9 Best FireAlpaca Alternatives in 2023

Are you looking for a decent FireAlpaca alternative that lets you bring to life all your artistic ideas and use the latest drawing tools? Below, I have listed the best FireAlpaca alternatives.

They aren’t inferior in functionality and, in some cases, even surpass FireAlpaca. These programs allow you to work with an unlimited number of layers and configure brush settings.

Top 9 FireAlpaca Alternatives

Working with layers, performing manual brush adjustments and color blending require extensive program’s functionality. FireAlpaca can’t present you with some of these features. Therefore, some people are searching for more advanced drawing software in order not to use multiple programs at the same time.

Top 3 FireAlpaca Alternatives:

Thanks to these three FireAlpaca alternative programs, you can draw and work with sketches anywhere and anytime using your tablet or laptop. A vast array of brushes, a customizable color palette, a resizable canvas and many other features will allow you to perform the highest quality work.

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1. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a versatile photo editing software for amateurs developed and released by Adobe Inc. for Windows and macOS. It was initially developed in 1988 by Thomas Gainsborough. The name Photoshop (Sanskrit meaning "lines") is related to the Gainsborough family's home city of Leicester in England.

Adobe Photoshop has been an extremely popular professional image editing program with many people claiming that it's the best product out there today.

adobe photoshop interface
  • Extensive set of brushes
  • Large color palette
  • Availability of AI tools
  • No cons found

The key feature of Adobe Photoshop is its amazing color replacement tool. What is more, the tool can be used on both PSD formats. So, if you want to convert your Adobe Illustrator drawings into PSD format, all you need to do is to use Adobe Photoshop on your Mac or PC.

Another useful feature of Adobe Photoshop that you must have at hand is its extensive retouching tools. With these tools, you can fix blemishes and make your images look brand new.

2. Autodesk SketchBook

Autodesk SketchBook is software designed by Autodesk Corporation. SketchBook Pro, also known as SketchBook, is an express raster graphics program intended primarily for sketching and creative idea sketching. It was originally developed by Alias Systems Corporation, prior to being purchased by Autodesk. The software is used with PC, Apple Macintosh computers and Linux computers.

autodesk sketchbook interface
  • Impressive brush selections
  • JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF support
  • Distraction-free interface
  • Short term of free use

SketchBook Pro features a wide variety of drawing tools and features including; drawing paths, gradient drawing, painting, text effects, photo retouching, layer blending, brush customization, pencil drawing, eraser and many other options.

Although the program is designed mainly for artists, there are certain uses for it by other professionals in the industry as well. This software comes with a number of add-on tools, which give you even more capabilities to express yourself.

3. MediBang Paint

MediBang Paint is a free online digital painting and drawing software. It is available for both PCs and MAC. Although it is free it also comes loaded with numerous features.

MediBang Paint comes with everything that you need to draw or create comics. This software also includes a generator, a format conversion utility, video tutorials, and many other features.

medibang paint interface
  • Wide selection of brushes and materials
  • Large variety of pre-installed fonts
  • Over 100 free brushes
  • Not all features are available for free

The good about this software is the large selection of tools that it has. Whether you want to draw comic illustrations, make stickers, posters, or any other type of art, you can do it with MediBang Paint. The software allows you to make full-color comics or illustrations.

You can also duplicate an image and change the background or color. Other features of this software include several graphics options, importing and exporting of files, the ability to draw from a variety of formats including PICT, TIFF, BMP, GIF, and JPG, and the ability to edit in different formats such as PSD, GIF, PNG, TIFF, and HTML.

4. Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint is, tellingly enough, a popular family of drawing software programs developed by Japanese animation company Celsys. It's primarily used for the digital production of illustrations, comics, and full-color 2D animation.

Clip Studio Paint comes with a variety of standard features that allow even the beginning illustrator to quickly and easily create and edit images. In addition, it also includes an easy-to-use "drawing tool" that enables you to quickly and easily move, change, and modify your artwork.

clip studio paint interface
  • Great drawing tools
  • Fully compatible and featured
  • Very user-friendly and responsive interface
  • Lacks publishing tools

One of the most exciting and fun aspects of this software is that it allows even the most novice of artists to create professional looking anime and manga drawings. For example, if you are interested in drawing ladybug pictures, you can simply go to the Clip Studio Paint option located in the program tray, select a blank template, and begin adding color to the picture.

Other examples of popular clip arts include: school and shopping logos, flower bouquets, and character drawings or paintings.

5. Krita

Krita is a free and open source software drawing software. It has many functions and features that you may not need to depend on your preferences and the tasks you do. For example, Krita allows you to create stencils for freehand.

This means that you can paint with layers and change colors freely without worrying about losing your work if you lose your place. It's perfect for those who want to paint but who don't have the skills to create detailed works of art.

krita interface
  • Easy to use
  • Has all the necessary drawing tools
  • The presence of a large number of masks
  • No smartphone version

If you want to use more advanced functions and features of Krita, then you will need to purchase some add-ons and plugins. Some of the more popular plugins that you can purchase include Mesh tools, Cropmarks, Paintbrush, Web fill tools, gradient tools, and so forth. These are just some of the functions that Krita offers in order to give you more control over how you want your images to look like.


GIMP is an open source and free, cross-platform, graphic software used for image editing and image manipulation, image conversion between various image file formats, streaming 3D graphics, editing flat images, and much more.

GIMP was developed by Adobe Systems for the Linux operating system, using the open source GIMP library. GIMP can be downloaded and installed using a package of GIMP software available on the Internet.

gimp interface
  • Easily expandable
  • Packed with features and tools
  • The presence of graphic design elements
  • Hardware support
  • Interface is a little cluttered

GIMP offers several key features over its competitors, including support for a wide variety of image formats, support for multiple software formats, the ability to make complex editing and graphic manipulation tasks, the ability to perform automatic color adjustments, the ability to preview images and place them on the web, as well as the ability to save and restore your work on a CD or flash drive.

7. Tayasui Sketches

Tayasui Sketches is a software program created by Japanese artist Takashi Miyano. The main intention of this software was to produce an "artistic rendition" of a person's facial features. In a way, it is similar to many tattoo tools available on the market today.

However, there are certain differences in the way the software works, and the results it can produce. For some people, this might be enough to dissuade them from using the software, but for others, it might be just what they were looking for.

tayasui sketches interface
  • Convenient layering functions
  • Over 20 ultra realistic tools
  • Brush еditor
  • Unlimited layers
  • Complex interface for beginners

One of the main reasons why some people say that this software could be effective is because of the fact that the program can replace the need for a tattoo artist. With all of the work that people put into their tattoos, sometimes it is very difficult to keep up with the quality of artwork that is created today.

While some people may be able to tolerate having a tattoo artist change their designs every so often, there are other people who cannot stand the thought of something as permanent as ink being stuck permanently into their skin.

8. MyPaint

MyPaint is free and open-sourced raster graphics editing software for digital painting. It's available for Windows, Linux, and Unix-like platforms. MyPaint utilizes the Open Source Raster Graphics software libraries to provide the software's functionality.

The software comes with a number of advantages over other similar products. One of these advantages is the MyPaint software is "built-in" to Photoshop, saving you the cost of purchasing and installing additional software.

mypaint interface
  • The interface does not interfere with drawing
  • Extensive selection of canvas sizes
  • Large library of brushes
  • Not a large set of tools
  • For Windows only

MyPaint is an easy-to-use product that allows you to create high quality artwork from your own pictures. The program is very user friendly, allowing even the novice computer user to perform basic tasks.

MyPaint provides tools for adjusting, moving, and cropping images as well as plenty of tools for color adjustments. The program is also helpful for saving and printing pictures as well as printing bookmarks.

9. Procreate

Procreate is a multi-purpose raster graphics editing program for digital art created and released by Savage Interactive for both iOS and iPad. The product was released on the App Store a couple years ago in 2019. A free demo version of Procreate was offered as an advertisement in the iGoogle Android app.

Since the launch, many new additions and upgrades have been made to Procreate. If you are thinking about getting this software for your own personal use, you may be wondering what is involved in the actual installation and setup process.

procreate interface
  • Ultra high definition canvases
  • 250 levels of undo and redo
  • Over 100 customizable settings for every brush
  • Easy to import fonts
  • Complex user interface

One of the many innovative features of Procreate that sets it apart from its competitors is that it offers a brush editing function. The brushes can be arranged in any way you like and can be dragged and dropped to re-arrange them in the software interface. This gives the user a vast range of artistic freedom when editing their photographs.

You can paint in strokes or use an airbrush feature to apply various effects to your artwork. You can also apply a variety of filters including sharpen, blur and remove red eye. If you want to experiment with some other features, you can create a new Procreate account and learn how to use all the exciting tools available to you.