Brandon McCloskey Review 2024: Services & Feedback

By Kate Gross 16 days ago, Apps and Software

Web Design by Brandon McCloskey

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Verdict: After I contacted Brandon McCloskey 4 months ago, I increased the engagement on my website by 40%. The agency helped me to make my content more interactive, drive more traffic, and ensure that visitors spend more time on my website.

The team increased the engagement rate on my Instagram by 35% and achieved a 28% increase on Pinterest. It utilizes an efficient strategy to improve the engagement rate. Due to this, I was able to improve my conversion and get 20% more clients.

The most shocking thing here is that this web development company updated my platform within 24 hrs. In the following review, I will share my experience of ordering the services provided by the agency.

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web design by brandon mccloskey portfolio

Brandon McCloskey has an impressive portfolio showcasing the services provided by the company. Clients can take a look at the projects to decide which type suits them best. Before ordering the services, I examined the portfolio and was impressed by the high quality of works presented there.

Web Design by Brandon McCloskey – Main Features

web design by brandon mccloskey features

Web Design by Brandon McCloskey is a well-established company that has been providing design, development and digital marketing services for over 9 years. The agency uses the latest technologies and modern digital marketing techniques to advertise its clients’ brands.

The team uses HTML5, CSS3/ CDN, and JavaScript/jQuery to build websites with responsive designs that can be accessed from various devices. The agency provides services for small businesses and startups to help them expand their online presence and reach out to their target audiences.

"Brandon McCloskey significantly improved the design of my website. I created it at the beginning of 2022 but did not have time to update it or improve design. The agency uploaded new photos, fixed links, added contract templates, and created a new design in really fast." - Bill, architect ★★★★★ (5/5)

Web Development as the Key to Perfect Portfolios

When I contacted the agency, I asked it to create my online portfolio with a responsive design to ensure that it’s accessible from various devices. They built a professional website with a clean design, which enables users to browse through my portfolio with ease.

brandon mccloskey web development example

What impressed me about their web design is the homepage layout. This web design company added a slideshow featuring my high-resolution photos, which enabled them to engage the visitors of my website and showcase my best works. They selected a complementary color scheme and typography elements to ensure that my website has a consistent style.

Another advantage of the website design they created is the gallery. The team used a grid layout to ensure that my portraits were clearly visible. My website is easy to navigate. Users can filter the search results by category or sort my projects by date, which allows my potential clients to find the information they are interested in more quickly.

Web Design by Brandon McCloskey relies on modern tools and professional web design software like Adobe Dreamweaver, Sketch, Adobe XD, etc. It allows them to create websites and blogs with streamlined interfaces and a responsive design.

Reliable and Secure Web Hosting

This team provides a set of hosting services via a Virtual Private Server (VPS) thanks to its cooperation with WP Fix It. It allowed me to minimize downtime and significantly improve the performance of my site.

Brandon McCloskey's hosting service enabled me to improve the page load time and ensure that my site opens without delays on devices of different types. This service supports powerful security measures, including SSL encryption, malware scans, and firewalls protecting my site against possible threats.

"I am 100% satisfied with my cooperation with Brandon, as he knows a lot about his area of expertise, listens to my feedback, and provides creative solutions for my needs. Thanks to him, my site’s traffic increased by 35% in three months." - Dan, startup founder ★★★★★ (5/5)

Social Media Marketing for Generating Clientele

brandon mccloskey social media marketing service

I asked Brandon McCloskey’s team to help me improve my online presence and widen my outreach by making my social media campaigns more efficient. These professionals conducted an in-depth analysis of my brand’s identity, target audience, and goals. The teams advised me to use social media for photographers like Instagram and Pinterest to reach out to my target clients and it was a good point.

These specialists analyzed my portfolio to select the most visually appealing images for my posts and maintain the consistency of my brand across social media. For instance, they emphasized that I specialize in various portrait photography types and showcased my headshot photos, lifestyle portraits, and family portraits to demonstrate my experience in various areas.

The team also selected relevant hashtags for promoting my content, including #EmotivePortraits, #BlackAndWhitePortraits, and #BeautyInPortraits. Due to this, I was able to reach out to a wider audience and increase the visibility of my content. In addition, the team increased user engagement by communicating with my subscribers and sharing content created by users.

Proactive Approach to Website Maintenance

Brandon McCloskey performs site monitoring to check whether there are any issues that can affect the performance of my website. The agency provides top-level website maintenance services. It checks my site for broken URLs, malware, and security issues to detect vulnerabilities. Due to the company’s proactive approach to threat detection, my site functions without any issues, which accounts for an improved user experience.

The team also checks other services for updates, which ensures that my plugins, themes, and WordPress elements are up to date and function without any issues.

Optimization for Better Traffic

Brandon McCloskey provides a pro-level SEO service for photographers. It helped me to expand my online presence and make my site easier to find on popular search engines. When working on the optimization of my website, the team relied on Google Analytics tools to monitor the changes in the site’s performance.

After researching keywords, they selected the most relevant ones that are related to portrait photography. It allowed them to improve the optimization of my site by adding these keywords to my metadata. Due to this, I improved the ranking of my site on search engines, increased organic search traffic, and improved my brand’s visibility.

"the company has exceeded my expectations. i am grateful for the advice brandon gave me. in addition, i liked how they promoted my services on instagram." - Ray, digital artist ★★★★★ (5/5)

High-Quality Content that Resonates with Audiences

brandon mccloskey content creation

The team created professional descriptions of my services emphasizing the key advantages of my portrait photography sessions. They used attention-grabbing images to showcase my skills and masterfully wrote text content. These professionals analyzed the preferences of my audience and created content that strongly resonated with them.

For instance, the team wrote a blog post, in which it described the story of my photoshoots, and shared information about difficulties and the most important moments. These descriptions of what happens behind the scenes helped my clients to make an informed decision about ordering my services.

Besides, the team uploaded photography tips and tutorials to help my clients learn more about flattering poses, lighting techniques, and editing methods.

Web Design by Brandon McCloskey Prices

After examining the prices on the official website, I decided that they were quite adequate. The pricing policy is transparent, which allowed me to select the best option for my web design and digital marketing projects.

For instance, as I needed a landing page with a streamlined interface for my photography portfolio, I paid $100 for this service. Besides, I decided to pay $25 for each extra page I needed to add additional information for my clients.

As I also wanted to build a strong brand image using social media marketing tools, I paid $500 for the creation of engaging content and publishing services. In addition, I paid $100 for SEO optimization of 4 pages. The website hosting costs $120/yr. I had to pay $15/month for website maintenance.


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