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Are you considering downloading Final Cut Pro Crack instead of buying this software? But will this powerful video editing program work just as efficiently when you download it for free? In this article, you will learn how to get Final Cut Pro for free and learn the consequences of doing it illegally.

What Is Final Cut Pro Crack?

Currently, Final Cut Pro is one of the most demanded programs for video editing. There are a number of features that make it so popular, for example, a variety of tools for video editing, the possibility to work with 4K footage, etc.

Obviously, a product of such amazing quality is not free. Moreover, some videographers would agree that it is quite expensive. So, many users start looking for Final Cut Pro X Crack because they think it is the only way they could use this software for free.

Mac Final Cut Pro

Filename: FinalCutPro.exe (download)
Filesize: 2.7 GB

TOP Final Cut Pro LUTs Part 1

Filename: TOP Final Cut Pro LUTs Part 1 (download)

TOP Final Cut Pro LUTs Part 2

Filename: TOP Final Cut Pro LUTs Part 2 (download)

Why Using Final Cut Pro Crack Is a Bad Idea?

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Before even thinking about downloading Final Cut crack file, think about all the awful effects that can result from installing and trying to use the cracked version of this software. You may experience security issues, crashes, errors, and many other problems. Here are some most serious and common ones that almost always come with downloading the Final Cut Pro cracked version.

1. It Is Illegal

A very hefty fine or even a prison sentence of up to 5 years is waiting for those, who use cracked software. Actually, it is not difficult for the developers to identify the IPs of illegal users and report them to the police.

2. Frequent Crashes

Not only will the program itself crash, but it might also cause your computer to stop responding or crash too. In fact, sometimes buying licensed Final Cut Pro is cheaper than paying for your PC or laptop repairing.

3. Viruses

Computer viruses are terrible. They cause so much damage to your system. The worst part is that they are very difficult to get rid of and you there will be a lot of time and effort lost.

4. No Technical Support

Do you experience crashes and errors with your Final Cut Pro crack? Or, perhaps, there are problems with some features that are not working properly (this is a common thing when you get Final Cut Pro cracked version). Well, you will have to deal with this yourself!

5. No Updates

Are YouTube vloggers raving about a new exciting tool that has been added to the Final Cut Pro? If you are using Final Cut Pro X crack, you can forget about the updates.

What Are the Legal Alternatives to Final Cut Pro Crack?

Here are all the legal options you can try if the crack Final Cut Pro download is not something you want to get now.

Final Cut Pro X: Trial Version

If you ever thought that using Final Cut Pro Mac crack is the only way you can enjoy the benefits of this program for free, you are wrong. There is a 30-day free trial for the Final Cut Pro X and it is more than enough to test and try everything this software has to offer.

  • Platforms: Mac
  • Price: free 30 days
  • FixThePhoto's Rating

There are many reasons why you should consider Final Cut Pro X for your next video project. First, there are special algorithms that process footage in a way that guarantees amazing quality every time, even when you manipulate any characteristics of the video multiple times. Another benefit is the technology that Final Cut Pro uses to reduce the size of the final video. Besides, you can preview the effects before applying them. All in all, the program is very efficient, allowing users to create beautiful and impressive effects in real-time. The legal version is also quite stable and works without lags and errors, which gives you a very positive experience.

Final Cut Pro: Free Alternatives

So, the free trial period is over and you need to decide what to do next. Buy the full version? This is a good option, but if you can’t afford to do it at the moment, you can try alternative software absolutely for free. Here are the top 4 programs you can use to create amazing video projects.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Cross-platform 
  • Extensive collection of tools
  • Powerful
  • Convenient UI
  • Steep learning curve
  • Working with titles is limited

Adobe Premiere Pro is a great alternative to Final Cut Pro crack. It is not free, but you can also get a 7-day free trial to test it. In general, this program has everything a videographer may need to create stunning video projects that can be later shared through social media or even shown on a big screen. Additionally, you can add a variety of visual effects, create animation, add elements of AR and VR. Even though the learning curve is quite steep, once you master it, there will be no limits to what you can do with it.

2. Lightworks

  • Cross-platform
  • Advanced color correction 
  • Masks
  • 3D video editing
  • Multichannel
  • Complicated
  • MPEG-4 limited to 720p resolution at export
  • No Russian language

Speaking of Lightworks, one cannot help mentioning its advanced color correction, the real-time effects that are GPU-accelerated, the video capturing feature, and support of almost all known video formats. All of these come with the standard tools that allow you to import, trim, and combine video and audio seamlessly. Every user can try an auto-save feature, which runs smoothly in the background mode. Another great advantage is for those who love Avid and Final Cut Pro keyboard layout - Lightworks allows you to switch to it and use instead of the default one. UI isn’t cluttered; you will easily find all the tools and features you need. The only drawback is how difficult it is to master this program; it will probably take you some time.

3. iMovie

  • Convenient UI
  • 4K video importing and editing
  • Basic editor for audio
  • Preview for other apps
  • Trailer creation
  • Won’t be good for large scale projects
  • Won’t work for VCD recording

The most recent version of this free program allows you to work with 4K videos, which you can import from different devices and later edit with the software. The UI is convenient and not cluttered, which makes the work with program efficient. Adding clips, images, and audio to the project is easy. All you need is drag and drop them onto the timeline. You can preview the final video and the effects in real-time and then simply export the file directly to social media or any other platform. iMovie is one of the best choices for Mac users who need a simple tool for small projects.

4. Blender

  • Live previewing
  • Mix and sync audio
  • 32 slots to add clips or images
  • Speed control, transitions, filters
  • Post-processing support
  • Doesn’t come with much documentation

Blender isn’t the first choice of a videographer since it is mainly used for creating animations, rendering, and 3D sculpting. However, it is great for editing videos, allowing you to cut and do video splicing, use masks and do color grading. It all comes together with a very intuitive timeline. You will never miss the functionality of your favorite paid programs with this great free VFX software.


LUTs are a must-have for every videographer, whether he/she is a professional or just a beginner. They will make working with color a breeze and can be used with a variety of different video editing software, including Final Cut Pro.

Color Grading

freebies for final cut pro color grading sea freebies for final cut pro color grading sea

If the colors in your video look a little washed out due to the lack of light, you should use these color grading LUTs. All the colors will get a boost of saturation and the shadows will look softer. It will help highlight the natural beauty of your videos.


freebies for final cut pro film warm light freebies for final cut pro film warm light

The effect of the old film will add vintage and romantic flair to the picture. These LUTs will highlight the textures in your videos and tweak the colors as well.

Orange And Teal

freebies for final cut pro orange and teal light blue freebies for final cut pro orange and teal light blue

Orange and teal are the most classic colors combined together to create various filters. They stand out against each other and create a contrast between the warm tones of the skin or beach sand and cooler colors of the background. You will get the best results if your video naturally has a lot of orange and blue colors.

Final Cut Pro Crack: Should I Download It?

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Professional videographers, who use Mac devices for video editing find Final Cut Pro essential for their work. However, it is absolutely important not to get this software from illegal sources to avoid all the negative consequences and penalties. Get the legal version from the official website.

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