How to Use Premiere Pro Slip and Slide Tools (2023 Version)

By Eva Williams 17 days ago, Software reviews

If you want to alter the timing of your video in Premiere Pro, you can use Slip and Slides tools. With the help of the Premiere Pro Slip Tool, it is easy to change the timing regardless of the length of your clip. The footage will be rolled forward and backward in accordance with the current duration.

In case you need a clip to appear earlier or later, you should use the Slide Tool. It works by sliding a video up or down on Premiere Pro timeline.

STEP 1. Open Your Project

starting project in adobe premiere pro

Launch Premiere Pro and open your project with several elements by clicking File > Open Project.

STEP 2. Find and Choose Slide Tool

premiere pro slide tool

Adobe Premiere Slide Tool is located on the left. Select it.

Pro Tip: Sliding footage is quicker with the help of keyboard shortcuts. For instance, you can click Alt+Shift+Right/Left on Win computers to slide one frame rightwards or leftwards.

STEP 3. Use Slide Tool

working with premiere pro slide tool

Put the pointer on the clip that you need to reposition. Move it to the left so it occupies the place before the specific clips in your footage. While you are moving a mouse, the software will apply adjustments to every clip that is a part of your sequence.

STEP 4. Select the Slip Tool

premiere pro slip tool

Adobe Premiere Pro Slip Tool is on the same panel. In general, you can perform video slipping in 3 different ways:

  • Choose the Slip Tool (you can simply click Y) and click on the needed piece in the Sequence. Move the cursor to the left or to the right to roll the clip forward or backward.
  • Select the needed fragment in the sequence. You can click Option+Cmd+Left/Right Arrow to slip 1 frame. The number you click defines how many frames you’ll slip. This shortcut combination is for Mac devices. To do the same on a Windows computer, you need to hold down Alt+Shift+ Left/Right Arrow.
  • I like slipping footage via the Source Window because I can control the process more meticulously. So, if you need to alter a specific frame, you should opt for this method.

STEP 5. Work with the Slip Tool

working with premiere pro slip tool

All you have to do is select those clips and then move them to the left if you want them to be played forward. Move them to the right for the opposite result.

Note: Video editing experts frequently use the slip edit for adding motion (a character appears or disappeared in the frame) and for matching up several frames.

Bonus Tools

premiere luts for video editing from fixthephoto

Download the collection of top-notch LUTs for virtually any video editing scenario. They are suitable for different travel, nature, romantic, wedding, cityscape, and lots of other clips.

You can use these plugins for creative experiments. Starting with basic color correction and proceeding with more elaborate changes – everything is possible with this pack. Besides, they allow users to cope with rigmarole tasks in a quicker way.


  • • Why is Adobe Premiere Pro so popular?

Premiere Pro is top-tier video editing software packed with a huge variety of tools and features. Users prefer it to other programs due to the possibility to handle various video editing tasks, as well as improve audio and images in one place.

  • • What is the Slip Tool created for?

The main purpose of this instrument is to alter the in and out points of a clip on the timeline simultaneously. You can make this change without affecting the time span between these points.

  • • What should I use Premier Pro Slide Tool for?

This tool does wonders if you want a specific segment of your video sequence to appear earlier or later than other pieces. With the help of the Slide Edit, you can move your clip up or down the timeline in a fast manner.

  • • The Slip Tool fails to work properly -what’s the problem?

There are should be visible handles in a clip so that you can slip it. Is the clip you want to slip makes up the entire content of your video? If so, there is no “room” for Adobe Premiere to slip anything because all available frames of a video are currently displayed. So, the program can’t do anything. You need to load a clip to the source monitor.