7 Best Online Tone Generators in 2023

A tone generator is a handy instrument that can come in handy in many situations. Starting with audio equipment calibration and ending with scientific experiments – you can hardly do without such a tool.

The majority of tone generators are available online, making it possible to produce the necessary tones in a quick and straightforward manner. I have described the most user-friendly options, so you are sure to find the best online tone generator for your needs.

Top 7 Best Online Tone Generators

  1. Online Tone Generator - Easy to use interface
  2. Szynalski Online Tone Generator - Keyboard shortcuts
  3. Audio Test File Generators - Great for advanced users
  4. WavTones - Compatible with any operating system
  5. Gieson TonGen - Instant tone generation
  6. ToneScope - No registration is required
  7. Editar Audio - Increases or decreases manually the frequency in real time

The best thing about tone generators is that some of them can serve medical purposes. According to in-depth research, such tools can produce low-frequency tones that help treat Alzheimer's disease. However, remember to keep the volume level of headphones/speakers low to prevent hearing impairment.

1. Online Tone Generator – Our Choice

Easy to use interface
  • Lots of sound setting features
  • Newbie-friendly
  • Works on 4 different waveforms
  • Not found

Verdict: The bragging point of this service is simplicity. You just need to indicate what frequency you want to get and press the “Play” button. The program will generate a pure tone sine wave sampled at a rate of 44.1kHz. The process is finished once you press the “Stop” button. All files are output as WAVs, so you may need to use audio converters to turn them into standard MP3s.

There are also 4 different waveforms (Triangle, Sine, Sawtooth, and Square) you can choose from. Pick a suitable option and the process will start automatically. Another cool feature is that there are numerous settings to fine-tune a tone. For instance, you can use the Pitch Shifter to alter the Pitch to Binaural Beats and DTMF Signals. Look through all the available settings to get the correct tone.

online tone generator interface

2. Szynalski Online Tone Generator

Keyboard shortcuts
  • Unmatched at testing audio equipment
  • Detailed instruction
  • Allows controlling the tone frequency
  • May lag

Verdict: This is probably the best online tone generator for novice users, as every element of the interface is super straightforward. There is one key slider that allows controlling the tone frequency. Pressing the “Play” button, you’ll hear a generated tone in accordance with chosen settings. This means you can hear what you’ve created and make changes if needed.

Some users opt for this tool for conducting scientific experiments with resonance while others take advantage of its capabilities for testing and tuning musical instruments. It is also suitable for testing hearing and defining the tinnitus frequencies for more accurate target therapy.

szynalski online tone generator interface

3. Audio Test File Generators

Great for advanced users
  • Generating Sweep, Dual or Sine tones
  • Saving in uncompressed .wav files downloads for every test
  • Increased duration and sample rates up to 192 kHz
  • No way to save a tone if you indicated an incorrect value in one of the fields

Verdict: All sound files presented on this platform are precisely calibrated and you can adjust their frequency and range. By clicking on any of the links in the Tone Gen section, you will get to another page with controls to adjust tone properties before downloading it.

In the upper left corner of the new web page, you will see the “Play” button. Press it to hear the chosen default tone. Below, there is a file generator field, where you can customize the properties of the tone you are generating.

audio test file online tone generator interface

4. WavTones

Compatible with any operating system
  • Stochastic noise generators
  • 32-bit alias-free variable-length wavetables
  • Intuitive UI
  • Few tones in a free version
Compatible with any operating system

Verdict: People, who are professionally engaged in the development of audio and acoustics applications, frequently use this service. It produces accurately calibrated tones with customizable frequency and amplitude. It possesses some functions of the top-tier audio editing software allowing you to create original compositions.

Both paid and free versions allow you to adjust a tone. The only downside of the service is that it’s impossible to listen to a generated tone until your download it. This makes the entire process a bit more cumbersome, as you can’t clearly understand what parameters require adjusting. Moreover, while using a free version, you have to put up with the limited Bit Depth – 16-bit.

wavtones online tone generator interface

5. Gieson TonGen

Instant tone generation
  • Frequency controls
  • User-friendly
  • You can easily find an ideal tone frequency
  • It doesn’t save generated tones
  • You cannot use a link for a created tone
gieson tongen online tone generator logo
Gieson TonGen

Verdict: If you're looking for an easy way to generate tones right in your browser, this is probably the best online tone generator for the task. You can easily change the tone frequency by dragging the Hz slider, and use the Fine Tune Hz slider to find an ideal tone frequency.

There are four types of waves on the platform, all aimed at producing different types of tones. You can change their tonality by clicking on one of the buttons located at the bottom of the tone generator.

gieson tongen online tone generator interface

6. ToneScope

No registration is required
  • Quick and intuitive tone generator
  • Suits pros and beginners
  • Stochastic noise generators
  • Tones saving issues
tonescope online tone generator logo

Verdict: This is an efficient online service, where you can generate tones from 1 Hz to 10,000 Hz, and experiment with waveforms. There is a special feature called Metronome, which is indispensable for those practicing their tempo.

Using the service, you can generate a tone online or save it for offline playback. All audio files are exported in WAV format. You may take advantage of a WAV to MP3 converter to turn files into a widely-used MP3 format.

tonescope online tone generator interface

7. Editar Audio

Increases or decreases manually the frequency in real time
  • Excellent platform for testing devices such as radios
  • Speaker test
  • Allows producing sinusoidal, square waves, triangular waves
  • Freezes if an Internet connection is slow
editar audio online tone generator logo
Editar Audio

Verdict: Choosing this platform, you get access to a comprehensive environment for creating tones from 5 Hz to 10,000 Hz, generating different waves, and merging 3 separate octaves.

Here you can create up to 16 tones in one go, perform a mono or separate stereo operation for dual tones/beats, and try your hand at a log or linear sweep tone generation. Once you are done and have downloaded your creation, you can use audio editors for Mac to get down to advanced audio editing.

editar audio online tone generator interface