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The popularity of Final Cut Pro software is rapidly increasing. Along with its popularity, the demand for Final Cut Pro torrent link is growing too. Is it really possible to use this program for free and, most importantly, legally? Read my guide to find it out.

Why Is Final Cut Pro Torrent So Popular?

Final Cut Pro for Mac is the software aimed at those interested in video editing at a professional level. The available functionality, such as motion graphics, special filters and visual effects, gives users an opportunity to create wonderful videos.

Final Cut Pro is significantly ahead of the competitors. It is praised for awesome capabilities, precise video post-production toolkit, smooth and stable working process.

Why Should You Stop Using Illegal Softwares?

Since a great number of websites with pirated content is in free access these days, plenty of Internet users are on the lookout for Final Cut Pro crack. It is probably because they are unaware of the fact that the minute they download the program from torrents, they automatically become criminals.


The copyright law in the USA is rather strict, with the legal procedures involved. Whenever any kind of software is published illegally, the developers lose their well-earned money and someone should take responsibility for that.

In this case, it will be the person using or distributing pirated products, who will have to pay for each penny lost. The sums paid by the charged offender to the copyright owner may reach up to $150,000.

Final Cut Pro Torrent Disadvantages

Before you start searching for Final Cut Pro free torrent, have you thought about potential troubles awaiting you, other than legal procedures? Take a closer look at five reasons why you should never consider downloading cracked programs.

1. Information Leakage

Hackers love adding dangerous codes to pirated software. That’s how they get inside the computer system and get ahold of the personal data, passwords, etc. Installing Final Cut Pro Mac torrent results in users being subject to hackers’ attacks.

Downloading cracked programs leads to:

  • Theft of personal and confidential info
  • Theft of trade data
  • Theft of bank accounts, credit cards
  • Third parties can access your e-mail, social media accounts
  • Irrecoverable damage of data

2. Bugs

The source of Final Cut Pro torrent Mac is obviously unknown. Therefore, you can’t be sure that the installed program will operate exactly like it is supposed to. Cracked software comes with the modified system code, which may influence the way it performs.

While dealing with such a program, be prepared for unexpected lags, crashes, problems with saving files and the inability to open them later.

3. No Updates

Many users are constantly looking forward to getting updates and enjoy working in the newest version of the program. Talking about Final Cut Pro crack, you will be stuck with the version you have, which may not include some of the newest features and bug fixed.


You won’t have any possibility to upgrade the illegal software. If you make an attempt to get the update through the official website, there is a chance of being fined.

4. No Customer Support

What do we usually do when we have some problems with the software? Contact customer support, of course! In case of having torrent Final Cut Pro installed, specialists won’t be able to help you in any way since your product isn’t an original one. You will have to solve the problem all by yourself.

5. Computer Damage

As a matter of fact, more than 30% of the programs, which users download from P2P, are full of different spyware and malware. When you install Final Cut torrent, you voluntarily bring harm to your computer with all these viruses.

Do you honestly think that one cracked free program is worth losing important data, investing money into computer repair or even purchasing a new device altogether?

How to Get Final Cut Pro App for Free

If you really want to try the program, you don’t necessarily have to search for Final Cut Pro torrent download. There is an opportunity for you to test the full version of Final Cut Pro X absolutely for free and legally during 30 days.

Final Cut Pro Free Trial

Open the Apple store on the computer and type in “Final Cut Pro” in the search bar. The most current version is Final Cut Pro X. Then click on “Try Final Cut Pro Free”.

torrent final cut pro free trial

Type in the name and e-mail address in the empty bars. After that, click on “Download Free Trial”.

The Final Cut Pro trial will last for 30 days since the first launch of the program.

torrent final cut pro free trial download

Take into account the application’s minimum requirements: macOS 10.13.6 or later, 4GB of RAM (8GB desirable for 4K video post-processing, 3D s and 360° video editing).

Final Cut Pro App Free Alternatives

Unfortunately, Final Cut Pro for Windows is unavailable, which is the program’s main disadvantage. But don’t get upset since there exist decent free alternatives on the market.

So, whether you are looking for a free alternative for your MAC or PC, I’m going to cover 3 best alternatives for Final Cut Pro below.

1. Avidemux

torrent final cut pro alternative avidemux USE AVIDEMUX FREE
  • Provides simplified conversion
  • Wonderful encoding features
  • Steep learning curve

This Final Cut Pro free alternative is ideal to perform cutting, filtering and encoding. The variety of supported video formats is quite wide, such as MP4, AVI, and DVD. The toolkit gives you an opportunity to crop, resize and color profile videos. Editing and syncing audio tracks with the video frame rate is also possible. With the automated program’s operation, you may easily edit short and simple videos.

2. VirtualDub

torrent final cut pro alternative virtualdub USE VIRTUALDUB FREE
  • User-friendly
  • Real-time preview
  • Powerful functions
  • Slightly complicated
  • Lacks contextual help

Here is another Final Cut Pro torrent alternative meant for video editing and capture. In this program, you won’t find any excessive frills, only the most necessary features providing efficient and professional video post-production. You can convert videos to a great variety of formats.

3. Lightworks

torrent final cut pro alternative lightworks USE LIGHTWORKS FREE
  • Compatible with many platforms
  • The interface may be customized
  • Videos are exported directly to YouTube
  • Insufficient audio managing

The cloud-enabled program features impressive functionality for work with social network videos, 4K movies, Vimeo and YouTube videos. It is user-friendly and doesn’t occupy plenty of space on the device.

This Final Cut Pro app alternative is widely respected and used in the cinema industry for editing famous Hollywood movies, for instance, The Wolf of Wall Street.

Final Cut Pro Free LUTs

Now you know everything about Final Cut Pro download, it is time to pick up some free LUTs for fast video post-production. With their help, you will be able to perform color correction quickly and effectively.

Free Film LUT "Retro Frame"

final cut pro free retro lut final cut pro free retro lut

A vintage atmosphere will suit many videos. This LUT washes out the background colors and improves the detalization of the foreground. The effect is perfect for action movies, especially if you want to add a specific mood to footage.

Free Color Grading LUT "Pink Grade"

final cut pro free color grading lut final cut pro free color grading lut

Increase the saturation of the videos’ color range with this LUT. It gives a gorgeous pink tone and highlights the warmth of the footage, in particular, those recorded on a clear day with low sun. Apply the LUT to videos shot outside, without plenty of colorful items in the frame.

Free Wedding LUT "Sunrise"

final cut pro free wedding lut final cut pro free wedding lut

The LUT will work wonders with wedding videos shot near the sea or the ocean. It makes the colors warmer and the whole atmosphere – more tender. The blue color will acquire a stunning yellow tint. For a better result, apply the LUT to footage recorded at sunset or sunrise.

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