8 Best Photo Masking Apps to Try in 2023

By Tani Adams 5 days ago, Software Reviews

If your goal is combining two photos and creating beautiful visual effects, then you’ll need the best photo masking app for the job. Usually, you’ll only need a couple of seconds to enhance your images using the free photo editing apps featured in this article.

Top 8 Photo Masking Apps

  1. Fix The Photo Editor & Retouch - Edited by professional retouchers
  2. Adobe Photoshop Express - Perfect for fast edits
  3. Fotor - Broad collection of free overlays
  4. Picsart - AI tools
  5. Superimpose - Variety of masking tools
  6. Aftercut - Over 40 filters and more than 300 premade effects
  7. Image Blender - Basic multi-exposure solution
  8. Photo Blender: Mix Photos - 50 different styles

When picking applications for this post, I accounted for how user-friendly they are and what features other than image masking they offer. Some, like Photoshop Express, are also suitable for advanced tasks like creating cutouts, dehazing, retouching, and noise reduction.

1. FixThePhoto Editor & Retouch

Employs professional retouchers
  • Retouchers are available 24/7
  • Free trial option
  • All edits are done manually
  • Not manual editing

Verdict: With the Fix The Photo Editor & Retouch, you’ll receive an image with a photo masking effect in the shortest timeframe possible. Simply import your image, specify the desired changes, and receive a professionally-retouched photo within a couple of hours.

Professional retouchers will delete objects from your image, replace the background, and add a picture frame. They’re also capable of performing any other manipulations that you may want to order.

Retouchers work on orders 24/7 to ensure your request is fulfilled as soon as possible. This photos background app can be tested for free, as the service’s retouchers will edit a couple of photos according to your requirements. Afterward, you’ll have to pay $1.99 for 5 credits.

fix the photo editor & retouch photo masking app interface

2. Adobe Photoshop Express

Perfect for fast edits
  • Impressive selection of filters
  • Good assortment of adjustment and correction tools
  • Can be integrated with other Adobe products
  • Some extra features are limited to the premium version

Verdict: With Photoshop Express, you’ll be able to easily retouch and manipulate photos as well as perform photo masking. If you think the process of creating a mask in Photoshop is difficult, then you’ll be happy to learn that doing the same task in Express is a lot simpler.

Akin to Photoshop, this mask photo editor allows working with layers. You only need to pick one photo for the background and one for the main image and combine them. You can also use the automated Cutout tool to delete the background.

Additionally, this app lets you apply different themes to your photos, as it provides a broad collection of assets to choose from while also letting you tweak the text. Express is completely free but some of the features, like the Advanced Healing tool, are only available after getting a subscription for $9.99/mo.

adobe photoshop express photo masking app interface

3. Fotor

Broad collection of free overlays
  • Unique filters and effects
  • AI background deletion
  • Beautiful coordinating stickers
  • Occasional crashes that delete all unsaved editing progress
  • Only basic image features

Verdict: Fotor makes the process of image masking a breeze. You simply have to import your photo, pick the desired image masking option, and choose one of the preset masking materials or upload your own. Afterward, you can change the mask layer's size, location, and intensity before saving the result.

Other than letting you create a simple double exposure effect using gradient tones, Fotor also provides a large selection of free overlays that range from urban lights to landscapes that give you even more editing freedom.

You can get the basic version of this app for free or pay $8.99 per user a month for having access to the advanced features.

fotor photo masking app interface

4. Picsart

AI tools
  • Community of more than 150 million digital artists and photographers
  • Large collection of stylized image filters
  • Handy AI picture generator
  • Occasional lags
  • Relatively expensive subscription
picsart photo masking app logo

Verdict: Picsart allows you to easily improve an image texture, which you’re going to use as the background. Textures like bokeh, light leaks, and others will make your images look livelier. Additionally, you can create Drip Art by using dripping effect stickers that are later customized using different blending modes.

Additionally, the PicsArt masking tool can be paired with various effects for creating images in all kinds of distinct styles. This cut and paste app is available for free or on a subscription basis for $11.99/month.

picsart photo masking app interface

5. Superimpose

Variety of masking tools
  • Straightforward workflow
  • Comes with basic adjustment tools
  • Integrated mask collection
  • Occasional bugs when adding new foregrounds
  • No free version
superimpose photo masking app logo

Verdict: Superimpose is arguably the best photo masking app, as it lets you merge several images to achieve a creative double exposure, surreal, or juxtaposition effect. It makes it very simple to blend/mix/cut/paste photos on top of each other while receiving pro-level results.

With the help of advanced masking features, you'll be able to manually or automatically delete areas from one photo and then blend them with a different image.

clipping path service by fixthephoto clipping path service by fixthephoto

Want to Create a Realistic Photo Masking Effect?

FixThePhoto provides a broad range services that include image masking.

The agency’s experts even work with complex-shaped objects while paying special attention to color correction and adding shadows. The cost starts at $2.50 per image.

This double exposure photo app comes with a magic lasso that cuts out an image area from a roughly drawn boundary as well as a regular brush masking tool and many other features designed for different kinds of masking techniques. You can get Superimpose for $1.99.

superimpose photo masking app interface

6. Aftercut

Over 40 filters and more than 300 premade effects
  • Includes manual and smart selection features
  • More than 20 blend modes
  • Transparent PNG files supported
  • Rarely receives updates
  • Lacks some of the features included in Photoshop Express
aftercut photo masking app logo

Verdict: Aftercut is a fantastic picture masking app for all iPhone owners. It comes with a large number of premade effects that allow you to create pro-grade images. In just a few taps, you’ll be able to select objects, replace the background, and combine multiple images.

This filter app also offers the features necessary for applying blur, making photos B&W, and tweaking their clarity, brightness, and contrast parameters. You can purchase this app for $2.99.

aftercut photo masking app interface

7. Image Blender

Basic multi-exposure solution
  • Allows creating custom filters with overlays
  • Exports the result in full resolution
  • Optimized for iPad
  • No Android version
  • Not suitable for old iOS versions
image blender photo masking app logo
Image Blender

Verdict: Image Blender is a straightforward photo masking software that comes with a plethora of blending modes and is available on iPhone and iPad. This app lets you add a multi-exposure effect, apply different filters to edit Instagram photos, and add or replace objects.

Additionally, you can use Image Blender to enhance your photos with textures, watermarks, and logos. The app is currently available for $3.99.

image blender photo masking app interface

8. Photo Blender: Mix Photos

50 different styles
  • User-friendly
  • More than 1000 collage templates
  • Fantastic tool for designing social network posts
  • Limited functionality
  • Unintuitive photo renaming
photo blender photo masking app logo
Photo Blender: Mix Photos

Verdict: Photo Blender is designed specifically for creating blended photos, which is why its functionality is limited to tools related to that task. It lets you blend images in over 50 unique styles while adjusting the placement and area of each photo as you see fit as well as tweaking the blending level to create the perfect effect.

This photo editing app for Android is available for free while also offering in-app purchases.

photo blender photo masking app interface