13 Best Email Signature Generators for Professional Emails

An email signature is an effective tool to draw the client’s attention and increase your brand awareness. 62% of businesses use email signatures to increase brand awareness. Whether you are a sole trader or own your own company, an email signature will help you stand out from the competition and drive a positive conversion. If you want your email signature to look professional and memorable, then choose appropriate email signature generators.

Top 13 Email Signature Generators

  1. Gimm.io - Advanced customization features
  2. Newoldstamp - Analyze signature clicks
  3. Email Signature Rescue - Professionally created templates
  4. MySignature - Create signatures on your phone
  5. WiseStamp - For large companies
  6. Rocketseed - Integrates with all e-mail clients
  7. Branded Emails - For business marketing
  8. Designhill - 60-Second process
  9. Signature.email - Drag & drop builder
  10. Hubspot - For small businesses
  11. Woodpecker - No fees or subscriptions
  12. Influencer Marketing Hub - Beginner-friendly
  13. Stripo - User-friendly and straightforward builder

There are a few things to keep in mind. Look through customization options, find out if you can add images, social media icons, links, and other elements to your signature. Also, you need to check compatibility with your email platform. If you need software for your company, then you should choose a program with good teamwork capabilities.

1. Gimm.io — Our Choice

Advanced customization features
  • Includes ready-made templates
  • You can use banners, disclaimers, and extra images
  • Drag-and-drop layout control is available
  • There are good plans for web agencies
  • None

Verdict: This email signature app meets the needs of design agencies and businesses that want to create fantastic custom designs. It features advanced customization and styling options suitable for the most demanding tasks.

The program includes over 45 free professional templates. They come to the rescue if you are not strong in graphic design or want to get things done faster. Gimm.io is popular among both individual users and web design companies. The customization options are amazing. You can set the borders you want, change colors, choose fonts, add social icons, and more. Make your email signature unique by taking advantage of 44 fonts, over 2000 social icon options, and the ability to adjust spacing and borders in each field.

gimmio email signature generator interface

2. Newoldstamp

Analyze signature clicks
  • User-friendly
  • Efficient and quick
  • Perfect for novice users
  • Easy to set up all your options
  • You must pay to get advanced features

Verdict: This simple email signature creator has impressive customization options. It is a good choice for inexperienced users due to its convenient and easy-to-use functionality. You will quickly understand its clear UI and controls even if you are not a non-tech person at all. All functions are extremely simple and you can create your signature in just 2 minutes.

You can add social media icons and applications to the design if necessary. The bottom of the newsletters may also contain the call-to-action option and a promotional banner. Thanks to its tracking and analysis tools, you can get information about clicks on your email signature. Therefore, you can use it as email marketing software.

newoldstamp email signature generator interface

3. Email Signature Rescue

Professionally created templates
  • You can get your money back within 7 days
  • Animated GIFs and banners can be added
  • Includes an analytics feature
  • Compatible with lots of email platforms
  • Only paid version
  • Modest learning curve

Verdict: This is one of the apps with its outstanding collection of 60 customizable photographer email templates. If you have a small business, this program is for you. It is compatible with 60+ email platforms, has over 120,000 social media icons, and provides user support.

Moreover, it can automatically update signatures from your account dashboard. You can store the created signature on the platform. Plus, integration with Google Analytics allows you to get data on the effectiveness of your social media icons, links, images, and more.

email signature rescue generator interface

4. MySignature

Create signatures on your phone
  • Simple and clear templates
  • Easy management and distribution through the dashboard
  • You can import a banner and social icons
  • Suitable for a wide range of email clients
  • There are only 4 free templates

Verdict: MySignature comes in handy for small business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs who want to increase their online visibility. The program supports a number of popular services such as Apple Mail, Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird, and Office 365. It works well on tablets and smartphones so you can use this app on the go.

Using the free version of the program, you get access to a wide range of customization options. You can add text or handwritten sign-offs, choose fonts and colors, apply different add-ons, and more. Also, 140 social icons are available to you. If necessary, you can use your data from Facebook or LinkedIn.

email signature generator interface

5. WiseStamp

For large companies
  • Lots of add-on options
  • Includes an analytics feature
  • You can customize the template color
  • Create as many signatures as you need
  • Can be confusing for some users
  • It is not the best choice for smaller teams
wisestamp email signature generator logo

Verdict: This email signature app is a great option for larger businesses as it can take on over 1000 users. Thanks to the centralized system, companies can achieve the necessary uniformity through the control and change of all employee signatures.

WiseStamp is available in multiple plans including a free one. You can build your email signatures by choosing one of the 50 ready-made templates. They differ in genre and style so you can easily find one that suits your brand. Personalize your design by adding social media icons, and stickers, and images for emails. When everything is done, you can quickly share it with your customers in one click.

wisestamp email signature generator interface

6. Rocketseed

Integrates with all e-mail clients
  • Active Directory compatibility
  • Centralized control option
  • Efficient email banner campaign
  • Simple setup
  • Lack of free version
rocketseed email signature generator logo

Verdict: This is a good option for companies as the program allows you to generate and manage pro-level business email signatures for the whole team to match the entire brand image. You can create unique signatures based on custom templates or contact Rocketseed's professional design service for help. Insert newsletter sign-up links, social media badges, and website icons as needed. Moreover, there is an option to auto-update signature contact details.

This email signature creator delivers secure solutions that deploy and display well regardless of your device. Integration into Active Directory is one of the key advantages of this software. With this feature, your email signature information will be updated as soon as you make any changes to Active Directory.

rocketseed email signature generator interface

7. Branded Emails

For business marketing
  • Excellent custom design
  • Provides email analytics
  • Full-suite email branding is available
  • Stunning customization options
  • Paid
  • Lacks plans for individuals
branded emails email signature generator logo
Branded Emails

Verdict: There is a professional design team behind the Branded Emails. By the way, you may have known this generator as Growth Mail before. They can create unique templates that will help you stand out from the crowd. This is one of the best email signature generators for those who want something more creative and personalized.

In addition to creating an email signature, you can also get full-fledged email branding for your business. With the help of your email signature, you can increase traffic to your website without much effort. This program allows you to benefit from your email signatures using them as interactive ads. With the ability to track analytics and market your services, this option is one of the most powerful email marketing strategies for photographers.

branded emails email signature generator interface

8. Designhill

60-Second process
  • Suitable for a variety of email platforms
  • Tons of design templates
  • Includes100 social media icons
  • Amazing customer base
  • Group signatures aren’t available
  • You can’t save them on their server
designhill email signature generator logo

Verdict: With this free email signature generator, you will get the result in just one minute. It is compatible with a wide range of email clients. The program includes an amazing collection of templates which you can complete with social media links, icons, and disclaimers. With these effective tools, you will get more clicks on your emails.

Designhill comes with a basic editor including some customization options. The downside is the lack of the ability to save a signature on their platform. I will also note that this is not the best choice for large companies since you can only create 1 signature.

designhill email signature generator interface

9. Signature.email

Drag & drop builder
  • Clear UI
  • Perfect look regardless of your device
  • Auto resizing option for uploaded pictures
  • Consistent branding for the whole team
  • A few fonts
  • Can apply only 1 font to the entire template
email signature generator logo

Verdict: This simple email signature is a decent option for those who don't want to bother with complex and confusing functionality. You can easily customize the available templates for your brand using its drag & drop editor. Just a few simple manipulations and a unique email signature is at your disposal!

You can use Signature.email for team projects to provide a consistent signature design. The link-sharing option avoids time-consuming manipulations to deliver signatures to all employees. One link and all team members will receive the necessary assets.

email signature generator interface

10. HubSpot

For small businesses
  • Absolutely free
  • No signing up or registration is required
  • You can modify colors
  • User-friendly
  • Only six templates are available
  • Poor customization options
hubspot email signature generator logo

Verdict: This customer service software is a good option for small businesses. It has an impressive array of marketing tools. You can use its signature generator even without design experience and deep tech knowledge.

You can personalize the available templates by adding pictures, social media links, other relevant information, as well as changing colors and fonts. When you get a signature that meets your requirements, you can easily insert it into your emails from this e sign app.

hubspot email signature generator interface

11. Woodpecker

No fees or subscriptions
  • Easy-to-use
  • Deliverability-friendly
  • Direct load to email client
  • Based on the 4-step process
  • Weak customization options
  • They could provide more templates
woodpecker email signature generator logo

Verdict: Check out Woodpecker if you want to generate email signatures without any fees. This is a completely clean and free tool with no hidden fees or premium plans. This simple email signature creator includes several templates that you can customize according to your branding needs. The whole process is very simple and fast. Just a few minutes and your signature is ready!

The amazing signature deliverability and compatibility is one of the main advantages of this tool. The signatures created in this program are supported by many email clients, so you can be sure that your clients will see them correctly.

woodpecker email signature generator interface

12. Influencer Marketing Hub

  • Twenty-first-century design
  • Good customization options
  • Simple process
  • Includes custom field option
  • There are no advanced features
influencer marketing hub email signature generator logo
Influencer Marketing Hub

Verdict: If you are looking for a user-friendly email signature creator without a complex set of features, then this option is worth your attention. You can easily generate your signatures without any fees. First, choose a template and then fill it with relevant information including name, contacts, useful links, etc.

Uploading a logo and profile photo is also possible. Give a more personal touch by customizing colors and fonts. The templates also have a custom field for various info such as business hours. Plus, you can share the finished email signature with other team members or employees.

influencer marketing hub email signature generator interface

13. Stripo

User-friendly and straightforward builder
  • High speed of operation
  • Top-quality signatures
  • No annoying adverts
  • Adding social network links
  • Poor template selection
stripo email signature generators logo

Verdict: Being a robust email design service, Stripo allows for quick and hassle-free creation of sophisticated email templates without any coding experience. It is fitted with a clear and user-friendly email generator as well. What I liked the most is that the whole process takes only three steps, it is very fast and convenient.

To get started, you should browse the pre-made templates to choose the one that suits you best. Next, you need to provide the required data by filling out the form so that Stripo can create a unique email signature based on it. At this stage, adding links to your social networks and template customization become available to fully meet your expectations.

When you complete all the adjustments, just go to your email inbox to enjoy your individual and unique email signature. Everything is ready – the signature is available for use. I’m impressed by how quickly this service can provide such amazing results.

stripo email signature generators interface


  • • Are email signature generators compatible with different email clients and platforms?

Most email signature generators are designed to be compatible with popular email clients and platforms such as Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, and more. They provide instructions and specific configurations for seamless integration across different email environments.

  • • Can an email signature generator include logos or promotional banners in the signature?

Yes, email signature generators often provide options to incorporate company logos, promotional banners, or social media icons into the signature design. This enables users to enhance brand recognition and promote additional content or social channels.

  • • Do email signature generators support mobile devices?

Yes, email signature generators are typically mobile-responsive and can generate signatures that are compatible with mobile email applications. This ensures a consistent and professional appearance across different devices and screen sizes.