6 Best Flipbook Software in 2022

With the help of the best flipbook software, you can embed any digital document on your website by converting it into HTML5. For instance, you can post images in PDF or add a presentation. Users will be able to scroll through your images more quickly as if they were flipping through the pages of a book.

Some flipbook programs allow you to create digital copies of your documents and make them look like real books. They will make your content more engaging, thus enabling you to present your products.

Top 6 Flipbook Software

  1. PUBHTML5 - With pre-designed templates
  2. Flipsnack - With customizable templates
  3. Publuu - A wide choice of customization options
  4. Paperturn - Selection of video and audio effects
  5. Flip Builder - With Google Analytics
  6. Anyflip - Built-on SEO optimization

Since many users enjoy reading flipbooks, developers released many programs that allow you to convert your documents. To select the best flipbook software, you need to consider several important factors and pay attention to the features supported by a program.

To make your task easier, we have compiled a list of the best options available on the market and written detailed reviews.

1. PUBHTML5 - Our Choice

With pre-designed templates
  • No additional apps needed
  • Uses password-protected storage
  • Integration with Google AdSense
  • Can be a little slow to turn

Verdict: PUBHTML5 takes the most user-friendly flipbook to a whole new level. This book design software has many new features and fixtures that make the made to order flipbooks even more engaging and interesting than ever before. The new default template is sleeker and less cumbersome in design than previous versions, while still being very functional for SEO optimization.

PUBHTML5 can be used with all versions of windows as it is cross platform compatible. If you're using the Windows server then you can connect to your data from any PC using PUBHTML5. On the flip side, if you are using a Mac machine then you will need to configure your browsers to view the files correctly. The installation instructions for this particular software will automatically take you through the process.

pubhtml5 interface

2. Flipsnack

With customizable templates
  • For left-to-right flipping books
  • Can publish flipbooks
  • Reasonable prices
  • Easy to use
  • Pages on demos are really slow

Verdict: Flipboard is a pocket sized powerful tool that has been created by Cisco. With a simple push of a button, Flipboard can become your personal screenwriter, editor, video producer, etc. You will simply need to plug in the video clip you would like to be integrated in the presentation in the FlipBook and with one simple touch and without doing anything else, you can already use the software to produce and publish your video in the Internet.

Flipsnack also offer SEO optimization services for your web pages. SEO optimization means Search Engine Optimization, which is the art of making your website visible to search engines through search engines, such as Google.

flipsnack interface

3. Publuu

A wide choice of customization options
  • Allows adding interactive elements
  • Advanced copyright protection features
  • Easy-to-use tracking options
  • Users can quickly open and share flipbooks
  • Streamlined file conversion
  • The duration of a free trial is quite limited

Verdict: Publuu - Flipbook Maker is suitable for preparing well-designed catalogs, magazines, and PDF files for publishing them online as flipbooks. When using this service, I enjoyed its extensive customization options. You can change various elements and make your content match your brand style. To make your documents more unique, you can use this service to add logos, links, audio, and videos to them. Besides, you can add page-turning animation effects to create more realistic flipbooks.

Another advantage of this service is that it makes it easy to share HTML5flipbooks online. You can do it with the help of direct URLs or just add them to your site using an embed link. Users get detailed reports that allow them to see when people open their flipbooks. It will be easier for you to understand what pages grab the attention of your readers. This, in turn, will help you increase your sales.

publuu flipbook software interface

4. Paperturn

Selection of video and audio effects
  • Adjustable design
  • Intuitive controls
  • Allows importing images and videos
  • Supports importing branding assets
  • Poorly-implemented subscription system

Verdict: Paperturn is a feature-packed solution that allows you to conveniently transform PDFs into online flipbooks. It comes with a realistic page turn effect and in-depth design functionality that you can take advantage of to produce visually stunning digital books. Paperturn’s HTML5 tech allows you to ensure your flipbook is opened instantly and is optimized for all popular browsers, smartphones, tablets, and laptops, regardless of their display size.

This solution lets you import logos and other branding elements, representing a highly efficient marketing and promotion tool. You can also embed your photos and videos to make your project more interactive and interesting. Additionally, the built-in editor is capable of enhancing your project with hyperlinks, custom color palettes, VFX, and sound effects – all within a single UI.

paperturn flipbook software interface

5. Flip Builder

With Google Analytics
  • Touch support for mobile devices
  • Online templates available
  • Rich content for flipbook
  • Embed videos
  • Animated background is distracting

Verdict: One of the best tools that a network marketer or even an online marketer can have is Flip Builder. If you've ever used a software program like the WordPress platform, then you know about how customizable these programs are, and with Flip Builder you will have a lot of flexibility in terms of building a website. You will be able to build something that is unique and not available anywhere else on the internet.

flip builder flipbook software interface

6. Anyflip

Built-on SEO optimization
  • Converts PDF to digital book online
  • Free online digital book templates
  • 3D realistic page-flipping effect
  • Tons of flash animations
  • Embeds watermark with trial version

Verdict: Anyflip includes a variety of exciting features, including SEO optimization, social networking integration, and data mining. AnyFlip also offers its community of customers immediate updates through its website.

This new version of this photo catalog software is more flexible and user-friendly than previous versions. For example, data mining is now available in AnyFlip SL program, which allows any user to search for the specific information they are looking for. SEO optimization is also a powerful feature, which allows any user to quickly analyze any given site or web page.

anyflip flipbook software interface