Plonta Creative Website Design Agency Review 2024

By Kate Gross 10 days ago, Apps and Software

Plonta Creative Agency

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  • Platforms: Web
  • Price: Individual

Verdict: Plonta Creative Agency is a newly established company that specializes in digital technologies. They will help you build a WordPress-based website or create a unique, optimized, responsive design, which will make it easier for your clients to access your platform from various devices. The agency can also promote your brand, blog or portfolio, which makes them a great choice for photographers, designers and businessmen.

What I like the most about this agency is that they can create a design from scratch or improve an existing one. Besides, they can fix various issues, add useful plugins and upgrade your platform so that it meets the most recent requirements.

  • Build websites for small and mid-size companies as well as for corporations
  • Analyze the marker, create a unique design, redesign websites
  • Use 4 ways to promote a website
  • Support clients even after finishing working on a project
  • Free consultations
  • Prices are on demand
plonta creative agency interface

While the agency hasn’t been on the market for a long time, you will like their individual approach. When ordering Plonta Creative Agency website design services, you can be sure that the team will focus on your target audience.

Besides creating an easy-to-use website with a responsive design, their professionals will analyze the market and offer you several options that will help you boost your sales and improve your Google search ranking.

Plonta Creative Agency – Main Services and Features

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Plonta Creative Agency has a great team that consists of many highly professional employees who know how to build a perfect website, create a unique design and promote your product using digital media marketing techniques. They have an individual approach to each customer and keep pace with current trends.

Personalized Website Development Based on the Data Provided by a Corporation

plonta creative agency individual web site

Plonta Creative Agency will analyze your requirements, target audience and competitors to build a website that can be accessed from personal computers, laptops and mobile devices. Using the WordPress platform, the agency can create an online e-commerce store, a photographer/videographer’s portfolio, a news website or a personal blog.

Thanks to professional plugins, your single- or multi-page website will be loading quickly. The developers can also add a cart or useful widgets. As they are very client-focused, they will listen to your suggestions and make edits even after a project is finished.

UX/UI Design from Scratch

plonta creative agency optimized web design

Whether you already have a website or have just recently created it, Plonta Creative Agency can create a unique design from scratch. They will make your website well-structured and visually appealing. To solve any task even more effectively, they offer 2 types of services.

UX designers will use multiple elements to create a well-thought-out structure of your website. They will add content, create text fields, buttons and tags.

UI designers will make everything to create an attention-grabbing website design. They will select colors, the style of the buttons, typographic elements, widgets and animation.

Besides, I like that they can update the design of your website based on current trends or existing solutions. They can fix minor issues to optimize a website and make it accessible from various devices. The team can also create a design from scratch. Their designers will analyze the area you specialize in and come up with interesting solutions.

Digital Marketing Services

Unlike most third-party digital marketing agencies, Plonta Creative offers 4 ways for promoting your website, including keyword optimization, targeted PPC ads, email newsletters, and social media marketing techniques for promoting a photographer’s portfolio.

Informative Blog

Since Plonta Creative is a recently established agency, they regularly update their blog with informative articles on current topics, such as website promotion and development as well as tips on website design and optimization.

Besides, here, you will find a detailed article that will help you understand whether you need to create a backup of your WordPress-based website. They analyze all the pros and cons of creating backups.

Plonta Creative Website Design Agency Prices

Plonta Creative Agency doesn’t have a fixed price list since they have an individual approach to each client and the final price will depend on the complexity of a task. If you need to build a website from scratch, use social network marketing services, launch email campaigns, create a unique design or upgrade an already existing platform, make sure to fill out a special form on the official website.

You will be quickly contacted by a manager who will provide a consultation on your specific case and redirect you to one of the team members. The best thing is that you will be contacted almost immediately and won’t be charged for it.

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