is one of the most frequent problems for many portrait photographers and models. Very often, people don’t know how to pose their hands correctly in the frame.

Here is a list of the most successful hand poses for male, female, and couple photoshoots in different styles.

30 Hand Poses to Make Your Portrait as Good as Possible

Save these hands poses to your shot list. They will help you find the right pose for any photoshoot and complement your models’ portraits very organically.

1. Hands on Neck Pose

Hand on neck pose

This is one of the basic poses for female portraits. Hand on neck pose can help you add some elegance and sophistication to the image. However, you should remember one important thing.

Avoid demonstrating the back of the hand. If you place this part of the hand directly in front of the camera, it may seem too large and massive. Thus, a delicate female hand may resemble a strong male one.

2. Hands on Cheek Pose

hand on cheek pose

Hand on cheek pose will help you accentuate femininity and beauty of your models. This is one of the simplest but at the same time, very successful variants.

3. Hands on Hair Pose

Hands on hair pose

Here is another example of advantageous hand poses for women. Touching the hair allows you to add more texture and volume to the image. Natural styling and realistic curls look especially good in such photographs.

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4. Hands on Hips Pose

hands on hip pose

Hands on hips are one of the standard poses for portraits. Add more creativity to the look of your model. Try to find unusual angles and play with light. By the way, this pose helps emphasize the good physical shape of any woman.

5. Lean Your Hands

Lean your hands pose

Sometimes even the most interesting hand poses can make your model feel uptight and uncomfortable. Ask a girl to be as natural as possible.

Use different objects for her to lean on them, such as a table, wall, or a car. This way, every body part, especially hands will look relaxed and natural.

6. Hands with Coffee Pose

hands with coffee pose

Experiment with hand poses for pictures. Ask your model to hold a cup of coffee. It looks very cute, cozy, and elegant at the same time.

7. Hand in Front of the Camera

hand in front of the camera pose

Hand in front of face pose will add some mystery and even rebellion to your images. It is quite simple but makes images meaningful. Ask a model to stretch a hand towards the camera, but focus on her face while taking a photo.

8. Hands Behind Head Poses

Hands behind head pose

If you want to emphasize facial features, use such hand poses. They are perfect for women. Ask the girl to raise her hands and put them at the back of the head. It will create a romantic, elegant look.

9. Garland in Hands

garland in hands pose

Using props is a nice idea to help your model understand how to pose for a photoshoot. Bright garland will do. Ask your model to hold the garland in hands, changing their position.

10. Hands to Lips Pose

Hands to lips pose

This hands on face pose looks very sexy and seductive. A nice option for female close-up portraits. Experiment and look for interesting angles to add more charm and mystery to this pose.

11. Hands with Flowers

Hands with flowers pose

Flowers can be good props that help arrange model’s hands and make them look as natural as possible. A bouquet or basket of flowers will add the effect of lightness and femininity to any photo.

12. Crossed Arms Poses for Women

Crossed arms pose

This is one of the best poses for portraits of girls with an athletic figure. It can emphasize the beauty of the body and make a woman look more elegant.

The main thing is naturalness. Your model should feel relaxed. The touches should be as gentle as possible.

13. Rest Your Chin on Your Hand

hands on chin pose

In order to demonstrate concentration or, on the contrary, indifference, ask your model to take a comfortable position and lean his hand on the chin. This is a universal pose that doesn’t require special preparations.

14. Hands in Pockets

hands in pockets pose

This pose is perfect both for women and men. Hands in pockets can help show your model as confident as possible.

An important advantage of this variant is versatility. It is equally good for both official and more creative, unusual photo shoots.

15. Hands on Knees

hands on knees pose

This option is an example of the most standard hand poses for men. Ask a model to keep the hands on a surface or knees to create soft, smooth lines. Remember, the model be calm, and the hands must not be overlapped.

16. Hold Something in Hands

Hold something in hands pose

This is one of the most natural hand poses. Ask your model to relax and hold some object in his.

For example, if you are taking wedding photos, a wedding ring, a tie, or a jacket will suit perfectly. Actually, you can use anything matching the theme of your photo session.

17. Tattooed Hands Pose

tattooed hands pose

If your model has tattoos on the arms, select poses for portraits that enable you to show them. Photographing tattoos, you can reveal the personality of your model.

Besides, you can focus attention on other important details. For example, if your model has expressive veins, ask him to hold hands over the head for a while, and capture the moment.

18. Hand in Front of Face

hand in front of face pose

Here is one of the most unusual men hand poses. A face partially covered with a hand will look rather intriguing. Look for interesting angles which can help you highlight interesting facial features.

19. Busy Hands Pose

busy hands pose

If your model does not know how to pose for pictures, ask him to do something familiar. For example, ask him to write something in a notebook.

Such a photo will look absolutely true-to-life. The main thing is to make your model feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

20. Hand with a Cigarette

hand with cigarette pose

If your model smokes, you do not have to look for some original poses. Just ask him to light a cigarette and behave naturally. Such photos look especially brutal.

21. Crossed Arms Pose for Man

crossed arms pose

This is probably one of the most natural resting hand poses. It doesn’t limit your model to certain emotions. Many photographers use it to create photos in different styles because of its universal nature.

22. Crossed Fingers

crossed fingers pose

Start your portrait photoshoots with this pose. It will help men relax and feel comfortable. Ask a man to cross his fingers and take a comfortable pose on the chair.

23. With Smartphone

hand with smartphone pose

Here is another good example of hand poses. It will help your model feel comfortable and self-confident. Ask a man to take the mobile phone and pretend to call. Thus, you will be able to capture true emotions.

24. Dancing Pose

dancing pose with hands

Hand poses for photoshoot are very diverse. For example, you can ask a model to turn on his favorite song and dance like nobody is watching. I assure you, these photos will not only differ in their originality, but also come to life.

25. Arm-in-Arm Pose

arm-in-arm pose

Let the girl take her boyfriend's hand. This pose is incredibly simple, but it looks very romantic and sincere.

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26. Wedding Ring Pose

wedding rings pose

If you are looking for meaningful couple hand poses for pictures, you should pay attention to this variant. It is ideal for wedding photos.

Such a picture will help save warm, pleasant, romantic memories. Focus only on hands. Do not capture the faces. It will let you convey the whole depth of newlyweds’ feelings and the importance of their Big day.

27. Pose with Hold Hands

Hold hands pose

Take a close-up shot of the couple’s hands. Such a photo will help you create a special romantic mood and show real feelings. Ask your models to get a manicure before the photoshoot to make their hands look perfect in the frame.

28. Hands on The Waist

hands on the waist pose

This is one of the most popular hand poses for couples. Ask the man to put his hands on the girl’s waist. The girl must show her love with a look or a smile.

29. Touch Your Soulmate

hands on face pose

The most important thing in photography is to find a common language with models. Talk to your clients in advance. Give tips on how to behave in the frame.

Encourage them to be sincere. Let them express their real feelings and emotions. A picture of a man gently touching his lover’s face looks absolutely admirable.

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30. Gentle Hugs

gentle hugs pose

Ask the man to hug his girlfriend. The woman will feel calm and protected in this position. It will allow the couple to look natural and happy.

Freebies for Hand Poses Photos

Hand poses for pictures is a very important part of portrait photo session. Check out these freebies to make these pics even better in Photoshop or Lightroom. They will help you simplify and speed up picture editing.

Free Action "Highlights”

hands on chin pose hands on chin pose

This is one of the best Photoshop actions for portraits. It helps accentuate the light parts of the image and add some shining to them. Use it to create appealing and expressive portraits.

Free Action "Warm Light”

hands on chin pose hands on chin pose

Add some warm, pleasant shades to your photos. This action is perfect for couple hands images taken indoors.

Free Overlay "Color”

interesting hand posesinteresting hand poses

This overlay is ideal for images taken on a cloudy day. It will fix some lighting flaws and add more blue and pink tones to your photos. Besides, it can help you get an incredibly romantic look.

Free Preset "Matte”

hands on hair pose hands on hair pose

Get an interesting Polaroid effect with the help of this preset, filling your pictures with matte tones and enhancing black color.

Free Preset "Soft Skin”

hands on hair pose hands on hair pose

Use these presets to add mystical look to your pictures, boosting cold tones. They are designed by real professionals and are suitable for different photography genres.

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