10 Best Slideshow Makers in 2023

The best slideshow maker allows you to work with different file formats, apply exclusive effects when changing frames, overlay your favorite audio tracks, etc. Using this software, you can create cool slideshows from your daily photos easily and quickly.

If you want to find a great slideshow maker for Windows and Mac, below you will find some decent options to choose from.

Top 10 Slideshow Makers

  1. Adobe Express - Professional layouts
  2. Adobe Lightroom - 20+ built-in effects
  3. Movavi Slideshow Maker - Create a slideshow in 3 steps
  4. 4KSlideshowMaker - Automated tools
  5. Icecream Slideshow Maker - Create a 4K slideshow
  6. Ashampoo Slideshow Studio - Built-in slideshow creation wizards
  7. MediaShow - Fast image sorting
  8. Animoto - Supports animated graphics
  9. DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe - 3D styles for slideshow
  10. PhotoStage Slideshow Software - Using panoramic effects

With the best slideshow maker you can make cool and exclusive projects from your photos. You just need to add photos to the program and select the switching interval and applied effects. Then, the program will do all the rest.

You can congratulate a friend or make a nice gift to your family by collecting old, forgotten photos into one slideshow in just a few minutes and without much effort.

1. Adobe Express – Our Choice

Professional layouts
  • Ability to insert your own audio tracks
  • Adding up to 30-second videos
  • Includes a large selection of slideshow themes
  • Works with voice content
  • Limitations in free version

Verdict: Adobe Express is powerful software that provides you with a variety of customization options for creating an exclusive slideshow. Using this slideshow maker you can overlay built-in music, add your own audio files and even voice content recorded with a microphone. You can also work with text. There are tools to change the font, size, color and visibility.

When creating a slideshow, you can use ready-made templates and layouts that will make your task easier. You only need to insert your images and everything is ready. This professional slideshow software allows you to create your original projects using built-in themes, adding background images, various slide transitions and other animations.

adobe express slideshow maker interface

2. Adobe Lightroom

20+ slideshow effects
  • Ability to work with video clips
  • Background gradients
  • Large selection of slideshow templates
  • Text overlays
  • Inconvenient subscription system

Verdict: If you need software that can create slideshows from professionally edited photos, then Adobe Lightroom is for you. With it, you can automatically make your own slideshows. You only need to select the photos you want and add them to the list. This photos slideshow software will choose the most suitable transitions and themes for your pictures.

You can also use such advanced features as adding star ratings, text overlays to each photo, and much more. Besides, you can attach videos and various audio tracks to your slides, choose different slideshow templates or create your own. It is possible to save your work to your computer in MP4 or PDF format.

adobe lightroom slideshow maker interface

3. Movavi Slideshow Maker

Create a slideshow in 3 steps
  • Hints for creating slideshows
  • Large number of built-in effects
  • Supports animated objects
  • Free background music library
  • Possible lags with a large number of photos
  • Requires purchase

Verdict: Movavi Slideshow Maker is an easy-to-use program that allows you to create various slideshows very fast. Using it, you can make a slideshow from a template and bring all your creative desires to life. There is a library with background music, various effects and transitions, as well as a large selection of themes and styles to help you.

It’s possible to add not only text on your slides, but also various animated objects. They will make your work look better. You can also use three-step slideshow creation if you don’t have a lot of time. You just need to select pictures, press the button to create a slideshow and export the finished work. You can save it in different file formats, including MOV, MP4, AVI and others.

movavi slideshow maker interface

4. 4K Slideshow Maker

Automated tools
  • Face recognition function
  • Integration with YouTube and Facebook
  • Works with any number of photos
  • Creates 4K slideshows
  • Random transitions between photos
  • Limited functionality for slideshows

Verdict: This is simple but powerful slideshow software that has a face recognition function. Thanks to this feature, you can make a great gift to your beloved person by highlighting it in all photos. The program will automatically focus attention and highlight the right person, even in group shots.

You can also create slideshows from any number of photos and save the result even in 4K quality. Due to the integration with YouTube and Facebook, you can upload your finished video to these social networks at once. However, this photo slideshow software has some disadvantages. For example, you cannot select transitions between photos and you can only set the rewind speed, select music, and so on.

4k slideshow maker interface

5. Icecream Slideshow Maker

Create a 4K slideshow
  • A history of a thousand steps
  • Works with all popular photo formats
  • Any multimedia content can be added
  • Simple tools for creating a presentation
  • Limited number of slides
  • Requires purchase of some features
icecream slideshow maker logo
Icecream Slideshow Maker

Verdict: If you need to create slideshows from your photos without using the online slideshow maker, take a look at this tool. This software allows you to embed any kind of multimedia content into your presentation. It also has a large number of different effects and transitions to make your work look bright and attractive.

Using action history, you can go back to any number of steps to correct the right moment. So, you do not need to create it all over again. With easy-to-use tools, you can adjust the time per slide, transition speed, background music volume on different slides, and much more. Unfortunately, a free version of this slideshow software allows you to make only 10 slides. If you need more, you have to buy the advanced version of the program.

icecream slideshow maker interface

6. Ashampoo Slideshow Studio

Built-in slideshow creation wizards
  • Built-in transition and sound effects
  • Ability to add subtitles and tracking frames
  • Integrated idea master
  • Slideshow creation takes little time
  • It may seem complicated
  • Registration on the website is required
ashampoo slideshow studio logo
Ashampoo Slideshow Studio

Verdict: If you are looking for software that is capable of making slideshows from your photos almost on its own, then Ashampoo Slideshow Studio is right for you. It contains a built-in slideshow wizard, so you only have to select the content you want. Then, this free slideshow maker will do everything automatically and fast.

But if you want to create your own slideshow, then you can use numerous templates, transitions and sound effects. You can also manually adjust the slideshow duration, add subtitles to different slides, and more. This slideshow maker supports all possible types of files, so you can burn your slideshow even to DVD to present your relatives.

ashampoo slideshow studio interface

7. MediaShow

Fast image sorting
  • Sorting options for images
  • An album content slider
  • Advanced MediaShow FaceMe technology is available
  • Can combine videos with images
  • Lack of slide transitions
  • You need to buy the program
mediashow slideshow maker logo

Verdict: MediaShow is the best slideshow maker if you are looking for the program with the ability to sort your photos. Thanks to the sorting options, you can create slideshows from photos taken on the same day or at the same time completely free. It won’t take much time to select pictures from the gallery. You only need to set the desired parameter and the photos will be uploaded automatically.

Then you can use the tools to combine video with snapshots on slides, add text, set display times, and so on. You can also use the MediaShow FaceMe technology. It automatically recognizes faces, even if a person is wearing glasses. The only drawback is that you cannot set transitions between slides.

mediashow slideshow maker interface

8. Animoto

Supports animated graphics
  • Supports animation, text, video
  • It is possible to apply filters to images
  • Slideshow preview is available
  • Lots of styles and themes
  • Free for only 14 days
  • You cannot add transitions in the free version
animoto slideshow maker logo

Verdict: If you need to create online slideshows using video elements, adding text, various graphics and other effects, then Animoto is a good choice for you. Using this slideshow maker, you can create great projects based on the available templates.

If you want to get a unique slideshow, you can do everything manually. You can apply filters to photos to achieve an excellent result, for example, in a retro style. By the way, you don’t need to use photo editing software for PC.

The slideshow creator includes tools for adding audio tracks for background music or voice recordings and more. You can insert small videos, use animated pictures and choose transitions yourself. But transitions are available only with a paid subscription. In the trial version, you can only work with slides, and that’s it.

animoto slideshow maker interface

9. DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe

3D styles for slideshow
  • Wide variety of different styles
  • Possibility to overlay voice tracks
  • Custom transitions
  • Saving slideshows in HD format
  • You need to pay to use of 3D styles
  • Problems can occur with multiple photos
dvd slideshow maker builder deluxe slideshow logo
DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe

Verdict: This DVD slideshow maker allows you to create slideshows using different styles. You can also overlay voice tracks on your slides. This feature is very handy when presenting an image. With special professional styles, you can design your slideshow to look like a Hollywood movie.

You can also work with 4: 3 and 16: 9 formats. It is very convenient, for example, when publishing your video to YouTube. You can save the finished work in HD quality. This is not the best quality, but HD is enough for a slideshow. Besides, you can add various captions, titles, audio tracks to set the rhythm of the slide change, etc.

dvd slideshow builder deluxe slideshow maker interface

10. PhotoStage Slideshow Software

Using panoramic effects
  • Adjusting the effects’ duration
  • Wide variety of transitions
  • Fine-tuning brightness and saturation
  • MixPad Audio File Mixer for Music Mixing
  • Complex interface
  • Some features require purchase
photostage slideshow maker logo
PhotoStage Slideshow Software

Verdict: If you are looking for slideshow maker software to use and create various effects, then PhotoStage Slideshow Software is for you. It allows you to pan and zoom effects to add realism and extra dimension to your slides.

You can use videos to convey information or just insert a funny video to cheer up your friends. Thanks to the new MixPad Audio File Mixer tool, you can overlay audio files as well as mix several at once.

You can pre-organize your photos using this program. As a result, it would be easier to choose the ones you need for your slideshow later. Besides, you can adjust color, brightness and saturation using basic editing tools.

photostage slideshow maker interface