8 Best Customer Management Software in 2023: Based on Real Experience

Customer management programs are often called contact management software (CMS). CRM management software simplifies the interaction of businesses with their clients. It comes with multiple options for storing and organizing customer data, tracking client interactions, as well as optimizing all client-related processes.

Top 8 Customer Management Software

  1. Zoho CRM Plus - (12$/month) - Our choice
  2. Salesforce Sales Cloud - (25$/month) - Highly customizable and scalable
  3. HubSpot - (20$/month) - Versatile CRM suite
  4. involve.me - Extremely user-friendly
  5. Keap - (159$/month) – Multifunctional CRM for small companies
  6. Freshsales - (18$/month) - Sales and lead management are the priority
  7. Pipedrive - (12$/month) - Straightforward interface
  8. Quickbase - (35$/month) - Low-code program

Speaking about CRM programs, I should mention that there is no perfect software for all companies, as they have different requirements. However, you should pay attention to such aspects as intuitive performance, contact and sales management, customization, reporting, automation, and integrations when selecting an ideal tool for your business needs.

1. Zoho CRM Plus

Our winner
  • Truly customizable solution
  • Cutting-edge analytics
  • Scalability
  • Collaboration and interaction
  • Limited integrations

Verdict: Zoho is a help desk software that comes with a slew of SaaS business software and a CRM program, which is a real godsend. It also includes an AI-driven sales assistant called Zia, which recognizes trends and abnormalities. Plus, Zoho offers Canvas, which is a handy UI editor with drag-and-drop functionality.

Zoho CRM reports let users get detailed customer data with ease. You can easily create custom reports in the form of charts, pivot tables, summaries, and tabular views as well as take advantage of the pre-made reports and customize them according to your needs to speed things up. The comments section provides users with a convenient way to discuss the reports.

The standard subscription costs 12$/month per user, but you are free to upgrade it if required. Besides, a 15-day trial allows testing the program’s functionality for free.

zoho crm plus customer management software interface

2. Salesforce Sales Cloud

Highly customizable and scalable
  • A vast selection of cutting-edge features
  • Powerful social tools and market of the third-party apps
  • Excellent workflows and top-level performance
  • Multiple reliable sales forecasting tools and analytics
  • Difficult to learn
  • Expensive

Verdict: If your company urgently needs a highly customizable CRM app, look no further, as Salesforce Sales Cloud has everything you need for effective interaction with your customers.

Besides, CRM users can find apps and other useful products to make the workflow more efficient. Flow Builder is another highlight of the platform. It allows managing the creation of custom processes boosting the productivity of your business.

Salesforce Sales Cloud has a range of other advantages like the ability to edit pages, analyze performance, and cutting-edge data visualization tools, with the help of which it is possible to improve UX and enable data-driven decision making.

A bunch of integration options with third-party apps provided by AppExchange is another argument in favor of this tool, as CRM users get many additional functionalities and features to streamline their workflow in Sales Cloud.

The platform offers a great selection of plans, so everyone can find a suitable option for themselves. The affordable price, which starts from 25$/month per user, makes this CRM software a win-win option for small businesses.

salesforce sales cloud customer management software interface

3. HubSpot

Versatile CRM suite
  • Excellent set of features
  • Free version with extensive functionality
  • New support for integrated payment processing
  • Straightforward UI
  • Very few customization features
  • High price

Verdict: HubSpot is a powerful tool that can function as both CRM software and a help desk. Many businesses find such complex solutions more useful than standalone offerings, even if their CRM toolkit is not extensive. With it, you can get your team on board and help them achieve their goals in just a few weeks. Plus, HubSpot comes with email marketing software.

If your sales teams require a powerful tool for centralizing data from multiple software providers, HubSpot will be their optimal solution. With it, a customer won’t have trouble integrating the program with third-party tools, which results in an easy synchronization of customer data and automation of all business processes to become more productive.

The selection of packages is extensive, with the basic subscription costing 20$/month. It is great that HubSpot offers a free plan for testing the tool’s functionality, but its set of features is limited.

hubspot customer management software interface

4. involve.me

Extremely user-friendly
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Expansive template library
  • Wide range of content types
  • Includes analytics and reporting tools
  • Restricted free version functionality
  • Requires a constant internet connection
involveme customer management software logo

Verdict: One of the biggest benefits of using involve.me is that it enables you to produce content that is customized to fit your exact needs and brand identity even if you don’t have any technical or design experience. This solution provides a wide selection of premade templates and convenient drag-and-drop controls that allow you to easily personalize content and produce unique interactive creations that match your brand’s voice and visual style.

Moreover, this platform lets you leverage analytics and reporting tools that make it possible to obtain data-based insights, which you can use to further develop your business. It provides overview KPIs, relevant data, response breakdowns, and third-party integrations to ensure you have all the info you need to make educated decisions about any possible strategy or marketing campaign changes.

involve.me allows users to create several workplaces, invite a multitude of guests and assign them as team members, edit each person's permissions, and establish multiple organizations under one user. Such an approach simplifies the process of adding both team members and customers to a project while enabling you to customize the level of access they have as you see fit.

The Starter package is currently priced at $19 a month per user. On the plus side, this solution offers a 14-day free trial for you to explore what it has to offer.

involveme customer management software interface

5. Keap

Multifunctional CRM for small companies
  • Highly functional solution
  • Lead management
  • Easy-to-connect with other tools
  • Automatizes marketing processes
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Unclear pricing
keap customer management software

Verdict: Are you looking for a highly functional customer relationship management software to monitor client activity from one location, Keap is one of the most suitable options. The program can simplify interaction with customers, as well as boost sales.

The best thing about the software is that it automatizes most processes, like contact management. Moreover, it comes with tons of ready-to-use customizable templates for pipelines, which accelerate the workflow considerably.

Additionally, you do not have to know coding to convert leads into sales, as this process is absolutely automated. The program offers comprehensive analytics and supports revenue trends, email marketing performance, and list growth tracking, as well as allows businesses to send emails, book appointments, create invoices and perform a variety of other tasks.

The exact costs of Keap’s services are determined by your contacts, with a limited number of contacts provided by two main packages. The starting price is 159$/month.

keap customer management software interface

6. Freshsales

Sales and lead management are the priority
  • Newbie-friendly UI
  • Can track sales activity
  • Multiple integrations
  • Mobile app
  • Marketing automation is restricted
  • Advanced reporting options
freshsales customer management software

Verdict: Freshsales is regarded as one of the best CRM programs for all types of businesses. Though its feature set is rather restricted in comparison to other CRMs, it appeals to users with extensive integrations with many other business programs like calendars, email marketing software, tools, etc.

Besides, Freshsales outranks the competitors with its artificial intelligence software. Users will get help from Freddy – a virtual assistant that will help you get a clear understanding of your clients based on historical sales data, activities, and engagement. The embedded VoIP phone service where you can buy toll-free local numbers in over 90 states enables company teams to contact customers from any device.

The cost of a package that is limited to three users costs 18$/month per person.

freshsales customer management software interface

7. Pipedrive

Straightforward interface
  • Automatic backups
  • It is available for business and personal
  • Notifications if backups fail
  • Easy restore process
  • Weak functionality
  • Expensive subscription
pipedrive customer management software

Verdict: Pipedrive is one of the most functional CRM systems, which appeals to users with its vast array of sales-related options that nullify distractions from marketing or service functions.

Its abilities to send emails right from the platforms, check when an email was opened or clicked, synchronize with Outlook or Google Calendar, as well as managing meeting schedules make the program the best real estate CRM software available on the market today.

Smart Contact Data is another highlight of the program. This feature provides comprehensive social and work info for contacts in just one click. Pipedrive stands out among other similar platforms with its handy add-ons like Leadbooster, which generates high-quality leads through lie chat, chatbot, forms, etc.

Besides, you can take advantage of the Web Visitors add-on, which provides real-time data about your website visitors. Other features that are worth your attention are the Sales Assistant (AI-fueled tool that identifies priorities) and Automations, which streamlines the workflow with pre-made templates for sales operations.

The price of the standard plan is 12$/month per user. A 14-day trial is available as well.

pipedrive customer management software interface

8. Quickbase

Low-code program
  • Customizable and flexible
  • Develops apps in a flash
  • Collaboration and data sharing options
  • Scalability and integration
  • Mobile experience is restricted
  • Does not work without a connection to the web
quickbase customer management software

Verdict: If you are looking for a customizable CRM solution to design a highly functional CRM system, Quickbase is a low-code platform that can satisfy all your sales-related requirements. Small business owners can download CRM templates and tailor them to their specific needs creating space for effective communication with clients. And all these without knowing a single line of code.

Integration with other business systems and apps further simplifies and streamlines the workflow across various platforms. With a sandbox environment, it is easy to tweak the CRM system and make the needed adjustments. This enables users to update the system and modify it to their liking even without taking it offline.

The standard plan costs 35$/month per user. Also, company owners can test the program’s functionality for 30 days for free.

quickbase customer management software interface