8 Best Mice and Keyboards for PS4 in 2022

By Robin Owens 5 days ago, Computer Mouse

Gaming keyboards and mice for the PS4.

mouses and keyboards for ps4 of 2022

Both mouse and keyboard for PS4 have a great influence on your texting and gaming experience. Let’s say, a good and high-end keyboard will definitely help you put the text faster, precisely, and without certain difficulties.

However, whether the keyboard that is free of charge and is bundled with your computer will serve long – that is the question! If you understand that neither the keyboard nor the mouse suits your needs, it’s time to get new devices. Thus, we’ve prepared some tips for you to make the right choice.

Top 8 Keyboards and Mice for PS4

  1. Redragon S101 - Our Choice
  2. UniFire V60 - Affordable
  3. CHONCHOW - For gaming experts
  4. Orzly RX-250 - Stylish
  5. BlueFinger - The best PS4 combo
  6. FELICON - Wireless keyboard and mouse for PS4
  7. LexonElec - Universal set
  8. Logitech MK710 - Long battery life

A mouse and a keyboard are your best friends and your connectors with the PS4. Any PS4 mouse is a small device, a corps with two buttons and a wheel, thus most of them are similar. However, even the smallest differences in features may be crucial. That is why we recommend learning the pros and cons of each model when purchasing.

When it’s time to change the PS4 keyboard to the newer ones, we usually choose the same model we used to. However, due to a wide choice of PS4 Bluetooth keyboards on the market, you have a great chance to get another, a more appropriate device for your needs.

1. Redragon S101

Our Choice
mouse and monitor for ps4 redragon s101

DPI: 3200 | Interface: Wired | Buttons: 6 | Ergonomic: Right-handed | Keyboard size: 445x150x25mm | Backlight: 4 backlight brightness levels | Keyboard type:Membrane

rank rank Rating

⊕ Back-lit buttons
⊕ Convenient design
⊕ Goes with a mouse, pad and headset
⊕ Value for money
⊖ Mouse gets worse over time
⊖ Tight keys

The Redragon is the best mouse for PS4 with back-lit button. Its size is convenient for all arms, thus you won’t get tired even when using it all day long. That is why it works great for long game sessions.

The S101 has a 3200 DPI sensor with around 15G of speedup. In addition, 3600 FPS, and Teflon layer add to your comfort.

Besides, the device has expert options – customizable DPI, programmable keys as well as a variety of player profiles and configurable weight.

This gaming keyboard and mouse for PS4 are produced of high-end ABS material, have long-live built and works for even stressful and long games. This perfect set offers you all the necessary features for successful gaming – convenience, pleasant feeling, back lightning feature, a smooth sensor, quick game engine and golden USB coupling for fast information transfer.

2. UniFire V60

Affordable PS4 keyboard and mouse
mouse and monitor for ps4 unifire v60

DPI:1000 | Interface: wireless | Buttons: 6 | Ergonomic: Ambidextrous | Keyboard size: 445x150x25mm | Backlight:none | Keyboard type:Mechanical

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⊕ Wire-free
⊕ Medium-sized
⊕ Trendy
⊖ Not found

The UniFire V60 offers you a wire-free keyboard and visual small mouse. It’s a mixture of a convenient size and trendy look.

The carrier frequency is 2402MHz-2480MHz. These are the best mouse and keyboard for PS4 with the DPI controller.


Best gaming keyboard and mouse for PS4
mouse and monitor for ps4 chonchow

DPI:4800 | Interface: wired | Buttons:4 | Ergonomic: Right-handed | Keyboard size: 445x150x25mm | Backlight:7 colors | Keyboard type: Membrane

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⊕ Removable hand rest
⊕ Adjustable LEDs
⊕ Long-lived switches
⊕ Clicky feel and sound
⊖ Not original Cherry MX blue switches
⊖ Adjusting LEDs may be challenging

CHONCHOW power-driven keypad is called the best keyboard for PS4 by many avid gamers. In addition to adjustable LED-backlit, it offers a removable hand rest.

Unlike other low-cost gaming keypads, this one is our favorite. By getting the one, you’ll receive a blue switch keypad with 108 buttons at an affordable price.

Due to its convenience, you’ll feel comfortable with this device during all gaming sessions. In our opinion, this is a good value for money.

Backlighting LED and adjustable buttons rate gives you the ability to configure the device to meet your preferences.

4. Orzly RX-250

Stylish mouse and keyboard for PS4
mouse and monitor for ps4 orzly rx-250

DPI: 3200| Interface: wired | Buttons: 3 | Ergonomic:Right-handed | Keyboard size: 445x150x25mm | Backlight: 3 colors | Keyboard type:Membrane

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⊕ Looks great
⊕ Top quality
⊕ Back-lit PS4 gaming keyboard
⊖ Not found

These PS4 keyboard and mouse is a full set with 3 rotating colors and breathing mode. 4 colors encircling throbbing LED mouse with 4 customizable DPI – 1200, 1600, 2400, 3200.

The LED-backlit keyboard has 19 anti-ghosting buttons. Due to soft clicks, you may work silently. There are lots of featured buttons – media management, game pattern, and configurable legs for hand rest.

Moreover, you can enjoy Pro gaming headphones with a boom box noise for in-depth bass and crunchy ups, gentle ear pads for long gaming, switchable speaker with loudness follow-ups, and a one-stop 3.5mm audio jack.

5. BlueFinger

Best PS4 mouse and keyboard combo
mouse and monitor for ps4 bluefinger

DPI: 2000| Interface: wired | Buttons: 4 | Ergonomic: Right-handed | Keyboard size: 445x150x25mm | Backlight:3 colors | Keyboard type:Mechanical

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⊕ 3-color crack Backlighting mode
⊕ Wired USB mouse
⊕ Elegant mouse pad
⊖ Bad LCD screen

This BlueFinger seems to be great due to the backlit design that is similar to the Liger model. Made of ABS plastic, this PS4 keyboard has a pleasant feeling, so you can play for many hours in a row.

The model is waterproof and there is no need to worry if you spill something on it.

The design of a keyboard looks gorgeous with an interesting print that suits all the night gaming sessions. You may choose red, navy or violet color and change the luminosity.

There are all handy buttons on the upside of the keypad for your comfortable control and gaming experience. Besides, there are 105 main keys and 19 non-conflict ones.


Wireless keyboard and mouse for PS4
mouse and monitor for ps4 felicon

DPI:2400 | Interface: wireless | Buttons: 6 | Ergonomic: Right-handed | Keyboard size: 445x150x25mm | Backlight:10 colors | Keyboard type:Mechanical

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⊕ 10-color RGB pad for mouse
⊕ Rechargeable mouse and keyboard
⊕ 2.4G Wire-free transmission
⊕ Intelligent sleep mode
⊖ Flashy box draws spots

The cloth-covered surface feels pleasant and comfortable which is helpful for more accurate gaming. The mouse is matte due to rubber-like material. This mouse has an aluminum corps that is strong and steady.

Due to the 800mAh battery, the mouse can be used for long without charging. There is also a sleep mode if the device isn’t used for 3 minutes. To wake it up – just press any button.

2.4G wire-free technology allows the keypad to get high-level wire-free control. The so-called Plug & Play mode, both a keypad and a mouse have smart Nano Receiver that is easy and quick to use.

7. LexonElec

Universal PS4 keyboard and mouse
mouse and monitor for ps4 lexonelec

DPI: 2400| Interface:wireless | Buttons: 6 | Ergonomic: Right-handed | Keyboard size: 455*175*45mm | Backlight:orange | Keyboard type:Membrane

rank rank Rating

⊕ Rechargeable keyboard and mouse kit
⊕ 2.4G Wire-free transmission
⊕ Trendy and practical styling
⊖ Tiny-sized mouse

This gaming keyboard for PS4 is created of aluminum material which is strong and long-lasting. Due to an embedded 800mAh accumulator, the mouse can be in use without charging for a long period of time.

When you don’t use the system, both keyboard and mouse PS4 go to the sleeping mode by default. To wake them up, press any button.

The model has a LED Orange Backlit option that is ideal for night gaming. FN+DEL allow switching between three modes for brighter light, pulsing, and turning off. You can also customize brightness and breathing frequency.

8. Logitech MK710

Long battery life
mouse and monitor for ps4 logitech mk710

DPI: 1000| Interface:wireless | Buttons: 2 | Ergonomic:Right-handed | Keyboard size: 455*175*45mm | Backlight: none | Keyboard type:

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⊕ Convenient for your hand
⊕ Tactile key response
⊕ Unifying receiver
⊕ Great typing capabilities
⊖ Fingerprint magnet

The keyboard is enhanced with a Logitech in-curve keys and a cushioned palm rest. Concaved design of the keys and their rounded edges create the most comfortable conditions for typing. In such a way, you may easily spend hours typing some documents without getting tired.

When you start typing, it seems that these keys were developed exactly for your fingers. Speaking about the mouse, it also shows decent performance. While the scroll wheel allows flying through documents, the buttons enable to precisely navigate lists, slides and image collections.

What is more, the Logitech unifying receiver stays in your laptop so you will not lose or break it. Taking into account the above-mentioned advantages, we may claim that Logitech MK710 is one of the best PS4 keyboards and mice on the market.

Image Name Features  
mouse and monitor for ps4 redragon s101
Redragon S101
Our Choice
  • Mice Interface: Wired
  • Mice Ergonomic: Right-handed
  • Keyboard type:Membrane
mouse and monitor for ps4 unifire v60
UniFire V60
  • Mice Interface: wireless
  • Mice Ergonomic: Ambidextrous
  • Keyboard type:Mechanical
mouse and monitor for ps4 chonchow
  • Mice Interface: wired
  • Mice Ergonomic: Right-handed
  • Keyboard type: Membrane

How to Choose a Mouse and Keyboard for PS4?

best mouse and keyboard for ps4

Mice-Size and Ergonomics

Just like an ordinary mouse for day-to-day activities, the best mouse for PS4 should necessarily fit your palm. In other words, you should feel comfortable holding it. Of course, you may use the best wrist rest to get the most convenient conditions; but believe me, a qualitative mouse really matters. So, the most important characteristics that should be taken into account are the size and grip.

Speaking about the size, it depends on your personal requirements and preferences. For example, if you often carry your mouse with you, it should be small to ensure the best portability. In addition, specific mice are more suitable for certain types of grips.

Keyboard Switches

best mouse and keyboard for ps4

Once you are done choosing the best mouse for PS4, you need to find a suitable keyboard. We all understand that the keyboard is the most frequently used computer accessory. Just like with computer mice, there are different types of keyboards that vary depending on the key mechanisms (switches). Although all keyboards seem very similar, they show completely different performances.

To begin with, keyboards have different tactile attributes, like key travel, bottoming actions, responsiveness, and the amount of force necessary to register a key press. All these features contribute to the overall experience you get working with a keyboard. For instance, you might like a particular backlit keyboard, while your colleague ‒ might not.

The most popular keyboard switches are the silicone dome, scissor, and mechanical one. All of them have advantages and disadvantages and we will describe them in short.

Silicone dome switches operate in the following way. Two rubber membranes formed into domes are depressed when you press a key; in such a way, a connection between two circuits is completed sending a signal to the PC. This type of switch is used in cheaper keyboards that come with pre-built PCs.

Moreover, this type creates a less precise feel; such keyboards feature taller keys and need greater travel distance to register a keypress.

Scissor switches come plastic pieces added to dome designs creating a scissor mechanism; it connects to the keycaps and allows for shorter key travel and thus lower-profile keyboards. Such keyboards are typical for modern laptops providing a snappier feel with more precision.

Moreover, they are quiet and easier to press. Recent Apple MacBooks use special butterfly mechanisms that allow developing very thin budget keyboards with short travel response. However, not all users like these keyboards.


  • • Should I get a new keyboard or mouse?

If you play games that involve intensive keyboard use, it’s better to get a gaming keyboard for PS4. Consequently, if you prefer high-speed mouse games, then, you should get a gaming mouse. However, in general, a keyboard is a keyboard. Undoubtedly, a mechanical keyboard will give you a better feel. But the most work is done by the mouse so try to find the best one.

  • • What's more important ‒ a gaming mouse or keyboard?

As I have already mentioned, if you play keyboard-involving games, find the best PS4 keyboard. In case you use a mouse more often, get a gaming mouse. Personally, I play League of Legends and may claim that a wireless keyboard-mouse combo is ideal for PS4.

  • • How big mouse should I buy?

The size of the mouse depends solely on your preferences and requirements. I will just give a short guide on mouse sizes: small (under 16.9 cm), medium (17-19.5 cm) and large (over 19.6 cm).

  • • Wireless vs wired mouse – which one to choose?

In general, a wired mouse is faster and more responsive than a wired one. Being cheap, it is a budget variant for ordinary users. The same applies to wireless keyboards.