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Aurora HDR 2018
By Skylum * from $99.00 * ★★★★☆ (4/5) * Last updated on December, 2018

Aurora HDR 2018 has been an indispensable software version in my career as a freelance real estate photographer.

It is truly good at batch processing, layers, and masking capabilities, which are crucial for improving the dynamic range of my luxurious property photos. This also allows me to create pro-level pics meeting the standards of real estate listings and demonstrate the clients’ properties in the most appealing way.

Aurora HDR boasts an intuitive and simple-to-use interface and easy navigation to simplify the editing process and make it more precise. Another plus of this program is its compatibility with Mac and Windows devices, making my workflow more flexible.

Full Specifications

Reviews: 14K
License: From $99
Downloads: 26K
Version: 2018
Compatible: Windows/macOS

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10; Mac OS 10.10.5 or above
Processor: Intel Core i3 or later
Storage: 1 GB of free space required
RAM: 4 GB of RAM required
Screen Resolution: Any

Aurora HDR 2018 Versions:

Aurora HDR 2018 for Windows

File name:

Aurora_HDR_2018_1.0.1.682.rar (download)

File size:


Aurora HDR 2018 for Mac

File name:

Aurora_HDR_2018_1.0.1.682.dmg (download)

File size:


Aurora HDR 2018 Express for Windows

File name:

Aurora_HDR_express.rar (download)

File size:


Aurora HDR 2018 Express for Mac

File name:

Aurora_HDR_express.dmg (download)

File size:


Aurora HDR 2018 Bundle for Windows

File name:

Aurora_HDR_bundle.exe (download)

File size:


Aurora HDR 2018 Bundle for Mac

File name:

Aurora_HDR_bundle.dmg (download)

File size:


Key Features:

  • Wide selection of filters and adjustments
  • Simple layer management
  • Provides the EXIF data
  • Leverages cutting-edge technology
aurora hdr 2018 screen

Excellent color rendition

I decided to download Aurora HDR 2018 because of its excellent color rendition. It has an amazing RAW handling engine to make sure that the photo of a property demonstrates the true colors of the interiors and exteriors. As a result, I managed to get perfect picture quality without making much effort.

Memory-efficient performance

After getting Aurora HDR 2018 for free, I was stunned by its fast and memory-efficient performance, thanks to which I experienced no lags or delays when editing multiple real estate photos that are usually quite heavy if I plan to print them. This has increased my productivity and decreased the time needed to complete the project.

Lifelike results for real estate pics

The lack of artificial effects in the results delivered by the program is another considerable plus. This allows presenting properties I photograph with a high level of authenticity and satisfies the requirements of my real estate clients.

Works seamlessly with other editors

Considered the best free HDR software, this ptogram integrates with other popular editing solutions like Lightroom and Photoshop. This compatibility lets me incorporate Aurora HDR 2018 into my editing routine and refine my real estate photos with multiple free Lightroom HDR presets.

Exaggerated adjustments

The overwhelming variety of options and sliders is the reason why I often overdo with the adjustments when correcting HDR real estate photography in Aurora HDR 2018. After enhancing the dynamic range, the photo sometimes features unnatural and oversaturated colors.

Restricted camera support

One serious disadvantage I have faced is the restricted support of certain camera models and file formats. I often need specific gear to shoot images especially in spacious rooms. And the fact that the program does not fully support my camera’s capabilities is very frustrating. This decreases my ability to work efficiently and deliver top-level results.


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