Adobe Spark vs Dreamweaver: Which Software to Choose

Adobe Spark vs Dreamweaver: Which Software to Choose

If you are planning to create and edit websites, you will definitely need the best web design software. Below you will find a comparison of Adobe Spark vs Dreamweaver that are great examples of the programs for web design.

Adobe Spark is a software to create a design for a one-page website. You will be able to create applications for mobile, or web sites, using various types of multimedia, such as video, pictures, text, etc.

Dreamweaver is good for large sites creation. It gives you an opportunity to work with JavaScript code, CSS, and HTML, to create and edit a mobile application or a website.

What Is Adobe Spark?

adobe spark logo Adobe Spark is a service, which is hosted on Adobe’s servers and works online. Having compared Adobe Spark vs Dreamweaver, we can say that the former is much easier to work with. To use Adobe Spark, you don’t need any skills or experience in coding.
Besides, the service doesn’t require web-hosting. The service is specially developed to create a design for one-page sites, using text, pictures, and video. If you are looking for software to build the whole website, this is probably not your choice.
This is an integrated set of applications, to create multimedia content for mobile devices and web applications, designed by Adobe Systems. It consists of three separate applications for designers: Spark Page, Spark Post, and Spark Video.
  • adobe spark interface
  • adobe spark interface

    Adobe Spark: Advantages and Disadvantages

    icon Quick creation of posts for social networks. With Spark, it will take just a few seconds to convert your image and text into a catchy and stylish message to post on your blog. First, you choose a design template, that you like, then upload photos and text, and at last, reformat the object, which was created, to correspond to the requirements of a social network you are going to post it on.

    icon Stun users of the network. Spark offers you a wide range of design samples to make your web story attractive and unique. Select the one you like, upload your photos, video, or text, and you will get great content for your blog. Create a story of your recent trip, or write a book review, with Spark it is easy.

    icon Create animations. The software gives you a lot of options to create motion graphics and animated videos. In only one click you will be able to create attractive animated posts and share them in your Instagram stories, just like any other video.

    icon Text effects. Extend your creative abilities with shade, contour, and cutting effects. You may use them separately or combine them, to create awesome text styles.

    icon No possibility to download large-size images. Using this software, you won’t be able to download large-size images in such formats as PNG, or PSD, or PDF (used to work with layers). Only JPG download is provided.

    icon Poor customizing settings. Unfortunately, unique templates of Adobe Spark have a huge disadvantage, they have very few customizing settings. You may only select color and font. Moreover, you won’t be able to easily choose the color from the palette, and the font from the menu. Instead, you will have to push the Color and Font to see one by one all the options available.

    What Is Dreamweaver?

    dreamweaver logo If you have some technical skills, Adobe Dreamweaver will provide you with a lot of space for creativity. We have compared Dreamweaver vs Adobe Spark, and we believe, the first software is more for those, willing to work with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML code.
    A commercial hosting company offers you to choose your domain name and to order a web hosting plan. To make the uploading files to the remote server easier, Dreamweaver has a built-in FTP.
    With Adobe Dreamweaver you will be able to design, create, and manage the websites and applications easily. Adobe Dreamweaver is going to provide you with all the most advanced technologies, which will help you to create dynamic and sophisticated websites by today’s standards.
    • dreamweaver interface
    • dreamweaver interface

      Dreamweaver: Strengths and Weaknesses

      icon Quick and flexible coding. Create dynamic websites, write a code for them, and manage them with the help of a simple intelligent development environment. With the clues in the code you will be able to get information about HTML, CSS, and other web design standards quickly, and also edit them. Visual aids help to minimize mistakes and to speed up the process of website creation.

      icon Clues in the code for Ajax and JavaScript frames. Be more effective while creating a JavaScript code with the enhanced support of the main objects and simple JavaScript data types. Don’t hesitate to use the extended functions of code creation, offered by Dreamweaver, and to apply popular JavaScript frames, including jQuery, Prototype, and Spry.

      icon Dynamic display on all the devices. Create flexible websites, which adapt to any screen size. Open the sites for preview before publishing, and edit them in real-time, to make webpages look and work just as you planned.

      icon Comfortable editing in a Live View mode. Edit text and image properties and add classes directly in a Live View mode in a mouse click, and see the changes immediately.

      icon Trial version for 30 days. This software provides you with only 30 days of a trial period. For further use of this editor, you have to purchase a key.

      icon Poor learning system. If you decide to study the program on your own, it won’t be easy. Although most of the functions in the software are logically and consistently grouped, some elements may confuse even a professional.

      Adobe Spark vs Dreamweaver: Price

      adobe spark vs dreamweaver price

      If you compare Adobe Spark vs Dreamweaver, you will see, that the trial period, offered by Adobe Spark lasts for two months. While Dreamweaver offers only 30 days of free use. When the trial period ends, you have to choose one of the tariff plans available.

      The tariff plans are the following:

      The Dreamweaver free trial will last for a month only. If you want to continue using the software after this 30-day free trial period, you need to select a tariff plan.

      Adobe Spark vs Dreamweaver – Who Wins?

      It seems, that Dreamweaver is the winner, as with this software, the design, coding and publishing websites, as well as web applications, will be much easier and faster. In addition, you will be able to manage the dynamic websites, using an intelligent coding engine.

      To create a one-page website or photography portfolios, don’t hesitate to choose Adobe Spark.

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