8 Best Social Media for Artists in 2023: Benefits & Rating

If you are in search of the best social media for artists to advertise your art for free, then here you will find the most popular platforms, which are great for demonstrating your works and letting people know about you as an artist. When it comes to photography marketing, social media networks are indispensable.

Top 8 Social Media Platforms for Artists

  1. Tiktok - Reaches audience with viral videos
  2. Instagram - Focuses on visuals
  3. Behance - Allows creating portfolios
  4. Pinterest - Semi-social platform with inspiring ideas
  5. SocialBee - Up to 25 social profiles
  6. Dribble - Affordable option for freelancers
  7. Twitch - Ability to promote via live streaming
  8. Pixelfed - Social media without algorithms

Every creative professional can use these social media platforms for presenting their artwork, photography portolio, a designer’s work, and filmmakers’ sets.

No need to have some special skills to promote your work and attract more clients there. The list below contains pages for both video and photo content, as well as portfolios of any format. All the options are free, but some of them offer paid ads.

1. Tiktok – Our Choice

Reaches audience with viral videos
  • Quick promotion algorithms
  • Excellent quality
  • Embedded video-editing effects
  • Multiple users
  • Only a few tutorials

Verdict: TikTok is probably the newest social media for photographers, which focuses on videos. Various artists publish short clips, the duration of which does not exceed 1 min, getting likes, views, as well as comments in a flash. The fact that the algorithms of this network have not been studied yet is a great plus.

Right after publishing the first video, your content can appear in the recommendations of other users from various corners of the globe. These are tutorials, reviews, road map projects, and simple photos. Besides, you won’t need to download any Tiktok video editing apps, as here you will find ready-to-apply effects, embedded editing features, as well as music.

tiktok social media for artists interface

2. Instagram

Focuses on visuals
  • User-friendly
  • Many educative materials
  • Photo and video formats
  • An array of promotion methods
  • Your account may be banned without explanation
  • Pricey ads

Verdict: Undoubtedly, Instagram is the most popular social network for artists. Most creatives can benefit from this platform to get the organic growth of their traffic. Because of its broad reach, Instagram appeals to many artists. Usually, users access this platform via smartphone, but it is also possible to post on Instagram from PC, as well as set up automatic posting.

Easiness of use is another advantage of this platform. You can learn how to have a successful Instagram without trouble. The ability to post your photo and video materials in a top-rated quality, add a description to your works, and mention clients, brands, or teams you have been working with allows you to get better results from your promos.

instagram social media for artists interface

3. Behance

Allows creating portfolios
  • Well-known platform
  • Advanced search
  • Top-level artists
  • Sharing options
  • Poor support
  • Lacks promotion

Verdict: Behance is another social media platform for artists, which allows them to demonstrate their works and appreciate the crafts of other creatives. This network offers an array of portfolio features, which is especially beneficial for photographers who can share their artistic ideas and follow other professionals for more inspiration. A user creates an account where he/she publishes projects like images, videos, and text.

Each publication has its specific URL, which makes the sharing process a breeze. People who follow your account will get your publications, and vice versa. As a rule, the visitors of profiles with interesting visual content are also artists who are browsing the web in search of some inspiring and worth-to-implement ideas. However, your page may also attract some commissioning agents, so providing a link to your website or contact info would be a reasonable decision.

behance social media for artists interface

4. Pinterest

Semi-social platform with inspiring ideas
  • The most eye-pleasing pics
  • Advanced category filters
  • Ability to save selections
  • Search by keywords
  • Irritating pop-ups
  • Lack of communication
pinterest social media for artists logo

Verdict: Pinterest is a search engine and bookmarking site, which is most suitable for those who deal with aesthetic photography. Here you will find the trendiest visual concepts, which are divided into special boards that feature content on a specific theme or a particular style. As algorithms are updated frequently, you will have to update and learn best practices continuously. For someone, this is a considerable drawback.

On Pinterest, it is possible to save ideas from various sources on one board and find inspiration. As the platform lets users share links to their websites, the chances that your blog traffic will increase are very high. Unfortunately, there is little place for descriptions, communications, and comments.

pinterest social media for artists interface

5. SocialBee

Up to 150 social media profiles
  • Enables using categories as queues
  • Unlimited requeue schedule
  • Allows creating AI captions
  • Up to 5 workspaces
  • Use Canva, Unsplash, Giphy integrations for creating visuals
  • Doesn’t have a social inbox
  • Inability to create and schedule content using the mobile app
socialbee social media for artists logo

Verdict: SocialBee will be especially useful for bloggers and teams that need to create and manage their social media schedule using convenient tools. It allows you to automate a variety of tasks. What I like the most about it is that it has an impressive choice of features suitable for producing top-level evergreen content. You can use it to create a schedule that will appeal to your target audience.

If you need to make your marketing campaigns more efficient, you can also pay a monthly fee for concierge services. They are available as add-ons. The developers regularly update the app with new features and inform users about them by sending notifications.

socialbee social media for artists interface

6. Dribble

Affordable option for freelancers
  • Designs that inspire
  • Pro-level designers
  • Professional courses
  • A place to get a job
  • No promotion algorithms
  • A few opportunities for communication
dribble social media for artists logo

Verdict: Dribble is a great informal platform for artists and designers where they can demonstrate their works in progress. The versatility makes this network the best social media for artists, illustrators, animators, and any professional who works on creating visual content for social media.

By the way, Dribble is a place where you can find a job, as recruiters of many well-known companies often browse this platform in search of talented artists and designers. Display your project workflow, update your posts regularly, and provide a link to your website and profiles on other social media to make full use of Dribble.

dribble social media for artists interface

7. Twitch

Ability to promote via live streaming
  • Interactive platform
  • Unique live content
  • Opportunity to get a profit
  • User-friendly
  • Does not allow posting
  • Content vanishes after 24 hours
twitch social media for artists logo

Verdict: Twitch is a live-video platform, which is primarily designed for gamers. However, nowadays it is quite popular among artists who use this social media to live-stream their process, get new followers, and grow their personal brand. It means that using this platform it is easy to combine work and communication with people, show your screen and comment on the process, and in this way, for example, conduct master classes.

I like that Twitch adjusts the stream to the speed of your internet connection, but it is also possible to alter the bit rate manually. The process may seem a bit complicated at first as the platform’s algorithms are primarily developed for gamers. But after finding your audience, your content will be among the first ads your potential viewers will see.

twitch social media for artists interface

8. Pixelfed

Social media without algorithms
  • Does not compress files
  • Eye-pleasing interface
  • No bots
  • Genuine engagement
  • Not so popular
  • Only for iPhones
pixelfed social media for artists logo

Verdict: Pixelfeld is a rapidly growing social network for artists, which is very popular nowadays. Actually, it is similar to Instagram, but the developers abandoned the system of algorithms so that all users are on an equal footing. The ability to post photos and videos without compression, the lack of algorithms and bots, and genuine engagement are the most appealing aspects of this platform.

Although Pixelfeld is a relatively new social media, many famous photographers have registered their accounts here. They appreciate its attractive and intuitive interface. The network focuses on content rather than on a popularity race so you can showcase your works without public opinion influencing their promotion.

pixelfed social media for artists interface