How to Use Motion Tracking in Premiere Elements: 5-Step Tutorial

By Tata Rossi 11 days ago, Software reviews

This guide will be useful for those who want to learn how to use motion tracking in Adobe Premiere Elements. This algorithm will ensure proper tracking of moving objects in a particular video. Premiere Elements offers a very cool feature of attaching fixed pictures/graphics/video clips to these movable elements.

STEP 1. Select the Needed Point

how to use motion tracking in adobe premiere elements point

To get started with the video you want, go to Project Assets and drag the video clip into the Premiere Elements preview window. Then, to start to track the object, place the current time indicator at the required point.

STEP 2. Find the Motion Tracking Tool

how to use motion tracking in adobe premiere elements tool

Check again if you have selected the correct video clip. Next, go to the Tools tab, then to the Action bar, and click on Motion Tracking in Premiere.

STEP 3. Click on Select Object

how to use motion tracking in adobe premiere elements select object

Once you have selected Motion Tracking, you will need to make a few adjustments. An information window will appear in front of you, which will explain how to select an object to track. After clicking Select Object, you will see a window in which the desired object should be defined. Moving around the screen, as well as resizing this window using handles, is also available for greater convenience.

STEP 4. Apply the Track Object Option

how to use motion tracking in adobe premiere elements track object

When you have completed all the necessary procedures, click Track Object. Next, you will see a frame that can be resized as desired. To do this, you just need to drag the corner circles. After that, you can already view the intermediate result of your track motion Premiere. Press Play or the space bar on your keyboard.

STEP 5. Add Graphic Objects at Will

how to use motion tracking in adobe premiere elements graphic

Once you have mastered how to do motion tracking in Premiere Elements you can proceed to this optional procedure. At this stage, you can get familiar with how the motion tracking software works. Click Graphics to drag and drop your picture into the main window.

Set the image to the desired size and position. After setting up, click Done and then Play to enjoy the result of your work.

Bonus Tools

how to use motion tracking in adobe premiere elements bonus tools

Now that you’ve learned how to motion track in Premiere, you should consider your finished video editing. Try this set of LUTs to enhance your videos. Here you can darken the video, highlight shadows, add contrast, increase detail, and so on.

The collection was created by talented and experienced pros who want to simplify the process of video editing for users. All video effects come in .cube format, suitable for any video clip. The package is available for use in both Elements and Pro, and to find out which one suits you best, I recommend checking out the Premiere Elements vs Pro comparison.