Betterzila Link Building Platform Review: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 20 days ago, Apps and Software


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Verdict: I devoted much time to my business promotion but realized that doing that without professional assistance isn’t really efficient. So, I started to look for a company specializing in link building and chose Betterzila after all. Working with this team was really great.

They thoroughly analyzed my business and asked about my requirements in order to eliminate needless expenses. Such an approach adds to their credibility a lot. You can also address them if you need search engine optimization services. I did it with the aim to get the most out of my link building campaign.

  • Cooperate with B2B SaaS brands
  • Search engine optimization for web resources
  • Excels at link building
  • SaaS content marketing
  • Separate services aren’t really effective
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Betterzila is a top-tier company specializing in link building and search engine optimization. It mainly works with SaaS brands and related businesses seeking help with online representation. If you are a busy photographer and actively advertise your services on a separate site, you may want to reach out to this team to boost your recognition on the net and increase the number of returning clients. Both goals mean a higher income in the long run.

Betterzila: Main Features

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Betterzila highlights that its main segment of clients is SaaS brands. Such a categorization is really important because it accentuates the company’s prowess in SaaS promotion and its in-depth understanding of sore points such brands typically experience. The team claims that links can either make or break an entire search engine optimization campaign so they work hard to create links that tackle burning issues.

These guys use reliable and efficient tools for link building, as well as partner with top-rated services that have made a name in brand promotion. Another niche they’ve achieved success in is organic search traffic growth. It has a huge impact on advertising expenses, which means the cost of their help won’t go hopingly high. This is great news for their clients.

Recent Link Building Strategies for Creative SaaS Brands

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Juggling different strategies in the process of work, they can choose the most fitting variant for each and every client. Most companies want to have customer backlinks to their main pages but sometimes it’s better to shift focus to other web resources. For example, if you offer different types of photography services or sell high-quality goods for photographers, it would be better to have a backlink to your online store or page with a detailed description of photoshoot options.

One of the most popular ways to promote brands through link building is using guest posts. Betterzila will select relevant high-ranking sites to place backlinks to your SaaS page, which will significantly increase the number of profitable customers. What’s more, the team carefully works on identifying relevant keywords, which they then use as anchors for your backlinks, and subsequently monitor their performance using special website backlink checkers.

Development of Unique Content within SaaS Content Marketing Strategies

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No matter how cool a link building strategy is, it will lose half of its potential if the content on a website leaves much to be desired. Fortunately, you can order professional content creation at Betterzila. The biggest advantage is that this team understands the characteristics of your business and can prepare content that is aligned with it. Besides, they will analyze the efficacy of the entire strategy and make corrections as quickly as possible.

SaaS content marketing is extremely popular nowadays among all those involved in the SaaS business. If everything is done properly, SaaS companies will notice a large uptick in the number of clients without spending a fortune. Betterzila adheres to an overarching approach when creating content, considering such aspects as business goals, target audience, requested content types, keywords, and conversion.

Full-Packed Search Engine Optimization Consultancy and Management for SaaS Brands

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Being a serious digital marketing agency, Betterzila goes the extra mile when clients order search engine optimization services. The cooperation always starts with a consultation so that both parties can ensure they are on the same page. You can order either an expert opinion about your current progress with search engine optimization or ask for full-featured help with the development and implementation of the strategy.

As part of search engine optimization services, the company carries out an in-depth study of everything that directly or indirectly affects the brand's ranking, as well as its position in the search results. Betterzila sets realistic and measurable goals for its clients, so you know exactly when and what results to expect.

Marketers study the market, competitors, customers, research keywords and the behavior of the target audience on the web. Based on all this data, they build a well-thought-out strategy. They use all possible paid and free resources to increase your ranking in Google and other search engines.

Betterzila Prices

Making a single price list is impossible when it comes to link building and search engine optimization services. Every client has unique demands and goals, which directly affect the price of an order. Of course, you can learn an approximate fee by contacting support agents.