Top 9 Best Mice for Graphic Designers & Illustrators

By Robin Owens 13 days ago, Computer Mouse

Inexpensive mice for graphic designers & creatives.

best mouse for graphic design

Graphic designers and illustrators know that the results of their work largely depend on the equipment they use. With a top-quality graphic design mouse paired with a good computer for graphic design, they can cope with the most difficult task in an efficient way.

Besides, such manipulators allow lessening the strain on the wrist, forearm and fingers. Choosing a mouse designed in accordance with modern standards, you can bring more flexibility and convenience to your workflow.

9 Best Mice for Painting & Graphic Design

  1. Logitech M570 - Our Choice
  2. Jelly Comb - Our choice
  3. Commander ML160A - The best mouse for Adobe Illustrator & drawing
  4. Logitech MX Master - Ergonomic mouse
  5. PICTEK - Very affordable
  6. PHILIPS RGB - Universal model for creatives
  7. HyperX Pulsefire - Plenty of flexibility
  8. MOJO Pro Performance - Fully customizable
  9. UtechSmart VENUS Pro - The best mouse for Adobe illustrators

The most important features of graphic designer mice are ease of use and efficiency. Have a closer look at this overview and you are sure to pick a great computer mouse that will satisfy both your funds and professional requirements.

1. Logitech M570

Trackball mouse
logitech m570 graphic design mouse

DPI: 1200 | Interface: Wireless / USB | Buttons: 4 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

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⊕ Convenient and efficient even for complicated tasks
⊕ Beginner-friendly
⊕ On/off switch not to drain the battery
⊖ No wired option
⊖ Noisy click wheel

This mouse for graphic design resembles regular models with 2 buttons and a scroll wheel between them. However, it also has back and forward buttons, which allow navigating in web browsers and different software in a quick way.

The M570 stands out with its original design and well-thought-out shape that makes holding and moving this mouse smooth and convenient.

Once you take out the mouse, and other components, you need to spend just several minutes setting the device up, putting the batteries in place and plugging in the Leave-In USB receiver and can proceed to work.

2. Jelly Comb

Extremely affordable mouse
jelly comb graphic design mouse

DPI: 2400 | Interface: Wireless / USB | Buttons: 6 | Ergonomic: Right-handed / Left-handed / Ambidextrous

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⊕ Straightforward usage
⊕ Silent work
⊕ Budget-friendly
⊖ No USB receiver

Jelly Comb can be called the best mouse for designers on the lookout for a portable and easy-to-use device. Using this mouse, you have a choice of 3 DPI levels, so finding a perfect cursor speed won’t be a tough thing. In addition to the regular button layout, there are side keys for quick work.

The anti-slip coating on the sides gives extra convenience while creating designs. Jelly Comb is remarkably noiseless, which means that neither your colleagues nor your family member will be distracted by clicking sounds. The small size of the mouse makes it ideal for traveling designers. An 18-month lifespan is another argument in favor of this model.

3. Commander ML160A

Power graphic design mouse
commander ml160a graphic design mouse

DPI: 8200 | Interface: Wired | Buttons: 17 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

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⊕ Pleasant and convenient to touch
⊕ Lots of programmable buttons
⊕ You can change colors and save them for different profiles
⊖ Software update issues
⊖ No weight adjustments
⊖ May be too heavy for some users

If you are looking for a mouse for drawing that can be personalized to the fullest extent, this is a wonderful variant to consider. All buttons here are completely programmable and the on-board memory supports script/macro editing which gives access to advanced tuning.

The Light Strike optical switches and hyper-speed wheel make this mouse blazing-fast and very responsive. Besides, it is equipped with a gaming-aimed laser engine, which means you can use this mouse on any surface without scarifying its effectiveness. The CPI/DPI level reaches as high as 8200.

Thanks to the upgraded design, now the Commander MK160A has X’glide Armor finishing, which makes it more durable and allows moving it with ease.

4. Logitech MX Master

The Possibilities Machine
logitech mx master graphic design mouse

DPI: 4000 | Interface: USB / Bluetooth | Buttons: 4 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

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⊕ Amazing performance
⊕ Nice, ergonomic design
⊕ Speed-adaptive mouse wheel
⊖ Bluetooth sometimes fails to work properly
⊖ High price

The TX Master from Logitech is a great mouse for designers that looks stylish and has a smooth textured surface and curved edges. Not only the beautiful, ergonomic design makes this model very popular among users, but also a speed-adaptive scroll wheel and the ability to connect it to 3 different devices simultaneously.

The dark field sensor ensures precise tracking on different surfaces, high-gloss and glass ones included. The battery life is also impressive – lasts up to 40 days without charging.

If the battery is low, you need to charge it just 4 minutes for a full day of usage. The thing that scares away some users is a high price, but it is completely justified by flawless performance.


Very affordable custom mouse
pictek graphic design mouse

DPI: 7200 | Interface: Wired | Buttons: 7 | Ergonomic: Right-handed / Left-handed / Ambidextrous

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⊕ 30mln clicks
⊕ Reasonably priced
⊕ RGB lighting
⊕ Precise tracking
⊖ Disappointing laser gap
⊖ Matte surface collects fingerprints

This is a lightweight mouse boasting an ergonomic design and amazing RGB lighting. The device is very responsive, while a nice shape ensures a tight grip. The Pictek has 7 buttons that can be programmed with the help of the dedicated software.

This mouse for architects and illustrators offers 4 adjustable polling rates – 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, and 1000Hz. This means you can choose the most suitable option to enjoy smooth and ultra-fast movement.

There are 16mln color options for the backlight setting.

You can use 5 default colors and set the rest of the spectrum with the help of the software. It is possible to set original colors for the DPI if you want.


Designed for comfort
philips rgb graphic design mouse

DPI: 3600 | Interface: Wired | Buttons: 7 | Ergonomic: Right-handed / Left-handed / Ambidextrous

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⊕ Bright backlight
⊕ 7 programmable buttons
⊕ Affordable
⊕ Tactile-pleasant
⊖ Low DPI settings

PHILIPS mouse uses the company’s top-notch 3600 DPI sensor, which makes the device stunningly accurate and fast. It has a natural shape, which suits many hand sizes and grip types.

It can be the best mouse for graphic design if you want to assign each button a specific function. In fact, there are 7 buttons that are fully programmable and can be used to boost your productivity.

This is a wonderful variant if you tend to work in places where silence is a priority. PHILIPS RGB offers 4 DPI levels starting with1200 and ending with 3200. It is claimed to produce 5 million clicks, which is a reasonable number for most users.

7. HyperX Pulsefire

Buttons offer plenty of flexibility
hyperx pulsefire graphic design mouse

DPI: 16000 | Interface: Wired | Buttons: 11 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

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⊕ 11 programmable buttons
⊕ Wheel tilt inputs
⊕ Good value for money
⊖ Sniper button is placed inconveniently
⊖ Using 2 sets of macros can be challenging

The HyperX Pulsefire can be called the best mouse for drawing thanks to a lightweight body designed in such a way that people with different grip types can conveniently use it. It has 11 programmable buttons and a premium Pixart 3389 sensor that is known for delivering amazing precisions at DPI going up to 16,000.

The split-button design ensures responsive clicks, while decent Omron switches please users with agile, tactile feedback. The mouse is supplied with HyperX NGENUITY software that allows setting macros, customizing DPI and RGB lighting.

The mouse can be connected to devices running different OS. The large skates and elastic braided cable work in conjunction to provide smooth gliding.

8. MOJO Pro Performance

Fully customizable graphic design mouse
mojo pro performance graphic design mouse

DPI: 12000 | Interface: Wired | Buttons: 9 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

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⊕ Quick clicking and adjustable buttons
⊕ Budgetary option
⊕ Broad-compatibility
⊖ For righties only

Developers tried to combine a top-quality sensor with noiseless buttons and put them into an ergonomic, hand-sculptured body that is pleasant to hold. Thus, they created the best mouse for graphic design, drafting, school-related tasks and regular work.

All the buttons are fully adjustable, making it possible to adapt this mouse to your personal needs. You can use the up and down switches to define how hard you need to press the left and right buttons for a PC to register the action.

Thanks to the key balance system design, you can use the MOJO Pro Performance on any surface and enjoy the smooth and precise performance.

9. UtechSmart VENUS Pro

Fast-adjustable DPI
utechsmart venus pro graphic design mouse

DPI: 16000 | Interface: Wireless Bluetooth Receiver | Buttons: 16 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

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⊕ Amazing sensor
⊕ Comfortable design and decent build quality
⊕ Many customized buttons
⊖ Rather high click latency
⊖ Stiff and rigid cable

The most notable characteristics of this mouse are amazing responsiveness, stable connection, lightning-fast data transmission, precise sliding, 16mln colors and efficient kit software.

Besides, the UtechSmart VENUS Pro comes with 12 side programmable buttons, which is the biggest number comparing to other mice, so I can confidently call it the best graphic design mouse in its price category.

If you use fingertips or palm grip, you can opt for this model. The anti-slip coating ensures great control during work or gameplay. Besides, if you use the mouse many hours in a row, you will benefit from the ergonomic shape with the rest area. The 1000 mAh battery is claimed to work for 70 hours.

Image Name Features  
logitech m570 graphic design mouse
Logitech M570
Our choice
  • DPI: 1200
  • Interface: Wireless / USB
  • Buttons: 4
  • Ergonomic: Right-handed
jelly comb graphic design mouse
Jelly Comb
  • DPI: 2400
  • Interface: Wireless / USB
  • Buttons: 6
  • Ergonomic: Right-handed / Left-handed / Ambidextrous
commander ml160a graphic design mouse
Commander ML160A
  • DPI: 8200
  • Interface: Wired
  • Buttons: 17
  • Ergonomic: Right-handed

Graphic Design Mice Buyer's Guide

best mouse for graphic design

Laser or Optical

Every mouse has a specific DPI level, which means a number of dots per each that a sensor is capable of reading. Optical mice track between 400 and 800 DPI, which is good enough for regular use. Laser mice can track 2,000 DPI or even more. If you are a graphic designer or an avid gamer, you’d better opt for a laser mouse.


Ergonomic design is of tremendous importance when it comes to choosing a mouse for graphic design. It allows preventing possible injuries caused by repetitive mouse use, e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome, and makes your work as convenient as possible. To understand whether you need a small or large mouse, grip it and try moving.

Programmable Buttons

best mouse for graphic design

A regular mouse has 2 buttons and a scroll wheel between them. However, there are lots of products aimed at certain segments of users, which have more than additional buttons on the sides. If you aspire to get the best mouse for graphic design, you should choose devices with at least 7 buttons that can be programmed to cope with certain tasks without using a keyboard for designers.


  • • Do you need a special mouse for Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop requires you to perform multiple operations in a quick way and being armed with a decent mouse, you can do it with ease. This is especially relevant if you work on high-res displays. Adobe Ps also has many tools and commands, so getting a keyboard with additional macro keys is also a good idea if you want to speed up your workflow.

  • • A wired vs wireless mouse – which to choose?

A wireless mouse for graphic designers is flashier and allows you to work not being tied to a certain space. However, a wired mouse will appeal to average users with a limited budget. Besides, it is a bit faster.

  • • Is a trackball better than a mouse?

The first thing that differentiates these devices is that a trackball is stationary, so doesn’t occupy much space. Besides, it works on any surface, but causes some noise unlike the best silent mouse.

  • • Are trackball mice worth buying?

This type of mouse isn’t as accurate as a top-quality palm grip mouse, but it is more precise than a regular trackpad.