Adobe Premiere Elements Torrent

adobe premiere elements torrent

adobe premiere elements torrent

After a global update of the program, the Adobe Premiere Elements torrent 2020 request is becoming more relevant. However, using this method you endanger yourself and your PC. Moreover, you violate copyrights.

I described the possible consequences below and also talked about the only legal way to get Premiere Elements 2020 free.

Why Is Adobe Premiere Elements Torrent So Demanded?

Adobe Premiere Elements 2020 is a video editor for beginners, a lite version of Adobe Premiere Pro. Despite this, the program offers all up-to-date and popular tools: the organization of clips, editing and automatic movie generation and more.


Unlike many competitors, Premiere Elements can process an unlimited number of video and audio tracks with many effects. It also supports third-party plug-ins, including Premiere Pro, After Effects, and VST effects.

It is worth mentioning that Premiere Elements 2020 is not part of the Creative Cloud Family, the video editor positions itself as a separate application, the same as Photoshop Elements.

The bonus is a full licensed version. You do not need to pay for a subscription, download Adobe Premiere Elements after the one-time purchase and use it all the time.

That is why Premiere Elements is so popular both among beginners and more advanced users. However, not everyone can afford to buy the software for $99, so I frequently come across questions about Adobe Elements torrent.

Why Should You NOT Use Torrent Files?

If earlier, about 15 years ago, software piracy was a completely normal and unpunished business, now the US government is actively promoting copyright law that protects all developers and copyright holders.

Now, if you downloaded Adobe Premiere Elements torrent and are generally an active user of this service, your Internet provider will have to disconnect you from access to the network. If you try to change the provider and use illegal methods again, your local postman will bring you a subpoena.

Why? It's simple, the software copyright holder filed a lawsuit against you, the court approved it in accordance with the US law.

What next and what consequences to expect? It all depends on the company that filed the lawsuit, if these are young developers, who are about to hit the software market, you can limit yourself to a fine of up to $20,000, if it’s a giant like in case with the Premiere Elements torrent, they may sue your property, including your house and car, or imprison you for several years.

Premiere Elements Torrent Disadvantages

By renewing your subscription once again, or by doing a licensed Premiere Elements download through the official source, you extend the life of the company, and, in fact, that of your software. This is easy to explain – maintaining any software requires large daily costs. That would be the salary of employees and the development/design of new functionality.

But even this does not repel some users, so I prepared a few more reasons because of which you have to abandon downloading torrent files.

No Updates

Having bought the program through the official website, along with it you are given the reserved code, which is contained in the database on active developers' servers. Using them, various updates, bug fixes, etc. are usually sent. With a cracked version, your code is not contained in the database, so waiting to update Adobe Premiere Elements from the official website is unreasonable.


It Is Punishable

If your program does not have an open source code, like in the case with Adobe Premiere Elements torrent, then it is protected by copyright, ignoring which you violate the existing law.

The law, in turn, will reward you with its “goodies”: a fine in the amount of a couple of thousand bucks or imprisonment for up to 5 years.

Unstable Performance/Failures

Before the software is uploaded on torrent, hackers process its source code, deleting and adding some lines. Thus, the software is made inactive and it can be used completely free of charge.

However, such hackers are inattentive and can damage an important part of the code, thereby Adobe Premiere Elements crack often happens when you launch the program or work with a particular tool.


If you have ever performed a download from the torrent on your computer, make sure to find a powerful antivirus. Those websites are filled with computer viruses in about 2/3 of their content.

Getting an Adobe Premiere Elements torrent, you are likely to get some malware, starting from simple advertisements and ending with serious damage to your personal files.

How to Get Adobe Premiere Elements Without Torrents?

By downloading it free according to my method, you will not be limited in functionality and even official technical support. The only thing you have to put up with is the time limit. My method is valid for 30 days since the first launch of the program.

Free Trial

Opening the official Adobe website, scroll down all the way till the “Products” section.


In the section, find the line “Elements 2020 Family”, in the window that opens, select Photoshop Elements 2020. You are taken to the official page of the program. In the upper tab, click on the “Free Trial” button to start the Adobe Premiere Elements download. Fill in some data and install the program. Done! A free 30-day trial begins after the first launch of the program.

Free Alternatives

If after the trial period you do not want to pay $99 for the software but neither you wish to get Adobe Premiere Elements free download full version crack from torrents, I have prepared a couple of no less effective, free alternatives. Check out these options, maybe they will suit you.

1. DaVinci Resolve 16

davinci resolve 16 logo USE DAVINCE RESOLVE FREE
  • Advanced 3D rendering system
  • Advanced noise reduction option
  • Supports HD, FullHD, 2K, 4K and 8K quality clips
  • Paid version opens up more features
  • Requires powerful PC configuration

DaVinci Resolve 15 is a free professional non-linear video editor. It features a pleasant interface, ease of use, a wide range of various filters and effects, as well as rich functionality for non-linear video editing of any complexity, which makes it a great Adobe Premiere Elements 15 torrent alternative.

DaVinci Resolve supports a large number of color adjustment tools: color schemes, global color settings, and automatic color matching. In addition, the video editor supports OpenFX plug-ins, transition effects, and video export in various formats. A very fast 3D rendering and a large number of auxiliary tools for noise reduction are also worth mentioning.


vsdc logo USE VSDC FREE
  • 4K support
  • Simple learning curve
  • Deep color correction
  • Additional interface to record the screen
  • Failures appear
  • Only for Windows

VSDC is the best video editor for Windows and a decent Adobe Premiere Elements crack alternative. It is a non-linear program full of professional tools, for example, deep color correction, Chroma key support, layers, various filters and effects, color LUTs, etc. Using VSDC free editor, you may create video projects from video clip combinations, audio files, and motionless Full HD photos.

3. Shotcut

shotcut logo USE SHOTCUT FREE
  • Open source code
  • Advanced filters
  • Advanced color correction settings
  • Very few tutorials
  • Not suitable for beginners

Shotcut is a free program distributed with open source code and by using the FFMpeg it can work with many formats. It allows you to perform many video editing actions like setting the white balance or adjusting colors and supports numerous filters for audio and video. If you use text overlays, they will be defined by an HTML markup.

On top of all, the program gets constant upgrades and new features or fixes of bugs appear as the result. This is unarguably better than downloading Adobe Premiere Elements torrent.


If you’re a beginning videographer hoping to save money, the free LUTs will be your best helpers. Download them and try to change your video beyond recognition in one click.

Fade Look

free premiere element lutsfree premiere element luts

Add a faded look to your videos, highlighting green, red, and blue. This free film LUT works great with all types of video files, making them more attractive. It is recommended to use for outdoor shooting, for example, wedding and family stories.


free premiere element lutsfree premiere element luts

Give some magic to your videos with this LUT. It enhances every shade, making it more attractive and fairy-like. The colors in your film will become more saturated and vibrant, especially beautifully combined against the sunset.


free premiere element lutsfree premiere element luts

This LUT discolor green shades and make them brown; the blue color deepens with a turquoise tone. LUT is perfect for videos with a landscape background with a lot of details, such as mountains, buildings, greenery, sea or ocean.

Hipster Look

free premiere element lutsfree premiere element luts

This LUT adds warm neutral colors with beige tones, creating a more saturated and stylish look. It perfectly emphasizes bright details on a calm background, making frames spectacular.

Cold Tint

free premiere element lutsfree premiere element luts

Use this LUT if you want your video project to look professional and the color scheme not too noticeable. It will make the overall image cooler and slightly increase the contrast to highlight the subject without being too dominant.

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