How to Post on Instagram from PC or Mac

How to Post on Instagram from PC or Mac

Those who are wondering how to post on Instagram from a PC can use several options. They can install a browser extension or mobile device emulators, but these ways are hardly suitable for most users.

If you would like to post on Instagram from PC, check out these tips:

Instagram has recently added a feature that allows sending and receiving direct messages from your PC. However, it’s still impossible to post photos in this way. There are several tricks that help you circumvent this restriction and upload your photo on this popular social network directly from your computer or Mac.

While these ways might seem a bit confusing at first, they will make posting photos much easier once you have mastered the ropes. Mind that most of the options don’t allow posting videos. However, they can be used for uploading photos.

1. Post on Instagram from a Browser

If you want to upload images and post them on your account, you need to mask your activities and pretend that you are using a mobile device instead of a PC. To trick a browser and convince it that you are accessing the Internet via a smartphone, you need to change the user agent.

Once you do it, the browser will start loading mobile versions of websites when you browse the web.

Google Chrome

STEP 1. Sign-in and go to your profile page.

STEP 2. Click with the right mouse button on a page and choose “Inspect.”

inspect instagram in google chrome

STEP 3. Find a small tool icon. It is second from the left in the developer’s tab. Click on it.

instagram google chrome developer tab

STEP 4. Choose a smartphone model.

choose a smartphone model in google chrome

STEP 5. Refresh the screen to use the updated settings. You will see the “+” button. Click on it to upload and publish pictures from your PC or laptop.

post in instagram from google chrome

Safari Browser

STEP 1. First, open the Safari menu bar. Then, click on Safari > Preferences > Advanced.

safari preferences

STEP 2. Below all the Advanced options, you will see the “Show Develop menu in menu bar” box. Check it.

safari developer menu

STEP 3. Now, you need to open a new window and click on the Develop option. Choose Develop > User Agent and then indicate an iOS version and what type of device you are using. For instance, Safari – iOS 10.3 – iPhone.

safari user agent for instagram posting

STEP 4. Then, the “+” button will appear at the bottom. Click on it to post photographs as if you were using your iPhone.

post in instagram from safari

2. Post Using Windows Store Instagram App

windows store instagram app

Windows 10 has recently released an uploader for Instagram. It comes with the same advanced functionality as the mobile version. It’s free to use and doesn’t take up much storage space. To download it, go to the Microsoft Store on your desktop computer.

The Windows Store Instagram app has an interface that is pretty similar to that one of the mobile application. At the top, you will see shortcuts that allow you to refresh a page, go to your direct messages, upload pictures or add videos to engage your audience.

posting from windows store instagram app

The Instagram app on Windows enables users to add posts in a breeze. To update a feed, you need to click with the right mouse button on the taskbar and then select the New post option. If you enjoy taking photos and want to upload them from your gallery, click on the Camera Roll option at the top.

3. Post Using Scheduling Software

One of the most popular and convenient ways to post to Instagram from PC or Mac is by using scheduling programs. They are especially helpful when you need to upload several images at once and schedule your posts to update your feed regularly. By using scheduling tools, you can save time and decide when you are going to post your updates. They are perfect for companies and individual users alike.

Sked Social

  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Auto-posts photo and video content
  • Location tags
  • Allows adding hashtags
  • Advanced photo editor with a crop tool
  • No free version

Verdict: Sked Social is an uploader for Instagram that was previously known as Schedugram. It’s a multi-purpose software with advanced functionality that will help you build your Instagram following. It allows you automatically post content, receive valuable analytics and measure the efficiency of your marketing efforts.

This program will save you much time as it enables users to upload several photos simultaneously. To enhance your posts, use its integrated photo editing app to add overlays, stickers, text and filters. Set a schedule and add posts automatically to keep your followers engaged.

Sked is designed to publish stories, social network posts and videos. To tweak your Instagram profile, learn how to start a photography blog.

sked social to post on instagram from pc interface


  • The Calendar View feature
  • Multiple image upload
  • Syncs files with Dropbox, Drive or a PC
  • Paid video upload
  • Image size limit

Verdict: While Later can be used to post to various social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, it will be especially useful for those who are wondering how to post on Instagram from PC.

This photography business app was designed for users who enjoy sharing images. Usually, you need to start your post with a message and then illustrate it with a picture. With Later, you have to select an image and only then add a text.

later interface


  • Supports multiple social media accounts
  • A drag-and-drop design
  • Handy management options
  • Extra tools for advanced functionality
  • Overly expensive for large teams
  • Signing in takes a lot of time

Verdict: Buffer features a wide choice of tools that facilitate your workflow. Besides collaboration options, it provides users with scheduling and calendar features that will make managing multiple social media accounts much easier. With it, you can format the images that you want to upload to Instagram from PC with little to no effort. To assess your audience engagement, try using the Analyze tool that is perfect for evaluating your strategy.

With this calendar app, you can set a schedule for your posts, use calendar view tools, choose eye-catching thumbnails for your videos, create drafts and invite other users to collaborate.

buffer interface

Sprout Social

  • Scheduling options
  • Tasking and CRM features
  • Adds tags to messages
  • Spike Alerts tools for specific keywords
  • Impossible to set times to post, a user can select only frequency
  • Doesn’t add locations to your posts

Verdict: Sprout Social is perfectly suitable for beginners who want to know how to post on Instagram from desktop as it features a well-thought-out interface and a set of advanced features. A user gets access to a media library and a set of tools designed to facilitate teamwork. By adding tags to your posts, you can quickly find them later.

To make social networking easier, Sprout Social has a wide array of features that you can find under different categories. There are tools that allow users to publish content, receive engagement metrics, work together with a team. In addition, you can use a professional social media scheduler that allows you to plan and publish your posts.

sprout social interface

Social Report

  • Automated monthly insights on your follower growth
  • The scheduling calendar is easy to navigate
  • Regular upgrades
  • Unhelpful customer support

Verdict: With Social Report, you will edit and upload photos in no time. After you have enhanced an image, you can set time when it will be automatically posted. You don’t even need your smartphone, as all the tools can be accessed from your PC.

Unlike other similar services, it allows for video scheduling. With it, you can automatically upload videos to post on Instagram from PC at set times.

Users can schedule automated comments that will be added to their posts, use templates for hashtags and add location tags. To meet your growth goals, you can use special tools that provide you with metrics about your account.

social report interface