11 Best Free Green Screen Software

“Using a green screen,” or Chroma keying is a special method that allows you to change the background of the objects you are shooting. Use free green screen software to make it faster and easier.

First, you shoot a subject against a green or another colored background. Then, edit the video in Chroma key software to remove the color background and add the one you need.

Top 11 Best Free Green Screen Software

  1. Wondershare Filmora9 - Cross-platform
  2. iMovie - Easy to use
  3. OBS Studio - Streaming capabilities
  4. VSDC - Small-sized non-linear editor
  5. VirtualDub - Built-in screen capturing
  6. OpenShot - Open source
  7. ZS4 Video Editor - Various effects
  8. HitFilm Express - Free advanced tool
  9. Lightworks - Real-time effects
  10. DaVinci Resolve - Amazing color grading
  11. Wax - Unlimited video tracks

You can find the Chroma keying feature in lots of professional video editing software. However, it can cost too much. For instance, Adobe Premiere contains this feature. But to use the software, you need to pay $19.99 per month if you choose an annual plan. If you can afford the purchase of a professional video editor, then you should check out my best green screen software review. Another option is to use outsource video editing services.

1. Wondershare Filmora9 – Our Choice

  • Intuitive tools for beginners
  • Simple interface
  • Supports Windows and macOS
  • Lots of video editing features
  • None found

Verdict: Wondershare Filmora9 has broader video editing capabilities than most of its competitors. This free green screen software is capable of handling professional tasks. At the same time, it is very easy to use and is a great option for beginners.

All the key instruments are arranged on a well-organized and intuitive interface. Less important functions are in context menus and you can easily find them. Filmora Video Editor is the best green screen software for those, who are taking the first steps in video editing. You can use the chroma-keying option without making a lot of adjustments, and the output quality remains high. You will surely be satisfied with the final result.

  • wondershare filmora9 green screen software interface

    2. iMovie

    Easy to use
    • Mac products already contain the software
    • Chroma-keying tool is understandable
    • Fantastic movie templates
    • Classical Mac UI
    • Limited feature set
    • Only two video-tracks

    Verdict: This chroma key video editor has a wide variety of tools such as color grading, media organization, narration, and soundtrack. You can also use a split-screen effect. However, you get two equal parts and you can’t resize them. One of the key features of this free video editing software is the green-screen tool. It's powerful, automatic, and can handle two video tracks.

    All in all, this software contains everything you need for basic video editing and chroma-keying. Many users consider iMovie the best video editing software for Mac thanks to its free online use.

    • imovie green screen software interface

      3. OBS Studio

      Streaming capabilities
      • Large users’ community
      • Regular updates and permanent support
      • Designed for content creators and streamers
      • Simple recording set up
      • User-friendly and solid chroma-keying feature
      • Resource demanding

      Verdict: Unlike other green screen programs on this list, OBS Studio is designed primarily for video recording and streaming. In its category, it is one of the best software. However, OBS Studio has rather poor video editing capabilities, so you should consider other options if it is important for you.

      OBS Studio has a powerful chroma-keying tool. It's very easy to use and customize. So, you can apply a green screen effect to your video in just a few seconds. The quality of the final video will impress you. This software works with plain backgrounds and some usual backdrops such as wallpapers.

      • obs studio green screen software interface

        4. VSDC

        Small-sized non-linear editor
        • Low storage and system requirements
        • Non-linear video editing
        • Simple shaped masks creation to make PiP video
        • Embedded social media sharing templates
        • Steep learning curve
        • Free version doesn’t have hardware acceleration

        Verdict: VSDC is excellent free chroma key software with a fantastic array of advanced features. It contains color and lighting correction instruments, drawing and selection tools, amazing audio effects, transitions, and filters.

        Thanks to the non-linear editing approach, many manipulations, such as creating split-screen videos, picture and picture, chroma-keying are easier to perform than in traditional programs.

        • vsdc free video editorgreen screen software interface

          5. VirtualDub

          Built-in screen capturing
          • Noise reduction option
          • Batch processing capabilities
          • Easy disk access
          • Video screen capturing
          • Supports various encoding options of final videos
          • Dated UI and design
          virtualdub green screen software logo

          Verdict: VirtualDub is powerful video recording and editing software. It is compatible with 32/64 bit Windows devices and can be used for free. Although this chroma key software has fewer video editing options than professional programs, it handles linear operations well.

          Despite the slightly dated interface, VirtualDub is worth your attention. It boasts easy and clean chroma-keying, fast linear video editing, and some additional features. It doesn't take much time to figure out how to work with the program since everything is rather intuitive.

          virtualdub green screen software interface

          6. OpenShot

          • Compatible with FreeBSD, Linux, Mac and Windows
          • 3D animated effects
          • Slow-motion effects
          • Applying effects can be slow
          • Occasional errors
          openshot green screen software logo

          Verdict: OpenShot is a free green screen software product with various effects. You can use transitions, 3D animation and slow-motion options. Besides, the program has an intuitive interface.

          This software has mediocre optimization. Occasional errors might slow-down the editing process. For demanding users, this is a huge drawback that affects the overall experience.

          Overall, OpenShot is the best open source video editor, especially if you use Linux- or Unix-based OS or are interested in open-source software.

          • openshot green screen software interface

            7. ZS4 Video Editor

            Various effects
            • 150+ integrated video effects
            • A wide range of adjustment options
            • High-level features
            • Unfriendly interface
            • No Quicktime format support

            Verdict: ZS4 Video Editor is the newest free chroma key software solution from Zwei-Stein. This enhanced program offers video editing and compositing features with over 150 effects, including color and chroma-key ones.

            This chroma key software is ideal for pro users, as its complex interface might be challenging for beginners. Keep in mind, if you take the time to learn how to use the program, you’ll be able to create stunning works with the help of this advanced professional-level video editor.

            green screen software interface

            8. HitFilm Express

            Free advanced tool
            • Drag-and-drop effects
            • Free tutorials
            • Pro-level editing options
            • Two green-screen effects
            • Advanced plugins are paid

            Verdict: HitFilm Express is a free chroma key software solution for video editing. It was designed for video content creators who want to improve their editing skills. You can learn how to use the program using tutorials created by the developers. The user-friendly interface will help you master the ropes faster.

            There are two ways to remove the background from your video with the help of this free green screen software. You can either use the Hue&RGB key plugin or the regular chroma-key plugin. The former offers great flexibility when it comes to highlighting backdrops of non-standard colors or with several defects. Both plugins can be customized to reach the desired results.

            • hitfilm express green screen software interface

              9. Lightworks

              Real-time effects
              • Designed for professional use
              • Timeline-based editing
              • Real-time effects
              • User presets
              • Difficult for novices
              • Paid for commercial use

              Verdict: Lightworks is one of the best green screen software products that offer professional-grade tools for creating high-quality videos. The program works quickly and is rather flexible. You need to get used to the workflow, but once you have mastered it, Lightworks will be easy-to-use.

              Thanks to advanced real-time effects, you can enhance your clips by using color grading, masks and blur tools. You can either create your presets or choose suitable options from a wide range of built-in effects.

              One of its key advantages is the ability to export projects directly to YouTube and Vimeo. If you are creating media content for these platforms, I recommend using Lightworks for video editing.

              • lightworks green screen software interface

                10. DaVinci Resolve

                Amazing color grading
                • Low hardware requirements
                • Fast processing
                • Great support resources
                • Outstanding color grading options
                • A free version is a bit limited
                • Might be difficult to master

                Verdict: DaVinci Resolve is one of the most useful green screen programs as it has great editing capabilities, improved optimization, a well-organized interface, a high-quality color correction option. Besides, DaVinci Resolve is free to use and has no restrictions or watermarks.

                Thanks to the advanced chroma-key options, Resolve can be considered as the best free green screen software. It has five separate chroma-key plugins (Chroma, Delta, Difference, Luma and Ultra-keyer) that allow users to adjust brightness, change color modes and customize other features.

                • davinci resolve green screen software interface

                  11. Wax

                  Unlimited video tracks
                  • Unlimited video and audio tracks
                  • Integrated presets
                  • Doesn’t consume a lot of system resources
                  • Supports multiple formats
                  • The interface is outdated
                  wax green screen software logo

                  Verdict: Wax is a free green screen software solution that is suitable for ordinary users and professionals alike. It can be used as a standalone program or as a plug-in integrated with various software products, such as Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere Pro and Pure Motion Edit Studio.

                  While the program is free to use, you will still get great video editing results thanks to its green-screen features and various basic settings. Besides, as a standalone program, Wax does not have high system requirements and works even on older computers.

                  • wax green screen software interface
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