5 Best Flipbook Animation Programs in 2021

If you need a tool for designing digital books and journals, then you have to find the best flipbook animation program. With its help, you can upload required images from PDF or PPT files and transform them into automated or interactive scrollable website images.

Some programs can even design complete digital publications that emulate physical books and have page-flipping animations.

Top 5 Flipbook Animation Programs

  1. FlipHTML5 - Over 10 book templates
  2. PUBHTML5 - Social networks sharing
  3. Flip Builder - Page editing feature
  4. Flippingbook - Online tool
  5. Anyflip - 3D page-flipping effect

When choosing programs for this list, I’ve looked for such base functions as file-to-HTML 5 and Flash conversion, embedded digital publication creation, content templates, and editing features. I’ve also considered whether the program includes premade templates, free cloud storage, password-based file protection, and the ability to convert publications into other formats for convenient sharing.

1. FlipHTML5 - Our Choice

Over 10 book templates
  • Conversion to PDF
  • A plethora of animation options
  • Contains Google AdSense
  • None

Verdict: The great thing about the FlipHTML5 is that it allows you to share your pages and create fun applications for them, just as you would with any other website or e-book. In fact, you can use this flipbook animation program in a couple of different ways. You can create unique book covers for every page in your library so that they all look the same, or you can add some fun effects to each one of them.

Also, you are able to include video in your pages so it makes it much easier to get sales. This digital magazine publishing software can transform images to PDF in few clicks.

fliphtml5 flipbook animation program interface


Social networks sharing
  • Pre-designed templates
  • Password-protected cloud storage
  • Works on iOS and Android devices
  • No zoom tool

Verdict: PUBHTML5 makes creating animations easy. With just one click, your images are transformed into web pages that you can view again. It also plays audio, which really adds to the fun. You can draw on the book with your mouse or keyboard.

Once you've added the pages to your book, you can change the order of them by dragging and dropping them. There is even an option to add special effects and transitions to your pages.

pubhtml5 flipbook animation program interface

3. Flip Builder

Page editing feature
  • You can add YouTube videos
  • Full set of templates
  • Different ways of sharing
  • A bit distracting background

Verdict: Flip Builder allows you to set up a professional-looking flipbook within minutes. It comes with over 45 templates to choose from, so you should be able to come up with something that is uniquely yours. Also, this photo album software includes page editing tools so you can customize templates.

There is no need to pay any money for the software because it comes as freeware. There are no ads, and the interface is fairly simple to follow.

flip builder flipbook animation program interface

4. Flippingbook

Online tool
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Post-it style notes
  • You can add branding elements
  • No free version
flippingbook flipbook animation program logo

Verdict: Flippingbook enables you to create amazing flipbooks online. Once you have the software open, all you have to do is to follow the simple directions provided by the program to put your pages together.

You can add post-it style notes to your creation so it will be easy to publish the book. This free brochure maker integrates with Google Analytics if you want to set up some reports.

flippingbook flipbook animation program interface

5. Anyflip

3D page-flipping effect
  • Amazon S3 powered
  • Powerful flip effect
  • Built-in optimization tools
  • Watermark in the trial version
anyflip flipbook animation program logo

Verdict: Anyflip allows the consumer to create animated flipbooks with a simple touch of a button. It offers 3D page-flipping effect so your clients could imagine the real book or magazine in the hands.

It also comes complete with a great help file that teaches you exactly how to make the best out of your flipbook. You will get the hang of how to animate pages, how to composite multiple pages together, and also how to add special effects.

anyflip flipbook animation program interface
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