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Verdict: Frontiers Animation can create impressive animated videos to tell a specific story, demonstrate your ideas, educate your viewers, and describe your projects. A big advantage of this agency is that it has advanced experience in non-profit, health, education, tech, and other industries.

This is probably the best option for photographers who do not want to master 3D animation software but want to produce catchy videos and tell about their business on the website to attract more clients. These available services are especially popular among beginner photographers, who want to demonstrate their products or services in a creative way.

  • Excellent customer support
  • Quick turnaround
  • Great pricing policy
  • You can submit your own photos/videos for projects
  • Expensive PRO plan
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You can ask Frontiers Animation to share the editable files of a video as soon as the project is completed. The professionals use songs and voiceovers, photos and videos provided by clients for creating animated videos. You can use video editing services if you only need to edit a video file.

The agency establishes long-term relationships with customers. Besides, each client gets a dedicated producer who is always ready to answer questions via zoom and email. A lead writer can also participate in the discussion of your concept and script via zoom. You get the finished videos via 

Frontiers Animation – Main Features

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Frontiers Animation is a professional agency that creates stunning animated videos based on a reliable behavior change methodology. The team consists of Behavior scientists and development communication experts with rich experience in resolving any conflict and post-conflict situations. The best thing is that the company takes over the whole process of project execution.

High-Quality Videos for Photographers

Animated Frontiers videos are original and creative 2D/3D clips that can include bespoke music and professional voice acting. These videos are aimed at attracting multiple viewers. The video content created by Frontiers Animation is effective for advertising your business on social media networks, behavior change messaging, presenting your product or services, etc.

The process of project fulfillment is divided into five stages: from scriptwriting and storyboarding to video launching. The company uses modern animation software for work.

Frontiers Animation specialists perform such tasks:

  • Write a script and create a moodboard
  • Record a voice-over for storyboards
  • Prepare screen designs and animatic
  • Create draft animation
  • Edits videos and releases them 

Effective Behavior Change

The plus of Frontiers Animation is that it offers four approaches to behavior change, including:

Formative research. The agency conducts a thorough analysis of the target audience, researching their activity in social media networks, media consumption patterns, and carries out demographic studies for creating multiple personas.

Message crafting. By cooperating with in-house experts and behavioral specialists, the company generates a targeted message used by story writers for creating an effective script. Experts use culturally targeted icons to boost the perception of content.

Dissemination consultancy. A team of content distribution experts develops a dissemination plan that identifies media platforms, consumption patterns, and ad spend targets to produce successful and result-driven information campaigns.

Research and evaluation. Frontiers Animation provides its clients with a range of research and evaluation options to make certain that programs cause the needed effect on the target audience. The team of Frontiers Animation conducts formative, process, and outcomes analysis and assessment. 

Working in the Several Sectors

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The company provides its services in Health, Medicine, Education, Non-Profit, Commercial, and other fields. Professionals perfectly understand the nuances of each industry. A finished animated video is effective, culturally targeted, answers the customer’s needs and technical requirements.

Health and Medical. Frontiers Animation work with Medical establishments, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Universities, and Public health NGOs creating effective messages for them. The company presents complex info in a simple way, reach the audience and attract new clients.

Education. The agency can also create interesting video guides for various educational establishments and advocacy groups.

Non-profit. The company also helps multiple non-profit organizations and advocacy groups by creating advocacy and behavior change videos. The agency’s specialists have years of experience in the non-profit sector and always deliver impressive results when working on projects for non-profit organizations.

Professional and Commercial. Frontiers Animation cooperates with various professional organizations and produces successful video campaigns for advertising their product/service, conveying their message, making complex information simple, and engaging more clients. You can also use advanced photo animation software for creating effective videos targeted at the audience that may be interested in your product.

Quick Turnover

Typically, it takes approximately 4-5 weeks for delivering animated clips. However, in case of an emergency, the company’s team can work faster.

Exceptional Support

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Clients claim that the company’s customer support is professional and responsive. You can count on an unlimited number of meetings and consultations with a script and creative leads to discuss the details of a project. The company even delivers some services for free like social media posts, etc.

Frontiers Animation Prices

The great news is that the company produces animations to suit any budget. The services are 20% cheaper than those delivered by competitive firms. Besides, Frontiers Animation has special discounts for non-profit organizations.

The company offers two plans: Motion Design Animation and Character Animation. Each plan is subdivided into two packages.

Motion Design Animation Light Package – $2000 (for 60 sec of produced animation, colorful visuals, illustration, and motion design, 30 minutes for communicating with experts, 10% discount on extra time).

Motion Design Animation Ready Package - $4500 (includes all services from the previous package, plus scriptwriting, unlimited revision of script, design, and creation of a 5-page website, 5 posts on social media networks, 1 hour of expert time).

Character Animation Light Package - $5000 (60 sec of finished animation, from one to three animated characters, superior script writing, a video with voice-over and music, 30 minutes of expert advice, 15% discount on extra time).

Character Animation Ready Package - $7500 (includes everything from the previous package, an unlimited number of script, storyboard and animatic revisions, design and creation of 1-3 page website, hosting, and domain included (1 year), five posts on social media networks,1 hour of communication with an expert).

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