Code Calibre Web Development Company Review 2023

Code Calibre

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Verdict: Code Caliber is a professional team that has vast experience in creating effective web solutions for businesses of various sizes: from individual entrepreneurs to large-scale companies. They specialize in a wide range of industries. You can view their portfolio to check whether they can satisfy your demands. Their creative approach to projects is sure to please artists and photographers.

  • Develop various websites and mobile apps
  • Create and launch e-commerce platforms
  • Marketing and search engine optimization services
  • Design brand identity elements
  • Difficult to calculate the total cost of a website development
code calibre company website

Code Caliber helps with website development, web design, e-commerce, mobile apps development, and graphic design. They focus on optimizing websites for different search engines. Moreover, you can order a complete set of digital marketing services to make your brand recognizable and boost sales.

Code Calibre: Main Features

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Code Calibre company considers websites as the main resource for brand promotion. Therefore, they combine creative modern design with functionality and adaptability when developing projects for their clients. The company's specialists use the latest technologies to provide functionality that meets all the requirements of the market and modern business.

The company does all possible to make the cooperation process as comfortable as possible. Specialists are in touch 24/7. They are ready to provide any possible assistance even after a website was launched. Besides, they always meet client’s needs, taking into account his/her vision of the final result. Therefore, they make as many revisions as necessary when working on a web resource.

Creating a Web Design that Reflects a Photographer's Style

code calibre company web design

Code Caliber is a web design company that believes that a website should fully reflect the essence of the brand. Experts are sure that every detail must be carefully thought out. They take into account everything including the placement of all elements, selection of fonts, buttons layout, etc. Unlike various website builders for photographers with pre-made layouts, this team is focused on providing unique designs.

Creating a platform for a photographer, experts use client's works as much as possible. They keep in mind the overall creative style in order to choose a proper website design. Thus, the site becomes a photographer’s calling card and an independent promotion tool.

The development team will provide you with a modern website that looks stylish and is easy to navigate. They do their best to guarantee pleasant UX experience and user engagement. When your website is ready, Code Caliber company will submit everything for review and approval. You will also receive all the latest web design updates.

Using Different Platforms to Develop Various Websites

code calibre company web development

This web development company has vast experience in its field. Specialists understand that skilled precision and dynamic coding are very important to get a perfect result. The team has created many successful projects for their clients such as business listing websites, CRM solutions, social networking sites, custom tools for e-commerce, and more dynamic platforms in PHP.

The company relies on dedicated WordPress developers. This technology makes it possible to create user-friendly websites for photographers and other creatives. The agency takes advantage of the variety of WordPress photography themes to offer its clients the product that suits their needs in the best way.

You can also order website creation, using other developers such as Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Yii, Laravel, etc. Impressive scalability, the highest level of security, and lifetime bug support are the indisputable advantages of websites created by Code Caliber web design and development company.

Developing Brand Identity for Creatives via Graphic Design Creation

code calibre company graphic design

The company also offers all types of graphic design services for a variety of web purposes. If you are just starting your photography business, I recommend you go to one company for graphic and web design services. This is a good way to get a unified solution and save you money. The company designs logos, icons, images, banners, infographics and other elements for your website.

Professional analysts take into account the specifics of the platforms where you plan to place assets and fully optimize their designs for them. The team will give you a pixel-perfect representation of all your images and graphics.

All your creative graphic design ideas can be easily implemented as the company uses highly professional graphic design software such as Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, GIF Animator, CorelDraw, etc. You will also receive a guaranteed 3-month free support for graphic design projects.

Custom App Development for Android and iOS Platforms

code calibre company app development

These days, more and more people are using mobile applications to buy goods and services. Therefore, you can address Code Caliber for app development to reach a larger audience. Depending on the services you provide as part of your business, these may be applications for different client groups, including other photographers or clients. Various apps for photographers that have functions for planning work and organizing shooting are in great demand.

If you prefer to use certain image editing techniques, order a photo editing app with all the features and tools in one package.

Distributing iOS or Android-based mobile apps across your target audience can be a good way to make some extra money. For example, the company's specialists can develop photo background apps or filter apps for you. They will surely interest your customers and will be useful instruments for improving images for Instagram and other social networks.

Code Calibre Prices

The company offers individual price options to its clients, as each project is unique and requires the involvement of different resources. At a preliminary consultation, they will give you an approximate cost which includes standard routine services. The total cost of a website or mobile app will depend on the complexity, creativity, amount of work, and many other factors.