9 Best Mice for Video Editing in 2023

By Robin Owens 19 days ago, Computer Mouse

Good mice video editing in Premiere Pro and other software.

best mouses for video editing

Buying the right PC and mice for video editing will definitely take your post-production skills to the next level.

While amateur video editors often opt for regular computer mice and keyboards for Premiere Pro, advanced users look for pro-level keyboards and mice if they need to master Vegas Pro or similar programs and solve complex video editing tasks.

Top 9 Mice for Video Editing

  1. Corsair Nightsword - Our Choice
  2. Logitech MX Master - Struggles to perform precision cursor movements
  3. Razer Naga Trinity - Good choice for Vegas Pro
  4. Logitech G602 - Stylish mouse for video editing
  5. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse - Advance ergonomic design
  6. Logitech MX Ergo - Universal model
  7. DELUX Seeker Wireless Mouse - Vertical mouse with OLED screen
  8. Logitech M510 - Affordable
  9. Logitech G903 - Cheap mouse for video editing

Those, who strive to become top-notch professionals, need to pay special attention to choosing the best mouse for video editing. To help them, I have created a detailed buyer guide and reviewed the most popular devices on the market. Mostly, it consists of gaming mice as they are known for their high speed and precision.

Architects, who need to purchase good quality mice for casual use, will also benefit from choosing one of these devices from this list as they are perfectly compatible with CAD software products. After reading this article, you will be able to choose the best mouse for any task.

1. Corsair Nightsword

Our Choice
mouse for video editing corsair nightsword

DPI: 18000 | Interface: Wired | Buttons: 10 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

  • ✚ Suitable for most grips
  • ✚ Seamless performance
  • ✚ Weight can be adjusted
  • Buttons are difficult to click
  • Confusing interface

You can easily adjust DPI depending on your needs if you use two small buttons located on the left side. A user can access an RGB panel positioned in the right part of the Corsair Nightsword by using a ring finger and a little finger.

The left side panel has been designed specifically to make a thumb comfortable. There are 3 extra buttons on the left, namely, the Forward, Reverse, and Sniper buttons. The latter helps a user to lower DPI which might be extremely useful for video editors.

Another advantage of this mouse for video editing is that it has 3 LED indicators showing when the Sniper mode is activated, as well as what DPI settings and profile you are currently using.

2. Logitech MX Master

Struggles to perform precision cursor movements
mouse for video editing logitech mx master

DPI: 4000 | Interface: USB / Bluetooth | Buttons: 2 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

  • ✚ Comfortable to use
  • ✚ Advanced customization options
  • ✚ Great battery capacity
  • Overpriced
  • Weighs too much
  • Can be used on many surfaces

This mouse is Logitech’s flagship device that offers an unprecedented array of specifications that are just perfect for any conceivable task. The mouse boasts a fantastic design and is quite comfortable to use. Its scroll wheel adapts to any speed easily, while a thumb wheel helps control the scrolling function.

This wireless mouse for video editing can be connected to 3 devices. While its price might seem a bit hefty, you will be impressed with the seamless performance of this device. Its design with slightly curved edges is unique thanks to a combination of smooth and textured surfaces. It preserves the functionality of traditional devices while boasting an unusually shaped base.

You will enjoy an edgy look of this mouse featuring metallic gold and matte black elements. Its surface is quite soft which is why the mouse is extremely comfortable to use.

Unlike some cheaper devices, this mouse has been designed specifically to reduce muscle strain, prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and RSI. It can be used for long hours without any sign of discomfort.

3. Razer Naga Trinity

Best mouse for Premiere Pro
mouse for video editing razer naga trinity

DPI: 16000 | Interface: Wired | Buttons: 19 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

  • ✚ Highly useful side panel
  • ✚ Easy to customize
  • ✚ Advanced sensor
  • Button layouts are difficult to remember
  • Impossible to change height or length
  • Synapse 3 still needs improvement

This mouse has been designed for casual use but it will be appreciated by those, who create digital content as well. It will also make the gaming experience more enjoyable and help you solve any work-related task more efficiently.

As it is quite large, small-handed people won’t be able to use it comfortably. The mouse comes with advanced software that helps one customize all the features. Video editors will appreciate customizable buttons that make solving any task easier.

This can be the best mouse for video editing thanks to its ambidextrous design. As it is a wired mouse, it won’t help you much during work trips but you won’t have to worry about its battery capacity.

4. Logitech G602

Stylish mouse for video editing
mouse for video editing logitech g602

DPI: 2500 | Interface: Wireless | Buttons: 11 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

  • ✚ Wireless
  • ✚ Durable materials
  • ✚ Impressive battery life
  • ✚ Handy drivers
  • Batteries weigh too much
  • No useful macro settings

This wireless mouse is quite reliable and well-designed. Thanks to a low-lag, it can be used both for video editing and gaming. As it has a nice choice of handy specs, it is worth its price.

It features Logitech’s signature design so its body provides a good palm rest. The buttons are comfortable to use as well.

The G602 is the best mouse for editing if you are a righty using a palm-grip. If you occasionally experience muscle strain, you will appreciate the thumb-rest located on the side of the mouse.

Ribbed rubber elements account for a more comfortable grip ensuring that the mouse won’t slip out of your hand.

5. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse

Advance ergonomic design
microsoft sculpt ergonomic video editing mouse

DPI: 10000 | Interface: USB / Wireless | Buttons: 3 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

  • ✚ Advanced ergonomic design
  • ✚ Fitted to work on various surfaces
  • ✚ Windows button
  • ✚ Budget mouse
  • Lack of Bluetooth connectivity option

The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse is an affordable item that can be used for video enhancement. The main advantage of this mouse is its ergonomic design that maximizes comfort for the wrist. This mouse makes navigation easy and promotes a natural posture of the hand, wrist, and forearm, which helps prevent repetitive strain injuries.

Another great benefit of the mouse is its design, which includes a back button for easy navigation. The mouse also comes with four-way scrolling, making it ideal for use on the go.

It’s equipped with BlueTrack technology, which makes it easy to track objects on diverse surfaces. You'll have no trouble getting used to the mouse, as it's designed to conform to various surfaces, including glass and wood.

6. Logitech MX Ergo

Best video editing mouse
logitech mx ergo

DPI: 380 | Interface: USB / Bluetooth | Buttons: 8 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

  • ✚ Horizontal and semi-vertical use
  • ✚ Solid build quality
  • Low cursor precision
  • Not for left-handed people

The mouse delivers great performance but you can further enhance it by programming 8 buttons and setting the tracking speed with the help of the Logitech Options software. You can install it either on your Mac or PC.

This mouse comes with left and right-click buttons, a tiltable wheel and a wide array of customizable options. For your convenience, there are also two extra buttons near the left button that allow moving forward and backward. It is quite useful when you surf the web or work in a program.

7. DELUX Seeker Wireless Mouse

Vertical mouse with OLED screen
delux seeker wireless mouse for video editing

DPI: 7200 | Interface: USB / Wireless | Buttons: 6 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

  • ✚ Ergo snail bionic structure
  • ✚ 4 ways navigation
  • ✚ Quite a few user-settings
  • ✚ With LED backlit-light-sensor
  • May seem too big

The Deluxe Seeker Wireless Mouse is considered the most comfortable mouse for video enhancement. The mouse was designed with ergonomics in mind. Its molded profile fits the hand like a dream and a thumb rest takes the strain off your hand and wrist.

The mouse is equipped with two scroll wheels that are great for use in any movie editing program, such as Premiere Pro. The thumb scroll wheel is excellent for scrubbing through the editing timeline, while the top scrolling wheel is an ideal tool for quickly zooming in and out of your project.

What’s also great is that you can see precisely how much battery power is left on the top of the mouse and how well the mouse is connected to the computer. The mouse comes in various fancy colors and has lights on the back for a little more style than an average mouse could have.

8. Logitech M510

Affordable mouse for video editing
logitech m510

DPI:1000 | Interface: Wireless | Buttons: 7 | Ergonomic: Ambidextrous

  • ✚ Side buttons
  • ✚ Easy to install
  • Tracking could be better

Logitech M510 helps you operate easier and do your work faster. You can use this compact and ergonomic mouse with your right or left hand in any place wherever you wish to take it.

Long battery life, comfortable shape, non-slip rubber grips and high precision make it the best wireless mouse for video editing that will increase the productivity of your work.

Although Logitech M510 is not the best mouse in terms of sensor efficiency, it isn’t important for office work or network browsing.

9. Logitech G903

Cheap model for video editing amateurs
logitech g903 mouse

DPI: 12000 | Interface: Wired/ Wireless | Buttons: 11 | Ergonomic: Ambidextrous

  • ✚ Scroll wheel options and ergonomics
  • ✚ Perfect performance wired or wireless
  • ✚ Nice side and top buttons
  • Plastic-like feel with mediocre RGB lighting
  • Requires recharging quite often

If you are looking both for a gaming and office work mouse, then Logitech G903 will be excellent for you. It will certainly impress you with its technology, wired/wireless options, ergonomics and the overall design.

Thanks to the 2.4GHz dongle adapter, you can switch fast between charging (wired setup) and going wireless by re-using the micro USB braided cable. The included carrying case for the dongle is rather good, but it would be better to put the dongle into the mouse body.

mouse for video editing corsair nightsword
Corsair Nightsword
Our choice
  • DPI: 18000
  • Interface: Wired
  • Buttons:10
  • Ergonomic: Right-handed
mouse for video editing logitech mx master
Logitech MX Master
  • DPI: 4000
  • Interface: USB / Bluetooth
  • Buttons: 2
  • Ergonomic: Right-handed
mouse for video editing razer naga trinity
Razer Naga Trinity
  • DPI: 16000
  • Interface: Wired
  • Buttons:19
  • Ergonomic: Right-handed

How to Choose the Best Mouse for Video Editing?

best mouse for video editing

Cheap or Expensive Mouse for Video Editing?

While looking for the best mouse for video editing, remember that the price of a good mouse is from $20 to $100. You can buy a nice professional mouse for games even if you are on a tight budget. For example, a low-cost model for Sony Vegas or Premiere that costs about $25 can be a nice mouse for video editing with rather good characteristics and long service life. Actually, the price of over $100 is too expensive for a computer mouse. Usually, you pay big sums not for the functionality but for the brand.

Body Shape and Weight

The main thing in choosing the best mouse for video editing is the size. It must fit conveniently into your palm. Whether it is a mouse for games or office work, you should be perfectly suitable for the size of your hand. For left-handed users, there is a special “left” mouse. Besides, you can find a symmetrical mouse that is suitable for both lefties and righties. Do not forget about the grip – it should be comfortable for you as well.

While choosing the best mouse for editing, you must pay attention to the weight. The thing is that an office mouse can be lightweight. However, a gaming mouse should be heavy. The best weight for such a device is around 120 grams. There is even a system of weight in the best Air mice with the help of which you change the weight of the manipulator.

Consider the Shape of the Mouse Body and Its Behavior

best mouse for video editing

The important thing in selecting the best mouse for video editing is the shape of the mouse body. In accordance with the response form of the inner part of the palm, you can find classic, ergonomic and asymmetric types of mouse cases.

Classic type

Nowadays, it is the most widespread type of case. Its shape is rounded and symmetrical in the lengthwise and cross-sections. It has rounded inside or practically flat lateral edges.


A static grip and the gently rounded body of such a mouse make the brush on it rather confident. When you control the cursor, there are almost no movements. Neuromuscular tension is appropriate for the work you do. You can see a little “crawl” of the mouse only when your hand is completely relaxed.


Because of the symmetrical shape of the body on the sides of a classic mouse, which does not respond to the structural features of the hands, people can feel some discomfort in the base of the thumb. However, it can happen only after long hours of work.


Surely, even after long work with the classic type of the mouse, your brush remains always relaxed. Such a device usually does not creep out from the palm. Moreover, there is no need to adjust the position of the device under the palm of your hand. Finally, this manipulator preserves the zone of the comfortable movements of the “mouse” properly.

Ergonomic type

As for ergonomic type, it features a more complicated design. It is a bit asymmetrical across due to its quite high and somewhat sloping shape. It usually has pointed at the base and a bit obstructed sides. The shape of this manipulator is an accurate copy of the inner surface of the palm of the hand. Whether you are right-handed or left-handed, the ergonomic mouse will fit you because it is mostly longitudinally symmetrical.


If you work with such a mouse, you will certainly like it. This manipulator fits so precisely in your hand that your brush will be always comfortable.


The problem of the ergonomic mouse is that when you relax your brush a bit, the manipulator begins to move out of your brush. This occurs because of the body shape that is narrowed on the top at the base of the palm. As a result, you will need extra effort to hold the mouse in your palm. Moreover, the territory of comfortable moves of the mouse starts to reduce due to the changing in the position of the device in the palm.


Alas, often more ergonomic shape of the mouse can be uncomfortable when you work long hours with the manipulator. On the other hand, if you change the position of your hand in the process of working all the time, from the mouse to the keyboard and in reverse, the ergonomic mouse will be the perfect fit for you.

Asymmetric type

In general, the asymmetric type of the mouse unites characteristics of classic and ergonomic models. However, unlike the previously mentioned types, an asymmetric mouse has a protruding part from the side of the thumb.


Thanks to static grip, the position of the hand is confident. Besides, using such a device, comfortable movements of the manipulator will be extended.


Unfortunately, if you are left-handed, then the asymmetric mouse for video editing is not for you. Besides, not all companies make asymmetric models.


As practice shows, it is more comfortable to work with asymmetric type of the mouse than with symmetric one. You can use such a device for long hours without any tension.


  • • Do you need a mouse for Premiere Pro?

Premiere Pro is a software that requires accurate movements of the mouse. Therefore, if you are going to work with it, particularly on a high-resolution display, then you need to get the best mouse for video editing. Moreover, you can increase your productivity with the help of a keyboard that has additional macro keys (since Premiere Pro has plenty of tools and commands).

  • • Are lighter mouse better for FPS?

The heavier mouse, the higher sensitivity it has. However, remember that playing with a heavy manipulator, you cannot move it fast unlike with a lighter gaming mouse.

  • • Do you aim better with a smaller mouse?

In fact, there is no difference whether to aim with the help of a big or a small mouse. Though, sometimes it is easier to micro adapt with a smaller device since it is relative to the hand size. In this way, you can move the mouse inside your palm.

  • • How do I program the side buttons on my mouse?

In order to program buttons on the mouse for video editing, you should open Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center and choose the app-specific settings. Then click on the Add New button and choose the desired program. Finally, you should pick a command in the button command list.