How To Get Clip Studio Paint Free And Legally

Clip Studio Paint
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If you don’t know how you can use Clip Studio Paint free and legally, you will learn about it from this article. Get answers to all related questions that might interest you and several free Clip Studio paint alternatives.

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Clip Studio Paint Free Benefits

  • Supports comic and animation creation modes
  • 3D object rendering
  • Multiple page work support
  • Vector speech bubbles for comics
  • Possibility to import new brushes
  • Vector layer support
  • Large library of tools


  • What is Clip Studio Paint?

Clip Studio Paint is a special software for drawing. Its interface is arranged in a way that allows you to access all the main features and elements quite easily. Creating comics, illustrations and animations with its help is quite convenient and efficient.

  • Does the free trial work on both macOS and Windows?

Yes, the Clip Studio Paint free trial works equally well on Windows 10* (64-Bit) or Windows 7 (64-Bit) and macOS 10.15, 10.14 or OS 10.13.

  • How much does the full Clip Studio Paint version cost?

The full price of this software is $219.00. When you purchase the program, you will be able to use all the tools and features it offers at any time and also get regular updates.

  • Can I use Clip Studio Paint on another computer?

After launching Clip Studio Paint, you will be asked to provide the serial number. Just enter the old one. If there are no problems, the program will be activated so you can use it as you would normally do.

  • Is Clip Studio Paint really as good as it is claimed?

Clip Studio Paint is the perfect combination of Adobe Photoshop and Paint Tools SAI. It combines all the best features of both programs for both accomplished artists and beginners. So, if you are looking for the best option to work with vector graphics and other types of images, I recommend using this program.

Pirated Version Clip Studio Paint

Currently, there are a lot of cracked versions of Clip Studio Paint that you can download from the Internet. Although they may be presented as free ones, you should remember that downloading, installing and using pirated files can cause problems both to your computer and you. If you need a program that is reliable and high-quality, you should only use licensed software.

Chance of Getting a Program with Crashes and Lags

While working with cracked software, you are bound to come across malfunctions. The program will crash or process every task very slowly. Moreover, when you get the hacked version, you will be stuck with it forever. There will be no new or improved features and all the bugs will stay there with you too.

A Threat of Viruses

When you install the pirated software on your computer, you need to remember that the setup file may be infected with malware. They can be very different and pose different levels of threat. Besides, they will be equally difficult to get rid of. Working with such software on your computer will be nearly impossible.

Breaking the Law

Every time you download pirated programs you break the copyright laws. This may result in either a fine or criminal liability.

Free Clip Studio Paint Alternatives

Perhaps, there are some reasons why you cannot purchase Clip Studio Paint. In this case, you can turn to its alternatives that I have rounded up for you below.

1. Adobe Illustrator

adobe illustrator logo
  • Great selection of tools
  • 3D effect creation
  • Compact file size
  • Requires learning
  • Limited raster graphics support

Adobe Illustrator is a program to design vector graphics. It is often used to create illustrations, cartoon graphics, diagrams, and logos. It allows you to prepare the images to be printed or used online.

2. Corel Painter

corel painter logo
  • A lot of fonts
  • Convenient UI
  • Low-resolution image editing
  • High system requirements
  • Requires a lot of disc space

Corel Painter is the software that is meant for digital painting and drawing. You can use it to imitate almost all known painting and drawing techniques, like watercolor, airbrushing, oil and acrylic painting, gouache and pastel. This Clip Studio Paint free alternative works both on Mac and Windows. It is a great choice for professional digital artists who work with digital illustrations, painting and photography.

3. MyPaint

mypaint logo
  • Simple to use
  • Cross-platform
  • Infinite canvas
  • You cannot add text
  • Non-standard hotkeys

MyPaint is a free vector graphics editor that can also be used to work with digital photography. Its definite advantage is that besides the classic tools that all the free programs for digital drawing have, MyPaint offers a great collection of unusual brushes that will make your projects more unique and high-quality.

4. Inkscape

inkscape logo
  • Convenient tool arrangement
  • Collaborate on drawings
  • Frequent updates
  • Slow “engine”
  • No direct import from the scanner

Inkscape is another free vector graphics editor with an open-source code. It can be used to create equally beautiful artistic and technical illustrations. The program also supports a variety of document formats and has a lot of tools designed to make your work easier.

5. PaintNET

paintnet logo
  • Supports layers
  • Has filters
  • Supports work with tablets
  • Limited functionality

PaintNET is great software to create digital art. This Clip Studio Paint free alternative supports work with layers, unlimited history, special effects and a wide selection of useful and powerful tools. With its help, you will be able to create 3D models as well as moving objects and transparent structures.


For a smooth start with Clip Studio Paint, I have selected a number of free brushes that will help make your works special and beautiful.


freebies for сlip studio paint freebies for сlip studio paint

This brush will create grass that will seem like it has natural volume. It is perfect for photos that already feature real grass but you want to make it more abundant.


freebies for сlip studio paint freebies for сlip studio paint

To make wintery images even more beautiful, you can add snow to them. With this brush, it is possible to control the amount of snow and add just enough to make the image look magical.


freebies for сlip studio paint freebies for сlip studio paint

This brush can make your pictures unusual by adding stars. The image with this effect will definitely look unique.

Download Clip Studio Paint Free

clip studio paint free trial

Clip Studio Paint free download with a trail is a great way to explore all of its main features and peculiarities. You can also learn how you can use it to create interesting and extraordinary projects.

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