11 Best eBook Software in 2023

11 Best eBook Software in 2023

All eBook software are designed for producing, setting up or formatting various types of electronic publications including e-magazines, etc. With the help of these programs, you can turn different file formats into electronic documents for distributing them online.

A book creator software will be a great assistant for writers, journalists, translators, students, etc.

Top 11 eBook Software

  1. Adobe InDesign - Adjustable layout examples
  2. Scrivener - Formatting presets
  3. Kitaboo - Robust file protection with DRM
  4. Epubee Maker - Keeps data secure and prevents quality loss
  5. FlipHTML5 - Adds media files to a book
  6. Calibre - Compatible with various platforms
  7. Ultimate Ebook Creator - Allows inserting audio and video into a digital book
  8. eBook Maestro - Advanced script features
  9. iBooks Author - Allows generating samples
  10. Microsoft Word Online - One-click sharing online
  11. Zoho Writer - AI-powered writing assistant

While selecting the best eBook software, I took into consideration the price, the experience of users, OS, the ability to create page-flipping interactive eBooks from PDF, images or other files. I also picked the options that let you incorporate various media elements to an eBook including pictures, videos, links, slideshows, etc.

1. Adobe InDesign - Our Choice

Adjustable layout examples
  • Numerous fonts
  • Adaptable spacing and customizable styles
  • Compatible with various Adobe products
  • None

Verdict: Adobe InDesign is a book creator software that offers a great variety of functions for editing your digital publications. It allows you to re-size documents, adjust the spacing, create personalized styles. To make your digital publications more appealing, you can use different fonts.

This book design software integrates with numerous Adobe products, such as Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Illustrator. It is especially useful for producing eye-catching eBook covers. Moreover, the software offers customizable ePub formats for Kindle and other similar devices.

adobe indesign ebook software interface

2. Scrivener

Formatting presets
  • Simple text editing
  • File importing
  • Great number of features for non-fiction books
  • The trial version with limited functionality

Verdict: Scrivener is one of the best eBook software that is compatible with various OS, including Windows, macOS and iOS. Offering its users various text-editing and formatting features, this program allows adding tables, bullet points, images and custom fonts to your digital books.

Moreover, the functionality of this software allows for video, sound and image integration. A cork noticeboard lets you arrange the synopsis index cards for digital books more effectively. By using the Compile option, you can share your eBook in various formats after its completion.

scrivener ebook software interface

3. Kitaboo

Robust file protection with DRM
  • Compatible with various book platforms
  • Interactive elements and multimedia options
  • High-quality batch conversion
  • Impossible to customize the output

Verdict: Kitaboo is a cloud-based eBook format software. With its help, you can create engaging digital content with a powerful DRM protection that will secure your projects from theft and piracy. The functionality of this software allows you to create a digital book from scratch or convert your electronic manuscript into an ePUB format.

Use Kitaboo to incorporate some interactive elements to your electronic book to make it more interesting and appealing to users. You can add video, audio files and images. Moreover, the content produced with the help of this platform can be opened by devices with various operation systems.

kitaboo ebook software interface

4. Epubee maker

Keeps data secure and prevents quality loss
  • Converts files fast and efficiently
  • Customizable settings
  • Converts DOC and HTML files into ePub format
  • Batch conversion is not available

Verdict: Considered by many users as the best free eBook creator, Epubee maker can convert Word files to various formats, such as ePUB, Mobi and PDF. With the help of this extension, you can also open various file formats in MS Word.

Upon your eBook completion, you can share and transfer it to such gadgets as a tablet for reading e-books, Kindle, Nook, Kobo devices. Besides, you can use ePUBee Maker for editing and reading digital books.

epubee maker ebook software interface

5. FlipHTML5

Adds media files to a book
  • Numerous samples, background colors and pictures
  • Simple editing, branding and sharing
  • Online and offline PDF uploading
  • The Pro package requires payment

Verdict: FlipHTML5 book creator software allows you to make great digital books without any problems. Being one of the most popular HTML5 online publishing platforms, it is capable of adding various types of interactive content to your book including hyperlinks, photos, animating pictures, etc.

Moreover, FlipHTML5 lets you publish multimedia content online even if you are not a website owner. Besides, you can open your electronic books on all gadgets and use various browsers.

fliphtml ebook software interface

6. Calibre

Compatible with various platforms
  • Search and replace option to fix errors
  • Deletes margins
  • Integrated eBook viewer
  • User interface needs to be updated

Verdict: Calibre is one of the best eBook software that offers its users a great toolkit for creating and editing digital books. Providing numerous options for creating engaging content, the tool is capable to edit eBooks and other types of digital publications like magazines, etc.

Calibre’s toolkit allows adding a new electronic book to the platform, modify its metadata, change the format of your digital book and even upload some new books from the web to Calibre. After clicking on the “Add eBook” tab, you will be offered to upload digital books in various popular formats, such as PDF, HTML, EPUB, etc.

calibre ebook software interface

7. Ultimate eBook Creator

Allows inserting audio and video into a digital book
  • Produces eBooks with interactive elements
  • Doesn’t require an Internet connection
  • Integrated spell-check feature is available in many languages
  • Compatible only with Windows

Verdict: Ultimate eBook Creator is a great software for working with MOBI, PDF or EPUB electronic books. It offers a rich toolkit with numerous features for producing various types of electronic publications, including eBooks, digital tutorials, etc. This eBook format software can also process your Word or PDF documents and transform them into digital books.

Ultimate eBook Creator has an embedded editor for adding pictures, text blocks, hyperlinks, graphs, bookmarks, audio or video files to digital books. Moreover, it has many automatic features that let you create various tables or translate the content to 80+ languages.

ultimate ebook creator software interface

8. eBook Maestro

Excellent script options
  • Customizable window captions
  • Allows previewing changes
  • Supports many types of files
  • Slow performance

Verdict: eBook Maestro is the most versatile book creator software that can process various types of digital files, including magazines, books, presentations, albums, etc. The best thing about this software is its capability to transform HTML pages into electronic book apps that look like mini-browsers.

This software also offers many HTML templates, which allows creating engaging eBooks fast and easily. It also enables its users to set a free test period, produce branding icons for digital books, etc.

ebook maestro software interface

9. iBooks Author

Allows generating samples
  • Lets you create, collaborate on and publish digital books
  • The Pages section has many options for designing an eBook
  • Adds various multimedia files
  • Compatible only with iOS

Verdict: iBooks Author allows you to generate digital books using an iPad, iPhone and MacBook.

Considered as one of the best desktop publishing software, this interactive book creator boasts rich functionality, which allows you to perform various actions for improving your eBook with some interactive elements like pictures, animations, 3D shapes, audio, video, tables, etc. What is more, this software also exports digital books in various formats so that you can open them using different devices. It lets you export documents in PDF, ePUB, etc.

ibooks author ebook software interface

10. Microsoft Word Online

One-click sharing online
  • User-friendly UI and editing features
  • Allows collaborating and adding comments in real-time
  • More than 40 categories of Word templates
  • You will need to pay for a full version

Verdict: Microsoft Word is an eBook format software for creating and editing digital books. Word Online allows generating documents in the cloud, which eliminates the need to store it securely on your device. This feature also lets you interact with other writers and editors to complete your projects faster and without much trouble.

This software also allows adding comments and feedback to your project, as well as highlighting some important sections. Moreover, Microsoft Word Online offers numerous templates for quick creation of your interactive book using various add-ons and a great variety of formatting options. You can also upload your manuscript from your PC to Microsoft Word in one click.

microsoft word online ebook software interface

11. Zoho Writer

AI-powered writing assistant
  • More than 350 fonts for enhancing your eBook
  • Fixes all grammatical errors automatically
  • Protect a document from being edited
  • Limited functionality in a free version

Verdict: Zoho is a simple to use software for creating digital books from scratch. Open a blank page and bring your creative ideas to life to create engaging content. The editor also offers such helpful features as real-time collaboration for faster completion of your project.

Moreover, you can lock some parts of your book to prevent it from being edited by other writers. Besides, you can hide your edits from other people who participate in this project and reveal them once you are content with the result. Use the “Night mode” to reduce eye strain.

zoho writer ebook software interface